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Help for cats in Venezuela

As a cat lover, I will be extremely grateful if you can help me.

I am from Venezuela and I have devoted myself to catch cats, neuter and spay them, and trying to find them a home. Those that couldn’t find a home, stayed with me. I really want to continue doing this, but the situation makes it impossible as I now can barely feed my own cats.

Venezuela today is going through the worst moment in its history. There is an economical, social and political crisis right now, and very soon it will turn into a humanitarian crisis.
Venezuelans are bearing with an accumulated inflation rate of more than 1000%.

Basic products for people’s daily life (rice, milk, sugar, flour, soap or shampoo, etc,) have vanished. It is so bad that recently more than 35.000 people crossed the frontier with Colombia, which was closed by the government, to buy basic productsBuying meat or chicken is also impossible because of the high costs.

Of course, pets products too, especially cats products, they have been the most affected by this.There is no way to get cat food, and if you find it, the 3 kg presentation (7 lb) equates to a whole month of minimum salary.

Initially, I tried feeding them with puppies dog dry food, I did not know it was damaging for cats, this caused the dead of 2 of my cats (and a lot of cats in the whole country) because dog food produces urinary stones and even liver damage.

This is why I am trying to seek for help outside. I need to buy and ship cat food to Venezuela. As I say before, here it is impossible to find, and feeding them with human food is not an option.

If you know of an organization or association that could help me, please contact me!

If you can’t donate, please share this information so more people will see it.

Here is my donation link (click on the image):

If you can send it directly to my e-mail we could avoid losing the percentage that Paypal takes off of every single donation.

Thank you! I will be forever grateful for your help!

If for any reason the link doesn’t work, I have the donation button on my blog!


An awesome Tumblr called WTF Bad Science Fiction Covers is in the middle of CATS IN SPACE week and their contributors have found an incredible assortment of sci-fi felines ranging from intrepid space-cat explorers and bunny-cat hybrids to alien cat steeds and giant monster cats. What you see here is just a faction of the interstellar whole collection. Click here to view more. And follow wtfbadsciencefictioncovers for even more of the best of the word, weirdest and WTF in science fiction books covers and titles.

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Celebrate Caturday with this great book for kids on space: Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space written by Dominic Walliman and designed and illustrated by Ben Newman. I spotted it in the window of the Strand Bookstore this morning and looked it up when I got home. It was actually featured on Brain Pickings last fall (which is where I saw these great illustrations). 

Cats + Space is always a winning combination in my book.*

- Summer

(*pun always intended)