cats like to feel pretty too

The Signs as Cats
  • Aries: A small, friendly calico cat that loves to play and run around. doesn't enjoy cuddling too much, but is lovable as hell!
  • Taurus: Fluffy Siberian cat with big eyes that you fall in love with the second you see them. Very sweet and loving, they're the cat you'll want to keep.
  • Gemini: A Manx, very cute and friendly, but they're different than the rest. Usually an outsider, but they have a heart of gold.
  • Cancer: Munchkin cat! They're loved by everyone, a crowd favorite. No one can say no to them, even if they can be a little evil sometimes. They're always forgiven.
  • Leo: A small, fluffy, Scottish Fold. Leo's are great friends, and not everyone can have them as their friend. But if you get one, you'll feel extremely lucky.
  • Virgo: Siamese cat that is beautiful inside and out. They're kind and fun and always make everyone feel welcome.
  • Libra: A fluffy Maine Coon. They're sweet and pretty and fun, but if you get too close, they'll attack. They love your attention, but don't get too friendly!
  • Scorpio: Big ass Persian cat! Lovable and sweet and your best friend - but you have to let them warm up to you before you get too close.
  • Sagittarius: Savannah cat. They look like they won't be friendly and they'll attack, but they're just as nice as any other cat.
  • Capricorn: A sweet, loving Ragdoll. They don't get as much love as they should, but they don't mind. They appreciate any amount of attention and kindness they get, and they'll give it right back!
  • Aquarius: A classic Tabby cat. Some may say they're not special or unique, but they each have a personality you can't help but love.
  • Pisces: Bombay cat. They're cute and friendly at first, but they can attack you like a panther if you don't give them what they want. Make sure you give them lots of attention and love, and they'll be your best friend.
Insulting Haikyuu!! pickup lines
Insulting Haikyuu!! pickup lines

Yamaguchi: Tsukki you remind me of the ocean
Tsukishima: Why’s that
Yamaguchi: Because you’re incredibly salty and everyone is afraid to get too deep in to you because they know there’s a ton of fucked up shit underneath
Tsukishima: That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me

Sugawara: Daichi you put a cement mixer to shame
Daichi: How come
Sugawara: Because I’ve never seen something so thick get so hard as fast as you do

Hinata: Kageyama you’ve always reminded me of the mountains.
Kageyama: Why
Hinata: Because you’re pretty to look at but too much effort to get close to.
Kageyama: Yeah well you might as well be the sun when I feel like I’m going blind by looking at you
Hinata: You wanna fight?

Kenma: You wanna know how you’re like a stray cat, Kuroo?
Kuroo: …how?
Kenma: You stick your ass up for anyone who touches you
Kuroo: That’s horrible

Tendou: Hey Wakkun, ever wondered why people liken Shiratorizawa to swans?
Ushijima: Because they’re beautiful and graceful?
Tendou: Because you’re fucking terrifying
Ushijima: Oh

The Signs as Cats

Aries: A small, friendly calico cat that loves to play and run around. doesn’t enjoy cuddling too much, but is lovable as hell!

Taurus: Fluffy Siberian cat with big eyes that you fall in love with the second you see them. Very sweet and loving, they’re the cat you’ll want to keep.

Gemini: A Manx, very cute and friendly, but they’re different than the rest. Usually an outsider, but they have a heart of gold.

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Prompt #7 "I'm not blushing!"

Magnus opened his eyes slowly, giving them time to adjust to the morning sunlight that flooded his bedroom, bathing the room in a warmth that Magnus could feel even when he was tucked under numerous blankets.

As he woke, he realized a handful things. One, he still had his makeup on from the day before, so he curled a finger and let blue mist remove it for him. Two, he was only wearing a pair of black boxers, which he was positive weren’t his because he only owned tight boxer-briefs. Three, this was his and his boyfriend’s first morning waking up next to each other.

Magnus grinned at Alec’s sleeping face, only about a foot away from his own. Alec looked so peaceful when he slept, his features soft and his lips slightly parted. His dark hair was messy, but still looked as soft as a cloud, and Magnus couldn’t help but lift his hand to brush a piece away from Alec’s forehead.

Shadowhunters were light sleepers, Magnus knew, they had to be. Threats could rise at any time, and they had to be alert and ready to spring into action. So Magnus wasn’t surprised when Alec’s beautiful hazel eyes fluttered open and landed on him.

Alec’s smile was blinding. He looked absolutely stunning with his messy hair and sleep-clouded eyes and light stubble covering his jaw. Magnus took a mental picture, wanting to save that image for the rest of his immortal life.

Neither of them said anything. Magnus had shifter closer tangling his legs with his shadowhunter’s, placing a gentle hand on the soft black fabric covering Alec’s chest.

“Good morning.” Alec finally said, and damn, Magnus practically melted at how deep and throaty his voice sounded.

“It is, indeed.” Magnus replied with a smile. He probably looked like a lovestruck dork, but that’s exactly what he was, so he couldn’t care less.

Alec closed what little space was left between them, pressing a soft, close-mouthed kiss to Magnus’ lips. Magnus returned the kiss, tried to get Alec to part his lips, but his boyfriend’s lips stayed stubbornly pressed together.

The look that Magnus gave when they parted seemed to ask the question he’d been about to voice, because Alec shyly looked down at Magnus’ chest and said, “Morning breath.”

Magnus laughed, and Alec looked at him strangely before he lifted his hand. With a simple flourish and a few blue sparks, both of their mouths tasted of mint.

A wide grin spread across Alec’s face. “I love you.” He said as he leaned in again, this time parting his lips as he captured Magnus in a passionate kiss.

Neither of them had intentions of their kiss getting so heated, but things led to other things, and within minutes, Alec had pulled Magnus on top of him and Magnus was trying to get Alec’s shirt off.

Alec broke away from the kiss, and from the feeling of it, Magnus knew that Alec hadn’t wanted to.

“I have to be at the Institute in fifteen minutes.” Alec huffed out a strangled breath as Magnus attached his lips to the side of his neck.

“A lot can be done in fifteen minutes.” Magnus purred into his boyfriend’s ear, a hand sneaking down Alec’s body.

Alec seemed to give in for a few minutes. Magnus continued to work on Alec’s neck, paying extra attention to his sensitive Deflect rune, but Alec suddenly pulled away.

“I really have to go,” Alec started, shifting out from underneath Magnus. “As much as I want to…you know…do that,” he began, standing up. “I know that once we start, I won’t want to stop.”

Magnus took a minute to look his love over, a smirk on his face. Alec was wearing a black shirt, as usual, and a pair of loose forest green sweatpants. He rolled out from under the covers and stood up out of bed, Alec’s black boxers loose on his hips, threatening to fall down at any second.

“Go do your job, Mr. Lightwood.” Magnus smirked, moving to stand in front of Alec, who automatically moved to wrap his strong, runed arms around Magnus’ waist.

“I’ll call you later, promise,” Alec said before ducking down to peck Magnus on the lips. “One more thing before I go, though.”

Magnus was confused. He tilted his head to the side as Alec removed one arm from around his waist, bringing his hand up to brush a piece of un-styled hair out of his face.

“Your eyes are beautiful.”

Magnus froze. He hadn’t even realized that he didn’t have his glamour up. Had his warlock mark been showing the entire morning?

Then he remembered Alec looking at him so lovingly, Alec kissing him good morning, Alec smiling at him like he was the most gorgeous thing in the universe. All while his cat-eyes were unglamoured.

A deep blush creeped up Magnus’ neck, coloring his cheeks, making him feel hot.

“Your blush is also pretty beautiful, just saying.” Alec said with a lopsided grin, pressing a kiss to Magnus’ flaming cheek.

“I’m not blushing!” Magnus exclaimed, eyes on the ground, but he was smiling.

This all felt like a dream. His whole relationship with Alec felt like a dream, actually, too good to be true. He’d never felt this loved in his entire life. None of the 17,000 other lovers made Magnus feel the way that Alec made him feel. Alec accepted him for who he was, he wasn’t thrown off by his warlock mark, he treated Magnus with respect that he’d never received from any other shadowhunter.

When Magnus finally looked back up, his eyes still unglamoured, he saw Alec staring at him. There was so much love in his gaze, so much adoration in his smile.

And Magnus knew, right then, that Alec was the love of his life.

(wow, this got a bit out of hand in length, sorry!! i hope that you like it! check out my prompts post and inbox me prompts that you’d like me to write!!)

anonymous asked:

Okay, I've seen tons of fics and hcs about Zen falling for MC while she is with Jumin, but what about the other way around? Jumin falling for MC while she's in love with Zen hcs, pretty please?

Hum… interesting… and maybe a little angsty? Yep, definitely!

Hope this is what you wanted:

Jumin falls for MC while she’s with Zen

  • It started after a meeting, Jumin was trying to hire Zen to model to some C & R product, and you, as his manager, was discussing the terms on his contract
  • Jumin was impressed, you were confident, persuasive, and smart. And when the deal was set, you smiled so sweetly he felt a heat growing inside him.
  • You were different from what he remembered, that sweet girl who used to fangirl over Zen with his assistant has turned into this powerful business woman, without losing that sweetness from the messenger.
  • He catches himself thinking of you often. Will you log in the messenger today? What will you talk about with him?
  • He just realized this wasn’t just admiration seeing some photos that were on the news. You between Zen and him with the subtitle: Musical star Zen and his manager/fiancée pose with C & R’s director Jumin Han, celebrating a new model contract.
  • He couldn’t stop staring at that picture. Zen holding your waist and smiling while he placed a hand in your shoulder, he remembers the smoothness and warmth of your skin and… what’s happening?
  • He makes excuses to see you more often, always offering Zen gigs and setting meetings about guests for RFA parties.
  • Some of them happen in his penthouse, having you in his home makes him feel so comfortable, for some reason.
  • Even Elizabeth seems to like you, she rubs her head in your leg and you caress her smiling. He suddenly wonders how would it feel having your fingers running in his hair slowly.
  • Seeing you with her finally makes him understand. He wants you.
  • “I hope I’m not bothering you by asking you to meet me in my house, MC.” “No, not at all, I prefer RFA meetings happening in less formal places. Plus, it’s good to see Elizabeth after so long.” And you put her in your lap, making her purr. He feels like he could purr too just seeing you like this.
  • “I thought you didn’t like cats…” he needs to distract himself from his wild thoughts. “I like cats, I just can’t have them around because of Hyun.” Hyun? Ah, Zen… he was forgetting about Zen…
  • “How is he? How are… you two?” he’s curious after you shared this little fact about not being able to be around cats, maybe there are other things you’re sacrificing to make Zen happy?
  • “He’s fine. Very busy with recording sessions and photo shoots, but everything is… pretty great. We’re both so tired all we want to do is sleep all day, but we still have a wedding to plan, so… yeah, we’re happy.” You smile so sweetly he could melt, but you’re talking about your happiness and your wedding with another man, and he stiffens immediately.
  • “The wedding… yes, Luciel keeps bothering me about Zen’s bachelor party, he wants me to host. Can you imagine?” your eyes gleam. “Would you? Don’t take me wrong, but I’d be happy knowing you’re taking care of this, taking care of Hyun. I know you wouldn’t let things go out of control. You’re a control freak just like me, right?” he’s happy to know you two have something in common, even if it sound a little like an offense.
  • “Well, if this will manage to calm you down, I’ll do it. I happen to know brides should never feel stressed.” You laugh softly, oh… making you laugh is much more than he could ever ask.
  • “Thank you, Jumin. No stripers, ok? This would be inconvenient for his career… and who am I kidding? I would be jealous as hell.” “I wasn’t thinking of inviting stripers. And may I say Zen would be the most foolish man alive if he ever left you for stripers?” you blush a little… oh god…
  • “Thank you, Jumin. Oh! Look at the time! I have a meeting with this TV producer. If they’re offering a deal for a soap opera again, I swear I’ll rip someone’s head off!” you gently put Elizabeth on the floor “Anyway, wish me luck!”
  • “Good luck. Not that you need it, you’re competent enough to set this by your own merits.” He notices a pale shade of pink again, god… Zen is the lucky one here.
  • You pass right beside him and pat his shoulder. “Thank you for the bachelor party. I knew I could trust you. I always can.” You’re close, too close… but you’re happy with Zen, and you trust him, doing something would only make you lose the only sweet feeling you have for him, he can’t lose your trust…
  • “It’s nothing. I couldn’t risk having one of C & R models in a scandal about stripers.” He shrugs, trying not to look at your beautiful face.
  • “Yes, sure.” You squeeze his forearm lightly “See you around, Jumin. Good bye, Elizabeth!” and you walk away.
  • Jumin sighs staring at Elizabeth. He wished he could explain to her what’s going through his head, but she wouldn’t understand, not even he does.
  • He remembers Zen admitting all the jealous he felt before. Jumin couldn’t fully understand at that time, now he does.
  • Zen would always complain about Mr. Trustfund Kid having everything he wants, but he doesn’t have everything… all he wants is your love, but it belongs to Zen.
  • For the very first time, he envies Zen. Zen is the one who has everything.
  • He needs wine to sort out his thoughts. That’s what he always does, right?
  • He still had hope one day somebody would be able to untangle the knots inside his heart, but the only person capable enough is too busy planning her wedding with another man.
  • Once again, here he is thinking about a woman that will never be his.
boyfriend!kang daniel
  • im so soft fot kang daniel so bare with me
  • let’s say that ong is your brother and when he came back home from the first episode he was like “i met this guy and im pretty sure he’s my soulmate, you should meet him” and you’re like “uu oh m’kay”
  • so like day after you guys meet in like a themed cafe 
  • and you’re just in awe bc kang daniel is so freaking adorable it’s unbelievable 
  • he’s so tall, his shoulders are so broad, he have a gummy smile!!! he like cat’s so it 100 to 1000 real quick
  • and after that it’s harder to meet in this group bc they work really hard in produce 101 but if you have time you meet
  • and when meeting you and daniel starts to like each other more and it’s growing every time you guys meet
  • before the last ep you’re just texting with daniel and let’s just pretend that he have his phone ok
  • and you’re like “can’t believe that you’re gonna be center in this new boygroup” and he’s like “naah i’ pretty sure it’s gonna be jihoon”
  • so you guys made a bet :-)
  • so let’s say it’ the final of produce 101 and you’re backstage with your mom
  • when boa said “ong seongwoo” you’re loosing your shir bc youre annoying brother is finally debuting and you coudn’t be more happy
  • after the ranking all the trainess are coming backstage and you’re just huggig your brother, crying with him
  • then it’s your mom turn so you just stan there and look for daniel 
  • and you see him talking with his mom probaly and he looks at you
  • he’s coming to you and you’re just standing like an idiot smiling at him
  • “aHH god daniel, congrats” and you guys hugged bye.,,,,
  • then you guys just stand there and smile like an idots at each other…
  • and he’s like “you won the bet” and you’re like a bet? a bET! rIGHT “oh yeah, a bet, i should win something, shoudn’t i?”
  • “maybe a mcdonald after this is done?” !!!!!!!! kang daniel did you just!!! and you’re just nooding
  • and thats how you and kang daniel ate mcdonald at 4am in the park
  • after the date he takes you back to your home and hold your hand!!
  • and guess what
  • at the doorstep he gave you a forehead kiss bye,,,.
  • blah blah 1 month in and he’s asking you about be in relationship with him and he’s so nervous that he starts to talk in satoori :((( but youre like “oF COURSE” 
  • now le’ts get to dating this sweatheart
  • omg so he’s so shy that he need to ask you if he can kiss you :(((
  • like you guys just talking and daniel is so cute that you just have to kiss his cheek and he’ just so shocked and is blushing so hard
  • and he’s like “can i kiss you?”!!!!!!!!!!! “s-sure” and boom your first kiss
  • so where should i start
  • daniel is so so sooo supportive
  • wanna be a teacher? go for it! wanna have 50 cats? i will help you! wanna land on the moon! i’m gonna print a banner with your face and cheer on you!!!
  • this boy is so into you and he loves you so much
  • he’s soooo soft for you
  • he loves cuddling 
  • laying on your chest, stomach or lap is his favorite thing to do
  • loves to play with your hair and you have to remaind him that they gonna get greasy if his not gonna stop and he just pout :(
  • not a big fan of maching outfits but ring, shoes or maybe just a simple tshirt is cool
  • nothing like a shirt with “they’re mine ->” oh boy dont do it.
  • he’s really serious about this relationship
  • wanna move in with you as fast as he can and have a kids (cats)
  • you guys already have two cats 
  • but daniel wants you to have our own cat
  • so you just spend 3 days looking for on and having mental breakdown bc they all are so cute and you can’t pick
  • but finally you choose one and it’s your new baby!!
  • loves walking on the beach in busan and always makes jokes about train to busan when you’re about to visit his hometown
  • teaching you satoori
  • foreahead kisses
  • hand kisses!!
  • “i love you so mucha”
  • “what did you say?”
  • “i-i said something?? i mean i think i need to buy more cat food gonna be right back babe”
  • “daNIEL!”
  • “what?”
  • “i love you too”
  • and he’s just a blushing mess with gummy smile
  • sooo interested in your make up stuff
  • “your brushes are so fluffy D:”
  • “you have a bLUE LIPSTICK???”
  • don’t like to fight with you and is probably the one thats crying at the end 
  • is pretty open about his feeling and always say when he is not feeling well or he’s jealous
  • really emotional and cry often so you need to cuddle and comfort him :(
  • but is a good listener so you can tell him everything 
  • he will overreact so much when you hurt yourself
  • panicking more than you
  • put a cute plaster on your finger and then buy you chocolate bc he feel sad when you’re hurt
  • loves when you’re wearing his clothes
  • probably wrote a rap about you but is too shy to admit it
  • show you his dancing 
  • the rest of the wanna one are pretty much done with you guys and your pda but they are happy bc you make daniel happy :(
  • probably sings to you when you can’t fall asleep
  • panicking when you’re not beside him at night and is running around the house trying to find you but you’re just in toilet..
  • basically you guys are so cute and everyone loves you the end
Galra Keith theory - I hear your heartbeat and I see how hot you are

Galra Keith senses are way different from Human Keith senses and he takes advantages of this ; in combat, he switches from both forms to get the best view of the situation :

Human Keith is good sighted, he sees pretty far and has good reflexes as we saw. Boxing uses sight more than earing so he’s human here.

But Galra Keith. To me, he’s mostly based on a bat and here is why it’s fun :
Bats are nocturnal animals. Galra don’t have pupils and seem to be more accomodated to purple ranging lights.

So what if Keith can’t see shit in galra form, but hears anything ? Like, litteraly. His big ears rotate and can receive any sounds around 300 meters or so, because his vision is very different and he needs to compensate and balance.
He also has paws that makes him silent as a cat and a pretty good sense of air tension and vibes emitted by other beings.
He mostly goes galra in infiltration missions, because it’s better for spying.
His balance is way better too, as he’s more dense than in Human form

Made for differents wavelenghts of lights, his eyes are suited for dark areas and he can’t see anything with the castles bright lights.
His visual cones can receive higher ranging wavelenghts. Like infrared.
Basically what i mean is :

Keith can hear you breath and sees your temperature. Also he feels how you feels.

So i get klancy here.

Imagine Keith shapeshifting but partially. Only some furry ears and glowy eyes, the rest is human. He’s training because he needs to get used to half-shifting and double sword wielding.
He’s also a lot more easily sweaty and exhausted because it’s tiring™ and he overheats in furry mode.

As he’s taking the training bots down one by one, Lance walks in because he needs to fix his aiming with double guns and ice lasers.

They make a contest out of anything and as Lance doesnt move that much to stay precise and concentrated, his temperature stays low and he pauses his breath a lot. Keith sees him in blue and practically doesnt hears him. He feels nothing but a deep concentration, very calming and slow.
Basically Lance is almost invisible, it’s very bugging Keith because he can’t take the risk to wield both swords all around.

Lance takes down a bot coming from behind Keith for the last round, and Keith lets a “we are a good team”/“ swift work, cowboy” of any sort split out, still in galra form. They end training session and Keith wipes sweat off his forehead with his shirt before throwing a space Capri sun at Lance.

He doesnt find the blue paladin in his vision tho, no blue form are to be seen, but he clearly ears a muffled squeal and a really loud, fast paced heartbeat.
The calm vibes are replaced by a mess of emergency signals too, as some hurt animals.
At first he fears he hit Lance without noticing by throwing his Blade.
Then he catches him back.
Lance’s form is in bright red in the corner, barely catching his pouch of juice. He doesn’t look hurt at all. But…

- You look pretty hot, Lance.
- You… You too !
- I mean you’re at least 40 degrees from what i see.

Aaand as drums of heartbeats are playing solos like in a metal concert in his brain, Keith shapeshift back to human.

- Did I miss it ?
- What ?
- My transformation…
- No, you look fine as heck. I mEAN YOu LoOK huMAn that’s it.
- But you’re still all reddish ?
- Frog off Kogane.

So that’s how Keith learned how to mess with Lance and decode human temperature changes.

Also I raise you all the applications like :
- Hunk, I think it’s burnt
- Pidge, your computer is overheating
- Shiro, your arm… How does it not melt ?
- Allura have you thought about resting, but like, not in the cryomod of the pods ? (Turns out alteans are as cold as galras are hella warm)


- Lance ? Are you okay ?
- Yeah i’m, ATCHAA, i’m good.
- You just sneeze-scared me. Also you’re too hot.
- You said it baby ! *sneezes* Hey Kitty, looks like don’t need your pretty eyes *ATChOU* to see how i got your heart burnin’ right ?? *sneezes again and hits his heads on the couch*
- *screams internally*
(Allura : - Please stop them) //sickfic hohoho//


When people see Dan and Phil holding hands in the hallway, they’re confused to say the least. Especially since Phil has been known to be the type of guy who is only in relationships for sex.

or the fic in which dan is having doubts about starting a new relationship with fuckboy!phil and can’t help but listen to the whispers in hallways and feel insecure about himself

genre: fluff, angst, and smut (all hail the holy trinity)

warnings: blowjobs, mild angst/self doubt, jealous themes, read with caution

word count: 2457

read on ao3!

a/n: okay honestly, this did not turn out as i planned, but i hope you guys like it! thank you for the people who took my poll and wanted this type of fic, i hope you enjoy my little take on it. if you guys have any other suggestions/feedback on my fic, please let me know! <3

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Shy S/O confessing to Mark

I’m combining two requests because they were along the same lines and it means I get to post it quicker, hope you don’t mind!

Mark X gender neutral reader.


Request:  “If it isn’t too much trouble, could you make a fluff scenario with Mark? In which his s/o is originally really timid and thoughtful, but she can be really unpredictable when being around him, resulting in Mark getting really embarrassed when she expresses her feelings towards him so openly, but only falling harder for her and trying to become more open about his feelings just like she does.♡

“ Could you make a reaction of Mark being shyly confessed to by his s/o out of nowhere at an unexpected time? 💫 “

Originally posted by nct1ove

  • Definitely wouldn’t have seen it coming
  • most of the time he was even the one to initiate conversation with you.
  • you would have been crushing on him for a long time before you built up the confidence to confess 
  • Your confession definitely didn’t work out as you had planned because you were a bundle of nerves 
  • and it just kinda happened. 
  • he had a day off from practising and because of how rare those days were he wanted to make the most of it.
  • You two had met through school and though you first came off cold due to your shyness he realised that wasn’t the case,and as he slowly started to break down your walls, you two became inseparable
  •  so he phoned you while you were half asleep asking if you wanted to spend the day with him to which you agreed and said you’d meet him outside your house in half an hour.
  • after you’d finished the call, it was only then that it registered in your brain that you had been talking to mark and you literally screamed, sending your parents straight into your room like “woAH WHAT’S WRONG” 
  • and you’d wave it off saying it was a spider while slowly dying inside of embarrassment. 
  • so you quickly got ready and waited outside the house, while coming up with topic conversations and trying not to stutter , when mark finally arrived you were standing talking to yourself. 
  • “uhhhhh…… y/n?”
  • “yes! hi, hey, hello I was just saying bye to my mom, bye mOM I’M GOING NOW LOVE YOU” 
  • so you’d walk together to the market place where the street food was, making small talk along the way.
  • you guys would literally eat something from every food stall, mark refusing to let you buy any of it. 
  • it was really busy when you guys went so he was kind of holding onto your arm and you’re like woah?????
  • what is this?????? 
  • but to be honest at this point you were glad he was holding onto you because your knees felt like jeLLY 
  • He turned to smile at you, “ are you okay? I know you’re not a fan of big crowds but I’ll get you out of here don’t worry” 
  • my heart just melted 
  • I love mark lee
  • he’d move his hand from your arms to your hand and laced it together with yours 
  • and he’d walk with you to the nearest park where you’d sit together on the swings, talking about anything and everything as the afternoon sun began to slowly fade. 
  • and out of the corner of your eye you noticed a little kid trip up and fall to the ground and before you could even comprehend what had happened mark was already over there making sure he was okay 
  • and if your feelings for him could have gotten any stronger they jUST DID
  •  he’d walk back over to the swings, patting his trousers and sat next to you, who was smiling like a Cheshire cat 
  • he smiled back slightly confused “what?”
  • “you’re just so cute” 
  • mark was taken aback by your sudden burst of confidence, but the rosy glow on your cheeks only made it even more adorable
  • “ oh my god I’m so sorry it ju-”
  • “I think you’re pretty cute too” 
  • “w-what?”
  • “I said I think you’re pretty cute too” 
  • “do you wanna, um go out tommorrow after school, as in like…….. a date?”
  • “YES! Oh um yeah sure sounds good, I’d like that” plAY IT COOL
  • it would be so awkward on the way home because your friendship is kind of going up a level and you’re both kind of flabbergasted because you didn’t know the other person felt the same way.
  • but when you arrived at your doorstep he’d give you a quick hug and step back with the cutest smile, scratching the back of him neck
  • “ I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” 
  • “definitely”  

anonymous asked:

Hello! I would love to open some art commissions, but I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how payment should be done(?) Would it be good to show them a sketch before they pay so they can get a flavor of what I will draw, or should I have them pay before I have anything done to protect myself from (literally) sketchy customers?

here is what i usually do:

  1. ask them for colored picture references, if they dont have any ask them to find you pallets and stock photos that outlines what colors they want and what the character looks like. 
  2. ask them for their email not only do you need this for paypal but people change their tumblr url a lot so its nice to be able to find them. 
  3. yes, absolutely provide a sketch before you ask for payment, this will help you more than them. people often try and “add” things in later that cost extra if you skip this step (one thing i get a lot after they pay is “hey can you put my cat in there to???” or “also can you put like 90 plants in it too”). also it will give you a better idea of the cost
  4. after they approved the sketch and the price send them the invoice and tell them you’ll start once its paid (i ask for half payment when its over $50)
  5. -have them pay with paypal (SEND THEM AN INVOICE dont let anyone pay through, have a full contract in the invoice as well, mine pretty much says “it could take up to 2 moths i can still portfolio it, feel free to sell it blah bla) 

some other tips:

  • if you do half payment, then show then a suuuper low quality jpeg with a huge watermark when you give them updates
  • set the number of revisions you allow and be sure to outline if its okay to ask for revisions of the lineart or not (i know this will mess some people up) i only allow 3 unless the com was under $10 then i offer one
  • sometimes it helps to ask them their budget before sketching or talking about a price, that way you can make them something that will take as much time as their willing to pay for, rather than everyone being confused on hourly cost.
  • have a day rate!!!, rather than hourly rate. why? its easier to divide up “how many of these can i make in a day” rather than “how many half hours will this take”, if someone asks me for something that will probably take me a full day of focused work, its $100, if they want something that will only take a quarter day then its $25. easy. (my rate is mega low because i work very slowly, if you work fast you should start at $300 to $500 imo)
  • dont take every commission, if you dont wanna do it, jsut dont do it, even if its not outlined in your commission guidelines !!! if you take comms you dont like you’ll get burnt out FAST. 
  • google drive is my best friend, its great to share finished pngs in and photoshop/aseprite files through. and its really easy to stay organized!!! i like to put a lil thank you note in the folders so i look like a cool professional B)
  • please at least charge a living wage for your work. if youre doing them “just for fun” then do pay what you wants, that way youre not normalizing paying people under living standards. you will be respected for charging a living salary and get more professional commissioners that value you and your art. 

im really passionate about this kinda thing because i love to see artists thrive, so feel free to ask anything else. dont forget commissions arnt the only way to make money as an artist, apply for conventions, submit your work to galleries, make merchandise, monetize your blog, use patreon, or try out youtube. i really hope this helps !!!

elithequeenbee  asked:

Hey ^^ I love your blog and all your headcanons. They give me life. 😍 What do you think how the RFA guys + Saeran + V would react to going to a sauna with MC, with or without towels. Would they be flustered about all the naked skin?

(Hey there! Sorry for the late reply =…= this was a lovely question! Thanks for asking it!)


- oh my. This boy…. he’d go totally ballistic. With him, you either need to be wearing all your clothes all the time or nothing at all… Towels?? Who needs them, right???

- but he’d be such a mess

- you can see him physically struggle to keep his eyes looking at your face

-his eyes keep snapping down… tbh he’s p much rubbernecking it lolol

- “all men are beasts”

-you’ve never seen him move to get away from you so fast

-also, you’ve never seen him move to get close to you so fast

-poor boy can’t decide what he wants


-this boy is  s w e a t i n g

-like… yeah, it’s a sauna but… you’ve never seen someone sweat so much in your life

- very awkward conversations

- he insists on towels. He brings like 4 extra just in case you need more

-he likes to stay close to you but he can’t make eye contact

-if you hold his hand while you’re both in the sauna he might actually die

-brings you both water when you’re done with the sauna

Jaehee (cause im gay)

-she’s a little uncomfy at first but she was the one that took you to the sauna in the first place (you had to bribe her to go to the spa because she needed it, but a couple’s sauna session was all her)

-after her muscles relax from the steam she starts to enjoy it and holds your hand

-she likes to play with your fingers

-she’ll tell you how much she’s enjoying spending time with you! She talks about work, even on her vacation, so every time you remind her to relax she does this cute little sound then melts back into the seat to enter Relaxation Mode™

-she gave in and sat really close to you to give you shoulder kisses

-after a while you gave in too and massaged her shoulders because she is tense as heck and because you totally aren’t trying to cop a feel of her very strong and toned arms nope not at all

-after she wants to get smoothies so you both get something very refreshing like an orange smoothie

-she sleeps like a rock that night




-holds you close to him even though it is so freaking hot

-lots of kisses!! it is too hot for this!!! what is wrong with this cat man!!

-forget about a towel, he brought a robe

-he spoiled you and bought you a pretty robe too

-this man is in his element. He is loving it. Totally checking you out


-you know he owns the sauna

-he keeps touching your legs excuse me mr. Han now is not the time

-after he pampers you. Of course. Makes sure you drink lots of water. Like, a crazy amount of water. Each time you glance at your cup BAM it’s full, no matter how much you drank from it

-he really liked spending time with you p much nude and with no sexual stuff so he plans to do it more often. It feels like a bonding activity to him (it is)



-brought snacks in the sauna and immediately regretted it

- all the chocolate melted

-chips got soggy

-he sulked for a while but snapped out of it when you poured water over the hot rocks and steam came out

-he did that for like a whole 15 mins

-likes tickling you…pls… you’re supposed to be relaxing…..707 for once pls chill

-but you get him back by towel whipping him

-to turns into one big play fight and if you hadn’t arranged to get the sauna furthest away from the spa you’d probably be kicked out by now

-you both end up slightly dehydrated bc of all the roughhousing in the sauna…

-he likes leaning on you and acting like ‘gravity machine broke’ while you suffer from his weight and his sweat


-honestly???? One of the most therapeutic things you’ve ever done

-he has you sit next to him and he traces patterns on your legs and arms and wherever he can reach

-talks very softly and tells you how much you mean to him

-there’s no music playing or anything. You hear water dripping and steam hissing and his gentle voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear

-likes resting his head on your shoulder 

-but his hair got all wet so he stopped after a while because your neck got sweaty

-he doesn’t care whether or not you have a towel. He’s gonna touch your skin anyway tbh and it’s not like he can really see you anyway

-lots of sighs and cuddling


- you are both  W E A K L I N G S

-every 10 mins you have to go out of the steam to cool off a little bc it is just too dang hot in there

-towels are a burden and it doesn’t even matter that you’re both naked because it’s way too hot to even think about getting hot and heavy

-at the end of the session at least one of you will be overheated 

-stays very far away from each other…… too much body heat……wtf why would you stay close together???

-if you thought this would be romantic you’re wrong

-worst date idea ever

-you have to bail and you both do a couple’s massage instead. That’s more your speed

-couple’s massage goes so well you both fall asleep on the table and the staff want to wake you up but they’re kind of afraid of Saeran…….

-he refuses to admit he couldn’t handle the sauna and when you tell him to get back in the sauna if he’s so tough he just pinches your cheeks and refuses to answer you

-hours pass by and it’s still too hot to touch each other because why would you do that your internal temp is still similar to lava wtf

things im personally looking forward to in the pets ep:

  • cats????
  • dogs??????
  • CATS???????
  • i can fulfill my destiny of having at least 7 cats
  • that new world is beautiful af
  • CATS!!!!!!
  • the color wheel + painting looks tite
  • that curly hair on the cover
  • CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • FOXES????????
  • i think a vet had a pretty cute ombre hair too so like u kno u can never have 2 many ombre hairs in ur game u feel
  • dogs????????!!!!!
  • did i mention cats???

in conclusion: i am Excited for pets and i will not rest until november 10th

Headcanons and Such

This will, of course, be an ever-expending list of my Snape headcanons. Again, I’m combining Day 12/13: The Years Between/Headcanons of Snape Appreciation Month because I’m too tired to separate them. @snapeloveposts

Alright, here we go. If you want me to expand on any of them, feel free to message or just ask–I’d more than happy to expand because this’ll get too long if I expand on all of them.

- he’s not a virgin

- he has a soft-spot for Luna

- contrary to the popular headcanon of him being Jewish, I do not see him as Jewish (I anticipate questions with this one, tbh)

- he enjoys classic rock n’ roll

- his genuine laugh is boisterous and very infectious; he’s the type to laugh until his stomach aches and tears are in his eyes from laughing too hard

- McGonagall may or may not have been responsible for Severus becoming very good pranks, resulting in prank wars between the two with the occasional sad sap who unknowingly got caught in the middle. he loves it

- any time a female (and the occasional male, let’s be honest here,) tried to ask him out, he would purposefully act oblivious until the person got too frustrated then stalked off in anger. Prior though, because he wasn’t too good at reading people at first, he would be genuinely oblivious to any interest shown in him. save him

- he’s the one who added the shit-ton of books in his old house; it helps him to differentiate between his parents’ old house and his house. not that living in a house filled with nothing but horrid memories is good to begin with, but he has nowhere else to keep his things his things and guarantee no one will go through them

-  even when he first joined the DE, he didn’t like Bellatrix because he thought she was way too eager and way too psychotic. he still doesn’t especially after hearing a rumor that she may or may not engage in cannibalism every once in awhile. he was done with her before he even started, tbh 

-  he wears his hair up when he’s brewing, and especially when he’s experimenting with temperamental ingredients. McGonagall might’ve braided his hair once or twice…or thrice

-  he secretly loves when McGonagall knows that he needs to be alone (because the dude doesn’t know how to ask for help (lmao sounds like me) and is too afraid of judgement from his colleagues), but she refuses to leave, transforming into her cat form and just cuddling with him and purring, basically establishing that she won’t try to help, per say, just that she’s still there

- while he throws biting wit at pretty much everybody (his colleagues included, obviously), he tries to avoid doing this to Hagrid in an unsuspecting manner

- he’s actually too obvious about this, but the staff ignores it because Hagrid is a cinnamon roll™ and Snape is trying

- he also (thought won’t admit it) feels something akin to happiness when Hagrid invites him the the hut to have a cuppa and discuss the most random things

- he still has no idea why Hagrid loves him so much, especially considering Hagrid is basically the opposite of Snape

- I basically love that Hagrid loves Snape okay fight me

- though he is biased to his house, there are many of his snakes he dislikes but still protects them and will do anything for them

- him and McGonagall dressed up as each other on Halloween (by “dress up” I mean polyjuice potion and oh boy was that a day for the students)

- him and Pomona have lengthy discussions about plants

- he had a mental breakdown once that resulted in various potion ingredients and smashed glass strewn on his classroom floor

- this resulted in his hand covered with cuts and in-bedded glass

- Poppy lectured him thoroughly, but it was more for herself than him as she dressed his wounds

- all of the staff kept a closer eye on Snape after that incident

- he hardcore swore in front of students once…it was the scariest moment of their lives for all of them

- he actually doesn’t care much about Quidditch, but he pretends for the sake of friendly house rivalry with McGonagall

- she doesn’t know this

- he knows he’s extra™

- he’s just trying, and life’s being a real bitch 

I have many more, but I don’t want this longer than it already is. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So hapy to know you're doing something special for the Choi boys! Can I request MC deciding to give a cat to Saeyoung for his birthday?

Countdown to the Cake: 4

The Rainbow Code


You feet hurt. You’ve been strolling in the mall for almost 2 hours now, trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your fiancée, it wouldn’t be that hard if it wasn’t for the two whining messes complaining behind you.

“My back hurt.” Yes, Yoosung, we got it when you said the 9 times before.

“Ugh… I’m bored. Can we stop and get some ice cream?”

“No, not yet. Let’s stroll a little more, Saeran. Please… bare with me, guys.”

“MC, we’ve wandered around these shops before,there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before.”

“I know, but what if we passed for the right gift and I didn’t notice?”

“You know you could give him a pair of socks and he would still squeal like an idiot because it’s coming from you, right?” Saeran says, crossing his arms.

“Ugh… but I can’t give him socks, Saeran. I… he really didn’t give you any hint on what he would like?”

“Nope. And I would have noticed since he is not really subtle at hinting, that fool.” You groan in annoyance. “Just… accept you’re not finding anything here, MC.”

“What about some fancy hair products? I saw this shampoo that revitalizes color and…” Saeran shuts down and stops listening, it’s not like you cared as you keep blabbering and walking inside the cosmetic store.

He sits next to Yoosung in the bench and groans in annoyance.

“What’s wrong with her? Why she doesn’t just give up? Ugh… my brother and her are such a match in that sense.”

“But, Saeran… if you don’t like helping her, why are you here?”

“I can’t help it, she… she called the violet code.”

“The what?”

“Violet stands for ‘MC needs help’. It’s a stupidity Saeyoung created, we have these secret codes between us to make sure MC is happy, it’s… it’s so cheesy and stupid!”

“And whatever this is, you’re still following it.”

“Well, yeah! It’s simple, happy MC means happy Saeyoung, and happy couple means less problems for me to deal with. Seriously, you have no idea the hell these two fools make when they fight.”

“Oh, I do. Last time they fought, Saeyoung called me crying because MC apparently hated him and he wanted to rent a zeppelin to win her back.” Saeran rolls his eyes, yeah… he knew everything about the zeppelin ordeal.

“So you know why I follow Saeyoung stupid’s rainbow code.”

“Rainbow? Oh my God, there are 7 codes for this? You gotta tell me which are the other codes!”

“Yoosung, have you found something for him?” you walk out of the store and stop in front of them.

“I did, MC. I bought these comic books I thought he would like while you were seeing those customized sweaters.” Which, thankfully… you didn’t buy.

“Oh… comic books, yeah… that’s so thoughtful and adorable, Yoosung. Ugh… you should be his fiancé instead of me…”

“I’ll pass, but… don’t feel down, MC. I’m sure you’ll think of something meaningful to both of you that expresses your feelings very well.”

“How about cat lingerie, then?”

“He already has cat lingerie…” you sigh. Saeran feels like saying something, but… nah, better pretend he didn’t hear this.  

“Okay, have you ever considered asking him directly what he wants, like you did to me?”

“I did, but… I want to think of this myself, you know? We’re getting married pretty soon, I have to be able to give him what he wants without him telling me.”

“MC… don’t you think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself? You’ve been engaged for less than a year now…”

“Don’t even try, Yoosung. She’s stubborn just like him. And…” he gets up and starts to walk “I have no patience for any of this!”

“But Saeran, the violet code…”

“Fuck the violet code, MC”

“Wait, isn’t the rainbow code a thing just between the twins?”

“Yeah, and there’s the blue code in this.”

“Which means ‘MC is spending too much time with us and learning how to hack, so she knows the codes.’” Saeran explains in total boredom.

“Yeah…I called the violet code, not Saeyoung. So you still have to help me, Saeran!”

“I’m trying to help you, but there’s nothing I can do if you can’t take my help, you know? Ugh… fuck this, I’m gonna get some ice cream.”

“Ugh… what do I do, Yoosung?”

“Right now? Tell me all the codes, I’m so curious,MC!”

Saeran goes all the way to the ice cream shop muttering. How can you and his brother be so alike? It’s almost disturbing! Too bad you’re actually likeable most of the times and now he really feels this need to help you…

He picks the flavor he wants and pays to the girl in the cashier, who… happens to look vaguely familiar. What the hell?

“Have a nice day, sir!”

“You too… Saeyoung.” The girl widens her eyes before lowering her head and chuckling.

“Guess I can’t fool you, brother.”

“I’m not sure if I really want to know, but… what the fuck, Saeyoung?”

“Well, you know those days when you just want to put on a cute dress and infiltrate into the ice cream shop in the mall where your fiancée is buying your birthday gift? It’s… one of those days.”

“So you’re spying on her.”

“I prefer ‘watching her steps attentively’, please.”

“And why are you s… watching her steps attentively?”

“Yes, Saeyoung, why are you spying on me?” holy shit! You and Yoosung are standing next to the balcony.

“Saeyoung? Who is this handsome man named Saeyoung you all keep talking about?” he does this weird high voice, and you cross your arms, glaring at him and making him sigh. “Hi, honey…”

“What are you doing, Saeyoung? I told you before how creepy it is when you do things like that!”

“I know, and I’m trying to stop, but… I couldn’t stay at home knowing you and my brother were trying to get something for me. I… don’t know, MC, I panicked, okay?”

“Why did you panic?”

“Because… it’s… it’s still hard to believe, MC. My fiancée going to the mall with my brother and my best friend to get me a birthday present, is this real? Is this… happiness real? I… can’t really stay home while something like this is happening, I can’t miss all the happiness that is surrounding my life right now, because… what if it ends?”

Yoosung looks at you and Saeran, he’s honestly shocked, he knew how much Saeyoung still struggled with his depressive thoughts from time to time, but he never really saw one of these moments in person. You and Saeran apparently did, though.

“You’re such a moron, Saeyoung.” Whoa… not the reaction he was expecting from Saeran.

“Ugh… I know. And I’m really sorry, bro. I’m sorry, Yoosung. And I’m sorry… MC.”

“I… told you more than once you don’t have to apologize so much, silly. And… I also told you it won’t end, Saeyoung. I’m here, we’re getting married in less than a month, and your brother is here too. This is just your first birthday we’re spending together, the first of many. I’ll be here for you getting older with you every year of our lives. So… don’t worry about missing moments, there are so many important ones to come.” You just feel your own tears when you see his.

“I can’t believe you two are really crying and making a scene in an ice cream shop. Can you believe it, Yoosung?”

“I can…” of course, because he’s crying too.

The four of you finally leave the shop. Saeran still can’t believe he’s the one to apologize for his friends’ weirdness. He, of all people.

He really needs a break from you two, and Yoosung needs to recompose yourself. So now it’s just the two of you sitting in the bench.

“So, uhm… thank you for what you said, MC.I… am sure you’re tired of always repeating the same stuff to me, but I appreciate it, you know, the way you appreciate me. The way you love me.”

“I do love you, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do… and that makes me realize that’s the best gift I could possibly have, and not only for my birthday.” You blush, and he giggles. You don’t really mind getting flustered if he makes him smile like this. “The idea of us being this old couple, sitting on our rocking chairs in the porch, talking about how young people have no respect and… surrounded by cats, and…”

“Wait, what?”

“What what?”

“Surrounded by cats?”

“Well, yeah… I… love cats, and  despite of what Jumin think, I would be a good owner, if you… helped me.” then it hits you, the perfect birthday gift!



“I’m calling the red code.”





“YEEEESS!” he gets up and takes your hand, hugging you. Then he lifts you up before pulling you closer for a kiss. And you two laugh.

“Whew… they’re okay. I thought we would have to call the zepellin guy again…” Yoosung whispers to Saeran. But you and Saeyoung notice their presence again pretty quickly.

“Hey, Saeran, guess what?” you ask him.


“She called the red code!” you two giggle, still hugging each other.





“SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT DOES THE RED CODE MEAN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!” Yoosung almost shouts in confusion.

“MC WANTS TO ADOPT A CAT!” you and Saeyoung say at the same time.

You can see the other days here!

Girlfriend Heize

Hope you enjoy! :)

Originally posted by mnyunki

  • a super chill girlfriend
  • can spend all day with you or not see you at all; the time spent together doesn’t matter. it never decreases her love or trust of you
  • no matter what you do, there’s always chill music playing in the background
  • cooking, doing chores, just hanging out and talking, reading, sex, whatever; all this is done with background music
  • lives for skinship
  • she’s chill but cuddly
  • the kind of girl to peck your lips before she leaves
  • and kiss you again when she’s home
  • not super jealous, unless you give her reason to be
  • like I’ve said, the time spent together doesn’t matter. she’s not childish or immature, you’re both entitled to alone time or time with friends/family. so this won’t make her doubt your devotion to her
  • but if you’re all over someone, doing cutesy things like feeding them, holding their hand, etc; that’s when she’ll be jealous
  • but quietly jealous
  • she’ll pout and give you the cold shoulder but won’t do something dramatic like vent on twitter or throw your things out
  • after a while of pouting, she’ll sit you down and talk everything out
  • she likes talking in fact
  • listening to you talk about your day, getting to vent or just ramble and knowing that you genuinely care about what she’s saying just makes her heart feel heavy, you know?
  • “oh, you had strawberry jelly today? no wonder, you must be sick of grape, you’ve had it all week!”
  • you saying even little things like that show your attentiveness, that you’re interested in her, no matter how small the thing she’s saying is
  • let’s you in on all the khh/kpop drama
  • and you’re always updated on her coming projects and albums
  • your opinion means so much to her
  • mostly likes casual couple items, like matching caps
  • but can be super cheesy and have matching phone cases, identical outfits, bracelets, etc
  • depends on her mood really
  • holds your hand as you walk but that’s as heavy as the pda will get
  • not the type to hide the relationship from the public, but does wait until she’s sure the relationship is serious before coming forward with it
  • overall, she’s a very understanding girlfriend. and is very trusting too. you won’t have to worry about trust issues or anything like that. in fact, your relationship is just really chill. I know I’ve said that a lot but seriously … it’s so stress free and just ,, chill?? movie nights in, maybe going out for drinks, you probably buy a cat at some point to cuddle up to in bed. marriage is far from her mind but friends often joke it’s as is you’ve been married for 50 years
  • “aah, yeah, y/n is pretty annoying, it does feel like 50 years alright”
  • “HEY!”

“i was never going to be as good a lady as you. so i had to be something else.”

i want to let it go. i really do. but this pissing me off so bad. because arya’s insecurities about being a lady are easily summed up as not seeing herself as beautiful. thats basically it tbh. and her insecurities are valid since westeros treats women as objects for consumption - to be sold for the benefit and pleasure of men. plus she was made to feel ugly thanks in large part to how she was treated by the women in her life not that the show would ever acknowledged it. so the writers having arya say, to paraphrase, “well i wasnt ever gonna be pretty so i had to become a killer” is fucked up and stupid. like hold me back im gonna end d&ds lives. beauty is not fundamental to arya occupying the space she was born into as a highborn lady, despite society telling her otherwise. sure, theres the extras like sewing or singing but all those things aren’t truly essential either. esp not in the context of managing a household, which is what they’re discussing in the above mentioned quote, and that is the one ladylike pursuit the books **explicitly** tell us arya is more suited to than sansa. because that job actually requires more than being a pretty ornament. you need to be practical and smart with a good head for figures. arya is all of that. and besides sandra isn’t even like courteous? so im failing to see what ladylike traits she possesses that even show!arya doesn’t other than her ability to make tacky dresses

im just so sick of seeing womanhood summed up so simplistically by this show (and the fandom) same goes for arya’s character. women are more than their appearances. you can be gender non conforming and still be a woman, a wife, a mother, a lover. arya’s relationship with being a lady is complicated. she literally thinks she’s an unwanted monster for being unable to fulfill that role but the books are not going to support that notion. arya is not a monster for being ugly or doing ugly things to survive. but the show?? validated that shit all season long. they treated arya like an inferior character and woman because she’s killed and isn’t hyper feminine. they neglected or erased her storyline, all of her skills and character strengths and even her flaws and especially her struggles. including but not limited to: being good at mathematics, knowing 5+ languages, detecting lies and seeing things as they truly are, concealing her feelings, acting, and gathering intel. she’s cooked and cleaned and mended wounds (traditionally feminine duties in arya’s storyline? its more likely than you think) she’s given water to dying men on multiple occasions. she thought the acorn dress was pretty. she wanted to save her mother and took cat’s name as one of her aliases. but she feared cat wouldnt want her back too. she values the strength of the pack like ned told her above all else. she prays and has a deep connection to the old gods. she’s a powerful warg. she and nymeria share a soul. she has a strong relationship with the smallfolk. she’s someone who understands what winter is going to be like because she’s already been cold and hungry and hunted. she took care of a toddler in the middle of a warzone. she’s risked her life for others. she’s afraid to be alone. she’s afraid to be powerless. but she looked death in the face and plucked the worm out of his eye. she’s desensitized to violence but doesnt enjoy killing at all, not even once. she takes control and keeps calm under pressure. she’s maternal. she’s angry and fierce and sad all at once. she’s confused. she is defined by her love for her family and friends. arya is a strong, protective, responsible, dutiful, intelligent leader. she has a rich storyline full of themes and symbols that are associated with her alone. she’s a hero. and i wish the show would portray even a small fraction of her complexities. 

5 Tips To Tackle Isolation

Having a chronic illness that limits your abilities to function like most other people can be the most loneliest feeling in the world. I’ve recently been struggling very much with this, making and keeping friendships has been difficult, and in this last year and a bit I have had my eyes opened to the world of loneliness, and it’s really not a nice place to be. However on the sunny side, I have learned ways and means of dealing with these feelings along the way - so here they are! 💕💕💕💕


I know, I know, I sound like a typical crazy cat lady. But seriously, cats are wonderful creatures, and pretty low maintenance to look after too, which is ideal when you don’t have a lot of energy. My cats have seen every single ugly part of my illness and still want to be around me regardless, and that’s something special that you won’t find in many people! So go on - adopt your own fur baby today and never feel unloved again!


This is really a solution for two problems; loneliness AND boredom. I’ve found this to be really helpful in lifting the spirits, I have two pen pals; one in Australia so our letters often take a couple of weeks to get to each other, and the other is in England so we send our letters often weekly. And trust me, when you’ve been feeling so ill and too rotten to actually be bothered to see anybody, getting a lovely handwritten letter can be so uplifting. Somehow there doesn’t seem to be as much demand with letter writing than if you were to speak to somebody online, it’s all at your own pace.


I wouldn’t normally speak so positively about social media as I think at times it can be overwhelming (she says as she’s writing this on tumblr). But knowing that there are other people out there going through the same thing as you can be so comforting and can help to make you feel less alone. So get watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, following people on Instagram etc. We’re all here waiting to support each other and raise awareness!


This could be misconstrued as a negative thing but actually learning to protect your heart is one of the most important and positive things ever. The truth is that people often say things that they have no intention of following up, I suppose to be/appear a good person. But that can be such a damaging thing to do to somebody who is pining for company. I think the best thing to do is, if people for example say they’re going to visit you or take you out somewhere, to take it all with a pinch of salt. Appreciate the thought and gesture of good will, but if it’s been a few weeks/months and they still haven’t then don’t be too disheartened! And try your best not to hold a grudge, some things just aren’t meant to be, especially if they feel forced. (I also find its a good idea to not make friends with people who have busy lives if you yourself don’t.)


I feel like I go on about self care an awful lot, I’m starting to feel like an overindulgent hedonist! But if I’m honest, out of all the things on this list, self care has helped me the most. Take pleasure in the small things; go outside and feel the fresh air and sun on your skin, meditate for as long as you wish, doodle mandalas and pretty patterns all day long! And we all know you can’t buy happiness, but if you can afford to; eat the cake, buy the dress, and take the hour long bubble bath filled with Lush products! You are a warrior princess and you deserve to be treat with love, respect and kindness - so show yourself some compassion!

Thank you for reading and blessed be!


Worried For Nothing (M) // Choi Youngjae

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Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Summary; After failing to keep your relationship a secret from the rest of GOT7, Youngjae assures you that you that everything is alright; in more ways than one.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature.

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anonymous asked:

Reader has a crush on Gladio but is a few years younger and is worried Gladio will turn them down due to them being younger (like 4 years younger) but he actually doesn't mind the age difference. What would Gladio do when the reader would finally confess to Gladio while at camp one night?

You were nervous. Your hands felt clammy and you paced around the lightning energy deposit just outside of camp. It sparked and you jumped backwards, decided maybe it was a good idea to just get it over with.

You spotted Gladio sitting in one of the lawn chairs by the fire, reading his book. Prompto and Noctis were playing cards in the tent, and Ignis was sipping a cup of Ebony. You approached the campsite and tapped Gladio on the shoulder.

“Can I talk to you?”

He blinked at you for a second, and then rose from his chair as you led him away to a thicket of trees.

You’d met Gladio while you were still in high school. You were hired as a tutor to Iris, who was four years your junior. Gladio was four years older than you, and you’d developed a crush on him basically the moment that you saw him. Which you were sure he was used to, because he always had a crowd of girls following him around wherever he went.

You’d always been determined to have him see you as something more than just a kid, but you weren’t actually sure what he thought of you. He treated you similarly to how he treated Prompto, with casual teasing and reminders to stay focused during hunts. You came along on the trip because you’d become close friends with all the guys, and because your specialty was in healing magic.

Gladio always gave you a hard time, but you appreciated it. It kept you strong and kept you alert. Not to mention that you just, in general, enjoyed being around him. You’d resolved that you would tell him how you felt, rejection be damned, because it was getting overwhelming having to keep it a secret for so long.

“What’s going on?” he asked, once you turned to face him.

“Um…” It’s okay. Just say it. “I…”

“What’s wrong?” he grinned. “Cat got your tongue? Too distracted by my devilishly good looks?”

You let out an incredulous laugh, scratching at the back of your head. “Actually, that’s what I kind of wanted to talk to you about.”

That shut him up pretty quickly. He waited for you to continue.

“I have…” you cleared your throat, looking anywhere but his face. “I kind of have feelings for you.” You looked intently at the ground. In a rushed tone, you added, “I know that I’m a lot younger than you, and it’s probably really stupid, but I’ve liked you since I first started tutoring Iris, but I don’t want you to see me as a little kid—”

“Hey,” his voice made you stop. He put his finger under your chin and lifted it so that you were looking into the warmth of his eyes. “Slow down.”

“Uh…” you started, dumbly. “You want me to repeat all that? Because I’m already pretty embarrassed.”

“Don’t be,” he chuckled, his voice deep and smooth. “It’s cute.”

You stared. Deadpan. “It’s what?”

“Yeah,” he said, stepping a little closer. He ran a hand down your arm, the roughness of his calloused hands sending shivers down your spine. “If it makes you feel better, I don’t care that you’re younger than me. I like you, too.”

“Y-you do?”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “Why do you think I always try to push you so hard? And give you such a hard time? You’re strong, you’re smart, and you’re resourceful. And I admire that about you. And,” he added, his hand moving to the small of your back. “You’re also smokin’ hot. That’s just an added bonus.”

He leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips. He pulled away too soon for your liking, as you barely had time to reciprocate, but you were smiling nonetheless.

“We can go slow,” he said, looking into your eyes. “At your pace. If there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable, we can stop. The last thing I want to do is hurt you in any way.”

You bit back a smile and hugged him, feeling a weight finally lifting off your shoulders. “I’d like that.”

“Good,” he said, leading you back towards camp. “Come on, let’s get back to the others. They made a bet about how long it would take for us to get together, and Blondie owes me fifty gil.”


  • Since you’re doing such an awesome job, you want to have a little blast from the past with you-know-who? 
  • Pick whoever you want, as long as she says yes.
  • Are you okay down there? Your penis? I mean, that guy, he, uh clomped on it.
  • I mean, I just said that it was happy hour at the Pussy Bar.
  • You see that? I am everywhere.
  • And this was your shot to prove to me that that fundamental fact was sinking in, and you failed.
  • Which sucks, because your life was about to get so much cooler.
  • One, you wind up on the spike and you work for me as a dead man.
  • Wow! You don’t scare easy.
  • Lucky for you, she’s not feeling too thirsty today.
  • Ah, hell, I forgot.
  • Your mouth is all puffed up like a baboon’s ass.
  • I like hustle.
  • But believe it or not, things weren’t always cool between us.
  • And then I married his super hot wife.
  • What, does the cat got your tongue? You’re just overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this? I’m gonna ask you one more time.
  • Ain’t my problem if he made a dumbass choice.
  • Little pig, little pig, let me in!
  • Oh, you better be jokin’.
  • I know I had to make a pretty strong first impression.
  • Well, hello, there.
  • Do not make me have to ask.
  • I missed you.
  • Ha ha ha! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  • Do I get mad? Do I throw a fit? Do I bash some ginger’s dome in? Nope.
  • Hot diggity dog! This place is magnificent! An embarrassment of riches, as they say.
  • You don’t look at him, you don’t talk to him, and I don’t make you chop anything off of him.
  • You don’t decide what we take.
  • You see this? This is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls.
  • A little cooperation and everything is pleasant as punch.
  • You see, we really are reasonable people once you get to know us.
  • What do we have here? I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-deaky.