cats in places they shouldn't be

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A Wondrous State by hetrez - 1.7k / G
Beautiful little piece about Andrew spooning Neil and fighting to be okay with it. <3

Baltimore Blues by SpangleBangle - 17k / E
A rewrite of what happened during Baltimore from Andrew’s POV. The beeeeeeessst one of these types out there. Just read everything Spangle writes, do yourself that favour.

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You know what'd be cute? If cats loved Izaya. They follow him in the streets, look at him through cafe windows, wait outside his apartment. Izaya's slowly accumulating more kitty stalkers. People start to notice and he doesn't how to make them stop.

I want this and also don’t want this but mainly I want this, just…

Izaya trying to shoo the cats away, but that only makes them smoochier. He tries to lightly move them away with the side of his foot, but they just roll over and start purring instead. 

Izaya’s cat army attacking Shizuo, or Shizuo not being able to attack Izaya because there are too many cats around and they’re in the god damn way

Shinra calling Izaya a crazy old cat person because he’s always around the cats, and Izaya carrying around those sticky lint rollers in bulk because he doesn’t look as intimidating now that his jACKET IS COVERED IN CAT HAIR ALL THE DAMN TIME.


It wasn’t often that the Informant of Shinjuku felt afraid, but on one particularly clear autumn night, he couldn’t shake help it. It was as though he were being watched, but each time he tried to outsmart his stalker, they managed to slip through his fingers.

This feeling had been growing ever since a particularly bad fight with Shizuo several weeks earlier. He’d almost been killed by one of the brute’s lucky shot’s, only managing to dodge the lamp post at the last second. It was a good thing he had, given that it destroyed a recently abandoned dwelling when it passed him.

He’d limped back to Shinjuku shortly after, but wasn’t quite sure he’d really lost Shizuo. He felt eyes upon him, watching his movements.

He felt judged.

But that had been weeks ago, and he was now becoming annoyed with his stalker. 

Deciding to finally corner them, he ducked down an alley with a dead end and a fire escape. He climbed it quickly, hiding himself in the shadows as he laid in wait for the person following him.

Is it Shizu-chan? Has he finally grown another brain cell and decided to hunt me like the caveman he is?’ He wondered to himself as he flicked open his knife. 

From where he was hiding, he could see shadows on the wall no matter which direction their owners came from. It only took a moment to see the first dark figure moving across the wall, followed by another, and another, and another…

What is this? They don’t… look human? Are they friends of the Courier?

Over a dozen strange figures moved across the wall as Izaya prepared himself. There was the possibility that he couldn’t fight them, but he was in a position to move further up the fire escape should he need to. He just needed to wait, to evaluate his harassers befo-


Izaya’s head shot up to the noise above him, as he crouched and centred himself. It wasn’t ideal to fight for his life on a fire escape, but it was better than not being able to at all.

He was just about to throw a blade where he’d heard the noise, when he heard a very distinct sound.



Izaya looked in disbelief as five or more cats stared down at him from the rooftop. He turned back to the alley, only to find over a dozen more trying their hardest to climb up the ladder and up to him.


After his stalkers had been forced to reveal themselves, they never did try to hide again. From then on, Izaya could be seen sprinting through the streets during chases with Shizuo, as fifty or more cats trailed behind him. Shiki had to schedule meetings with him that took place at Izaya’s apartment rather than the car, as they were unable to drive when surrounded by so many cats.

And so life went on exactly as it did before, only now, Orihara Izaya had an army of cats.

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Hello! I'm planning to get a cat soon bc I find them suPER CUTE But I have a dog right now (who is just as cute!) so I won't be getting the cat very soon. I just wanted to ask what can a person do to stop them from breaking or ripping things and getting into places they shouldn't be? Sorry for asking here it's just that you're one of the only people I know of who has a cat

hi! you can try to get a scratching post and just saying “no”, I also heard of using an air or water spray whenever the cat does something it shouldn’t, or even to cover in tinfoil surfaces you don’t want the cat to walk on bc some of them find it annoying, but there’s really no guarantee any of these will work;

I don’t think we ever managed preventing her from doing something she shouldn’t until she got out of that habit herself hahaa (and she still chews my agaves despite the thorns like a dumbass)

it also depends a lot from the cat’s personality and how willing they are to listen, some cats are also little shits and to things just to annoy you, for example my cat scratches the chair to get my dad’s attention and does that only when he’s in the room lmao

(you can also keep rooms with breakable stuff in them closed when you’re not around just to be safe!)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where are all the normal animals in the Pokemon universe? they have to exist somewhere, or classifications like "Mouse Pokemon" or "Cat Pokemon" wouldn't be used. and if humans use animals as a point of reference when describing Pokemon instead of the other way around, shouldn't that mean that normal animals would be more common? shouldn't we have at least seen maybe a stray dog, a flock of birds, or some populous insects like flies or bees? doesn't it make more sense for there to be more non-superpowered creatures on the planet anyway, which is what would make Pokemon so special and miraculous in the first place? are normal animals hunted by humans, Pokemon, AND other animals? is that how they explain humans eating meat without saying they're eating the semi-intelligent and extremely powerful creatures they claim to love and support as trainers? do humans raise animals solely to be slaughtered for theirs and their Pokemon's food without tending to the natural balance of hunters and prey in the wild? have animals been hunted to near-extinction? is that why we never see any, even though there's evidence of their existence? will carnivorous Pokemon turn to other food sources once their natural prey has been depleted? is there an impending war to determine the new natural order looming on the horizon of the Pokemon universe's future?