cats in christmas hats

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Can we please get the same ask with the fluffy holiday activities, but with England?

Arthur loves the holidays, but prefers them when his family isn’t around. 

He loves to curl up by the fire with a warm spot of tea, a good book and his s/o. 

Secretly loves to decorate the house, but mostly the inside so other people don’t come by his house. 

Quiet Christmas music throughout the house, some instrumental and some religious. 

Wakes them up with breakfast on Christmas morning.

Dresses up his cat with a small Santa hat. His cat hates it and him. 

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BMC boys (+Michael Mell) decorating for the holidays with their S/O?

Jeremy: he’s actually super organised. All the ornaments are in specific spots and the lights are perfectly hung. He also picks you up so you can put the star on top of the tree

Michael: he does the novelty decorations where it’s like cats in Christmas hats and shit. Doesn’t take it so seriously it’s more a fun bonding time with you

Rich: takes this shit super seriously. He is all ready to make a fucking day out of this. Lights, ornaments everything is scattered wherever they can fit. You two also eat A LOT OF POPCORN that day

Jake: he joins in mostly to watch you get all excited and happy. He’ll help you hang the lights and will gladly pick you up so you can put up the ornaments that need to go higher

This is a throwback CN schedule for this Thanksgiving week 4 years ago (MON 11/25 TO SUN 12/1/2013). 

This time was well into CN’s brighter days, where Adventure Time and Regular Show ruled the ratings, ahead of Spongebob on Monday where RS gained 3 million that would shock everyone if it were today. Also, at this time, as Steven Universe had only premiered on the network a few weeks ago at this time, it did not do as well despite its strong lead-in.

EDIT: Also just to point out a certain point in the schedule:

See it’s funny because Johnny Test is terrible

team voltron + college finals part two

you can find the first batch here

Pidge: Crazy = Genius

Pidge: listen, teach, i know what you and i both want and i’m willing to give you this McDonald’s gift card and five whole dollars if you don’t look at the essay i just submitted to you

Coran: i already did and you submitted a one paragraph essay about how mother nature needs to ‘get laid’ because grass gives you rashes
Pidge: Six dollars

  • Pidge did an entire presentation about caffeine addiction while holding a triple shot espresso
  • Forgets to study but still gets an A

Coran: hello class, how are you feeling this morning?

Pidge: i was up until 3am working on the assignment you gave us so i feel like i wanna die

Coran: i can tell ;)

Pidge: Matt, do you remember taking Mythology 201?

Matt, who quit college to move on to Better things:  yeah, why?

Pidge: do you still have your essay?

Matt, squinted: What are you offering?

Pidge: a McDonald’s gift card and a whole five dollars

Matt: deal

Keith: Ride or Die

  • Thinks about how he should’ve joined the military in order to avoid these finals
  • Keith, walks across campus to his next class just to pause and say, “actually, no” then skips the lecture
  • Begins his presentation with ‘howdy’ and ends it with ‘yeehaw’
  • Once Lance found him sitting on one of the tables at the student center watching a 3 hour vine compilation. At 9pm.

Shiro: Is that an overnight bag?

Keith, brushing his teeth: Ride or Die

Lance: Laugh through the Tears

  • Somehow does all of his presentations over the same subject (which happens to be Space Jam)

Lance, singing: Final exam! *clap clap* Final exam! *clap clap* Let’s get ready for the final exam *clap

Keith: if you sing that song one more time, i will cut your hands off and tape them to your ass

  • Daydreams about putting a christmas hat on his cat instead of paying attention in class
  • Lance is the One Kid who claps and shouts really loudly after someone presents.


Keith, standing in front of the class, deadpanned: stop

Lance: I got a 69 on my test! Ayyyyy!

Pidge: Don’t you need a 70 to pass?

Lance, sobbing: Ayyyyy

Hunk: Human Disaster

  • Coran: “It’s finals season, if you don’t cry at least once you aren’t doing it right” (a legit quote from my history professor)
  • With all the tears Hunk had shed, he must be doing perfectly

Hunk: i have two presentations, four tests and a 10 page essay, all due this week and i’m freaking out about it.

Lance: wanna come over and play video games and get nothing done?

Hunk: yeah

  • The school hosts a bunch of therapy dogs during the week of finals so the students can pet them and Hunk spends every moment he can with them, sobbing into their fur
  • That Person during the group presentation that takes over and gives you nothing to do so you don’t ruin their masterpiece.

Shiro: Walking Dead

Shiro, whimpering.

Lance: you okay?

Shiro: I wrote a 228 page novel for my advanced creative writing class

Lance: how many pages did you have to write?

Shiro: the minimum was 50

Lance: h ol y sh it

  • Having learned from last semester, Shiro doesn’t want to overload on caffeine. So he simply buys a coffee everyday and stares at it, but doesn’t touch it. As if the presence of it alone will give him strength.
  • Once Keith learned Shiro was wasting coffee, he demanded to drink every  coffee Shiro buys. In disgust, Shiro hands them over and watches Keith down cold coffee in a matter of seconds.

Shiro, to the rest of the gang: Worrying about the rest of you makes me feel better about myself.

Pidge, having just accidentally submitted an essay about grass, hoodie up over eyes: Glad we could help

Allura: That One Ho

  • All of her classes didn’t have finals this semester
  • Is enjoying the show of her friends falling apart while she sips on a lemonade and watches through gucci glasses
it’s the season of grace coming out of the void

Written for @omgcpwinterextravaganza Day 1

There’s no snow in Vegas. Kent’s spent the last 18 years living in places that get white Christmases more often than not, and there’s no snow in Vegas.

It hurts more than it should.

The cold of the rink is enough to snap his out of his own head for a few hours, makes him distracted enough to only focus on the stick between his hands, the ice under his skates, and the heavy thwick of the puck being passed back and forth between him and Troy.

Troy (no, Swoops, Kent corrects himself) is two years older than him, and born a few hours North of where Kent’s from. “Parser,” he calls out, and flicks the puck to Kent.

They’re playing a skirmish, trying to give their second string goalie a chance to practice harder than he might normally.

Kent spins past Gunderson, a d-man playing opposite him, and slides the puck into the net. Swoops cheers behind them, and they reset for another go.

When practice is over, Kent faces the blinding light and sweltering weather with a grimace. He cups his hand over his eyes, despite wearing a hat, and trudges to his car. It’s a beat up piece of shit he uses only to get him back and forth from the rink. The money from signing, from his bonus and his salary, hasn’t settled comfortably enough in his pocket yet to let him buy anything so ostentatious as a car that works all seven days of the week.

Swoops whistles behind him, getting Kent’s attention. He lifts a hand, and passes Kent a card. On the front is a cat in a Santa Hat, saying “Mew-rry Christmas.” Kent snorts. “What’s this?”

Swoops rolls his eyes. “Open it, dumbass.”

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Since ratings will come later this week due to the holiday weekend, here’s something different taken from a few years ago when I did schedules as well for a short period (but never posted them). 

These are the schedule and viewership numbers for this week in 2013 for Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network US. (4 years ago, MON 11/25 TO SUN 12/1). Let’s just say it was a big week for our 3 giants.

Nickelodeon was on a roll with Spongebob, where its countless reruns would easily exceed the average viewership of other shows on the network (all its sitcoms, Fairly OddParents, even movies). And there to raise its numbers even further were movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Jinxed. But honestly, all Nick really needed at that point was Spongebob (seriously, look at Friday with those juicy numbers for the Spongebob marathon).

Disney Channel had the hyped-up crossover-cum-Christmas special Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas, which was the fusion of its 2 biggest shows on the air then, Good Luck Charlie and Jessie on Friday night, where numbers went through the roof (have to admit, only DIsney can pull off 5 million in this decade, with recently the premiere of Descendants 2 hitting 5.3 million just this July). Helping total day viewership was the onslaught of Toy Story movies as well as Despicable Me, pulling numbers around the 3 million mark which is incredibly incredible. Additionally, I found it puzzling how animated shows on DC actually pulled viewership away in 2013 (see Friday with Wander over Yonder and Sunday with Gravity Falls). Guess the main audience of Disney Channel wasn’t that into cartoons.

Cartoon Network had Adventure Time and Regular Show on Monday, and the premiere of the now-overplayed Cat in the Hat movie on Saturday. Other than that, many many movies and an Adventure Time marathon pulled numbers up for CN that week, becoming the first week in months that average viewership went over a million.

Here are the rankings for the week from November 25, 2013 to December 1, 2013:

1. Disney Channel (1,943,000 up from previous week at 1,569,000)

2. Nickelodeon (1,921,000 up from previous week at 1,677,000)

3. Cartoon Network (1,150,000 up from previous week at 899,000)

When Carter Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I’m in a Christmas mood, and Supercat does not help with that. Enjoy.

Cat had intended to wake Carter and let Kara sleep in, after all it was Christmas Day, but woke up alone in the bed, much to her surprise, being used to waking up earlier than Kara did, even if Kara only slept over on nights where Carter wasn’t here.

Taking a minute to absorb the sunlight coming in through the windows, Cat let herself revel in the soreness over her muscles, smiling at the fact that she knew who had put it there. Cat took a deep breath and sighed, then realized she wasn’t hearing any laughter from downstairs. That was something, considering the day it was.

Cat slipped from the bed, slipping into her lingerie and red night set, silk tank top and shorts, walking through the hallway to the main living room as she got dressed. Carter had to be still asleep, odd for him on a day like Christmas, but Cat couldn’t really mind, especially as she walked into the warm, fireplace lit room, and sighed at the familiar red sight of Supergirl’s cape, smiling at the color as Kara moved about, fixing some random details on the tree and arranging some gifts.

“Morning. What are you up to with the suit?” Cat asked quietly, stepping up to take a startled Kara into her embrace, smiling at the scent of Kara’s hair this morning. “You really intend to tell Carter this morning, with your suit? Are you sure Kara?”

“I don’t have to if you don’t want me to, but I really do want to tell him. I’m serious with his mother, I think it’s fair he knows who his mother is with. But if you don’t want me to reveal it then I don’t have to.”

“If you feel good about it you should. He loves you, and he loves Supergirl. I think you should tell him, as long as you feel ready to.” Cat said with a smile, running her hands up Kara’s arms, over her suit, revealing in the feel of it, and Kara’s strong muscles. Mm… “I missed you when I woke up alone…”

“Oh, did you now? Well, we just can’t have that, now can we?”

Cat gasped, a tiny whimper that sounded much like an honest to god purr escaped past Cat’s lips when Kara pushed her back against the wall, and Cat sighed at the contact of feeling Kara’s strong lithe body press up against her own. “Kara…” Cat practically moaned as Kara grasped at her hips gently. “You silly Supergirl.”

Cat saw Kara smirk at that, but step closer anyway, and haphazardly grasp for the Santa hat that was sitting on the mantel, and put it on, leaning in to kiss her gently, closing her eyes against the contact that felt so wonderful to them both. Cat grinned against her, and laughed when Kara broke away from her to reach down and grab a small gold package, lifting it and bringing it back to them, handing it to Cat.

“Merry Christmas, my Cat Grant.”

Cat smiled and grabbed the package, tugging Kara in for another kiss, smiling against her lips. “Merry Christmas, Supergirl.”

Cat grasped at her neck, kissing her deeply, and moaned at feeling Kara’s hand trail over her waist, almost instantly, slipping fingers just beneath the hem of her shorts. Cat felt Kara kiss her like her life would end without it, and heard her growl a little as she pressed even closer, moaning against her neck, where Cat knew bruises would show the next day.

“Uh, mom?”

Cat froze, and so did Kara against her neck, before leaning back and straightening her suit a bit, taking her hand of Cat’s waist, where she’d been hiking up Cat’s tank top rapidly.

“Uh, hi Carter, morning buddy.” Cat whispered, reaching up to fix her hair a bit, running fingers through the curls.


“Hi Carter. Um… Merry Christmas bud.”


Cat watched Cater look between the two of them, back and forth, and then smile, a smile that quickly turned into a smirk that he’d no doubt gotten from Cat herself, and turn to go back into the kitchen to find breakfast.

“Carter?” Cat asked, following after her son.

“It’s ok mom, I get it. Everyone needs their Merry Christmas. I’m happy for you both, and Supergirl? That’s a gift I’ll never be upset with.” Carter whispered, smiling brightly at the blushing hero.

“Uh, Carter?” Kara asked, stepping past Cat and kneeling before him. “There’s something you should know.” Kara whispered, and pulled her glasses out of her skirt pocket, holding them out for him to see.

“Kara?” He whispered, and Cat smiled, holding a hand to her lips to stifle a smile. It didn’t work.

Kara nodded, and smiled when two seconds later she had Carter in her arms, a tighter hug than she’d ever thought possible for a human. “Merry Christmas, Carter.”

Carter smiled, then turned and walked away, nodding to himself. “I’m a scarred being.”

I feel like Tumblr will appreciate the family holiday mascot

he fits in at Halloween (the plan is to buy him a new costume each year) but it remains to see how well he’ll do at Christmas

(featured: Genghis Kitty, who knows that he is next. He has a reindeer suit)