cats holding paws

Tubbs is love, Tubbs is life

> I was only seventeen years old

> I loved Tubbs so much, I had all the merchandise and plushies

> I pray to Tubbs every night, thanking him for the sardines he leaves

> “Tubbs is love,” I say, “Tubbs is life.”

> My mom overhears me and calls me a pro-Tubbs blog

> I knew she was just jealous of my devotion for Tubbs

> I call her a member of the capitalist sardine system

> She uninstalls Neko Atsume and sends me to sleep

> I’m crying now, and my phone is useless

> I lay in bed and it’s really cold

> A warmth is coming towards me

> I feel something touch me

> It’s Tubbs

> I am so happy

> He whispers to me “feed me Frisky Bits”

> He grabs a bowl with his pudgy cat paws and holds it out

> I’m ready

> I open the Frisky Bits for Tubbs

> He eats it immediately

> It costs so much but I do it for Tubbs

> I can feel my sardines plummeting as I feed Tubbs

> I purchase Sashimi

> I want to feed Tubbs

> He yowls a mighty yowl as he fills his belly with my Sashimi

> My mom walks in

> Tubbs looks her straight in the eyes and says “here’s seventy silver sardines”

> He leaves through the fence

> Tubbs is love, Tubbs is life