cats i want to meet

I’m glad you noticed <3 

!!! I thought that they would be good friends the first time I saw seung gil too ;v;
doggo buddies !!!

@osnapitzhanaa ajdfgfjkg I misread the eyebrow part but that’s amazing

eros and doggo buddies <3

I love seung gil lee and his doggo!!! the second-to-last panel is my favorite hahah

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so me and toasty made pumpkin spice snowball cookies and we left a little container of them outside our new downstairs neighbor’s door with a little note saying we hoped she felt welcome and also that we loved her cat



~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,704

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

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So when tikki and plagg first turn in to human form and went to school with them how did they react to seeing each other?

This is pretty long but bare with me

What’s not shown is alternative dialogues for Tikki’s reasoning:
“Dammit Mari I just want to meet up with my lazy cat husband”
“The artist was too tired to think up of a valid excuse so go along with it.”


happy duster + ket for @jaune-valjeen and chess! (he repaints his armor constantly because he can’t decide on anything) because i made myself (and you) sad by talking about him last night and THEN i dreamed about cats and also duster. apparently he sleeps curled up in a ball who knew

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It's weird for me hearing Jumin's cat's name since my name is Elizabeth too. How do you think Jumin would react if MC had the same name as Elizabeth the third?

Whoa, that’s so cool that you have the same name as Elizabeth, anonny! I bet it’s so weird for you when Jumin talks about her, I wonder if it was easy to get use to. But thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

  • The first time Jumin saw your name on the messenger as Elizabeth, he didn’t believe it
  • He assumed that Seven was playing a weird joke on him and you were going along with it for fun
  • Jumin wanted the last laugh so he played along, calling your Elizabeth although he was almost positive that it wasn’t your real name
  • The more you were called Elizabeth, the more upset he got, he believed that only a woman of true beauty and grace deserved a name like that
  • After getting to know the RFA more, you and Jumin set up a time to go out for a lunch date together
  • You were excited to get to know Jumin better but this boy was only thinking of ways to interrogate you for your name theviery
  • The two of you were casually chatting while eating lunch when Jumin suddenly slammed his fists down along with his cutlery, making a bold accusation
  • “Alright, time to put an end to this. What is your real name?”
  • You blinked a few times in confusion at Jumin’s question as you slowly answered him
  • “Um, my name’s Elizabeth. You know, like it’s always been in the chat room.”
  • “No, no this cannot be true. You and Seven must be playing some kind of cruel joke on me.”
  • “Why would I joke about my name, Jumin? Seriously my name is Elizabeth. Here, I’ll show you my ID card.”
  • Even after showing Jumin your ID card, he shook his head claiming that your name still wasn’t Elizabeth
  • “Seriously Jumin, this is getting old. Why won’t you just believe me, my name is Elizabeth!”
  • After consideration, Jumin did think that perhaps you were telling the truth about your name, you didn’t seem like the person who would play a joke for this long
  • “I now see the errors of my ways and for that, I apologize. Perhaps I have a proper way to make all of this up to you.”
  • You agreed to Jumin’s apology, although you had no clue what type of solution this man would find for an apology
  • Jumin decided to take you to his penthouse, you were amazed at how impressive and extravagant it looked
  • He told you to wait for a moment while he retrieved a very special guest for you to meet
  • Your eyes softened when you saw Jumin carefully cuddling an elegant white cat to his chest, the cat rubbed her nose to Jumin’s chin in adoration
  • “I want you to meet my precious cat, Elizabeth the third. She is very dear to me, I truly love her with all of my heart. I apologize again for being so rude to you because I thought that your name was fake. Elizabeth is a beautiful name that you deserve to have.”
  • You gently patted Elizabeth’s head as she purred in contentment, Jumin watched as Elizabeth jumped from his arms to yours as she snuggled against you
  • “Aww, I think that she likes me, Jumin! Elizabeth and Elizabeth the third, I love how we have the same names!“
  • Jumin stared at his two favorite females, an idea suddenly popping in his mind and without thinking, grabbed your shoulders
  • “Let’s make Elizabeth the second, my love.”
  • “Jumin we’ve only been dating for two weeks!”
He Calls Me Kitty Part 2 (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Hello, thank you all for the support of this fic, I will have you know this is more of a set up chapter, not much Damian x Kitty interaction but I really enjoyed exploring the characters of the other pets. I’m planning at least two more chapters and toying with a third more if I don’t like my ending

Just something to note any dialog in italics is spoken in ‘animal speak’ just for the distinction

Part One is here

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“Damian!” A voice screamed surprising you so much that you jumped up.

The moment after awakening you were confused, why were you warm in a room? Why were you in cat form? And why were you sleeping under a desk? The memories of last night flooded through you, he saved me because he thinks I’m a poor kitty, and oh right, he’s Robin.

The door to Damian’s room slammed open and a young man jumped in. He dashed to the bed, and began jumping atop it, even with Damian still grumbling under the blankets. You stared at the scene before you with wide eyes.

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Thank you so much for sticking with me and welcome to the new followers! I am so glad I can share with you all my art!  You make me feel better when things dont go as well and that support helps me keep going.

I am sorry for the still unanswered asks and lack of activity, I have been so busy the last month , I was traveling through Belgium and Germany (and truly becoming the pokemon master I was supposed to be with my dear Chispitas mu buddy pkmn). And it is SO AMAZING<3 i have things from my travels on Instagram and you can go and follow if you want : >

It is been a long year since I moved to the UK and thank you for following me, even when my blog seems dead and life kick us all in the ass for no good reason.

I have several things planned including of course, Inktober, doing my best to complete it this year and keep going with the long pjo project while i sit here consumed with impatience for the next voltron season and  magnus chase book! I so cant wait for them <3 i want to post some original stuff too, so i hope you enjoy that too..

Once again thank  you thank you thank you so much for the likes and reblogs and the tags, how I love to read them! and hope i can keep delivering bright content for your days

Jimin Scenario: Cats Are Fickle.

Request: Jimin has been ‘sharing’ your cat. When he’s really stressed or pissed or sad somehow your cat finds him and either curls up on his lap or hops a ride on his shoulders (kinda like a fluffy parrot). Your cat is also evil and an excellent matchmaker. (i really want a first meetings like in 101 dalmations were they get tangled together thanks to the cat) I’m sorry this is a mess

Genre: Fluff.

Jimin knew he shouldn’t have opened his mouth about his grade, the moment he lifted the test page and saw the results he shouldn’t have been surprised at all, but there he went, going to the professor to check it because he believed he had a better score, he was wrong of course, so he ended up with an even worse grade than before since the professor noticed he had not seen another of his mistakes. 

Then there was the dance practice issue, he thought he was going to relax there since dancing was his thing, but Jimin the proper dancer had fallen a total of five times attempting a new footwork that shouldn’t have supposed him any trouble, now he was bruised and sore and the teacher had started to look for some other main dancers, “just in case” he had said, like that made him feel any better.

He arrived home almost at night, completely done already for the day, he wanted to take a break from everything, so he just stayed out of his house sitting on the porch, not ready for his mom to ask how his day had gone and him having to say that it had been a complete disappointment.

Jimin threw his backpack to his feet and suddenly an orange furry thing came to his view with a jump. He was already sitting on the steps but he still got startled by it, he didn’t expect seeing a cat on his porch.

-Hello- he said a bit tired as the cat stood there staring at him, maybe wondering if Jimin was going to do something. -It’s ok, you can be here- the cat kept staring at him until it came closer surprising Jimin, he saw the fluffy thing come near him, its fur was ginger with stripes of a deeper orange.

-Hi- he said again extending a hand slowly so to not scare away the little kitten. He was pleased when the cat approached his hand and let Jimin pet him. He noticed the cat had a blue collar, he was pretty friendly so this must be someone’s cat, but he didn’t know whose. 

Jimin retreated his hand and sighed thinking again of the events of the day, the cat on the other hand jumped to his lap and made itself comfortable there.

-So you want company? I can say I’m good at that, I’m alone now though, but just because I had a horrible day- Jimin said to the cat, running his hand through the ginger fur, he wondered what would people think if they heard him talking to a cat that was not even his to begin with. -I don’t really care, I can talk to you buddy- he disregarded his own thoughts and smiled when the cat purred. 

It was a male Jimin noticed after some minutes when the cat rolled in his lap, he wondered what his name was.
Jimin then noticed someone walked past his porch, it was his neighbor, he had seen you a couple of times before but he didn’t really know you. Now when you looked his way you stopped and smiled lightly.

-Romeo! There you are- you said with a happy tone of voice. You started walking his way making Jimin look curiously at you. -Oh I’m sorry, Romeo, what are you doing?-

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I can’t thank you enough!! it makes me feel so good to know there are all these people out here who love this boy as much as I do! Thank you so much for sticking around! <3

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Meet Zephyr and Sirocco

I wanted to play around with the Breed Mixer tool so I decided to cross a Bengal with an Ocicat, and these two guys were the result (after a little custom painting).  Watching them move around is like cuteness overload, and don’t even get me started on what they look like as kittens.  One word of caution, both cats are extremely territorial, so probably not a good fit for Sims with small children. 

You can find Zephyr and Sirocco in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game. I hope you enjoy them.

Have Fun :)!

Wanna One Reaction to You Flirting with Them When You Aren't Dating


He’d get slightly confused about your actions. He likes you, but it would be a surprise that you show some affection toward him. He’d be straight forward and ask you if you feel something about him or you just want to tease him.

“I need to know, okay? Try not to be that hard on me if you’re going to reject me.”

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He’d be happy that you give him attention. He maybe won’t be the best with flirting, but he’d give it a try.

“Your eyes are as beautiful as a jelly.” *Hotshot’s Jelly in the background*


He’d get extremely shy and wouldn’t know what to do. He might accidentally confess and be a complete mess.

“I love you. Please date me.”

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He’d flirt back without any problem. It’s not that hard.

“Can you kiss my three stars? It’s right here.” *pointing at his cheek* (this was bad,I’m sorry)


He’s the main in everything so he is a main in flirting too. He’d flirt with you easily without caring if you actually like him or not.

“I can be your main boyfriend. Oh, no. I want to be the only one.”

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He’d flirt back, just a little shy. He’d be surprised that you are giving him the attention he needs, so he’d enjoy it as long as he can.

“I want you to meet my cats.”


He’d get shy when you do it for the first time, but he’d also try to flirt back. With time he hopes that you grow closer.

“When will I be saved in your heart?”

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He’d be confused and shy at the same time. He’d be flirting with you, it would be awkward, but he’d still try.

“In your other life were you a robber cause you’re stealing my heart right now. Aishh, it’s not good, right?”

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He’d get extremely shy because of your sudden flirting. He’d love that you feel something for him and that there’s a chance to have something together.

“I’m not good at doing this so don’t laugh, please.”

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He’d also get shy and wouldn’t know how to react at first. After that he’d get used to it and flirt with you like it’s the most simple thing to do in the world.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, and my love for you is pure.” *wink*


He’d a get just a little shy, but he’d mostly be proud that you’re giving him attention. He’d flirt back and hope that you have some feelings for him and that you’re not just teasing him.

“If you’re wondering, I can be a good boyfriend.”

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