cats holding paws

Tubbs is love, Tubbs is life

> I was only seventeen years old

> I loved Tubbs so much, I had all the merchandise and plushies

> I pray to Tubbs every night, thanking him for the sardines he leaves

> “Tubbs is love,” I say, “Tubbs is life.”

> My mom overhears me and calls me a pro-Tubbs blog

> I knew she was just jealous of my devotion for Tubbs

> I call her a member of the capitalist sardine system

> She uninstalls Neko Atsume and sends me to sleep

> I’m crying now, and my phone is useless

> I lay in bed and it’s really cold

> A warmth is coming towards me

> I feel something touch me

> It’s Tubbs

> I am so happy

> He whispers to me “feed me Frisky Bits”

> He grabs a bowl with his pudgy cat paws and holds it out

> I’m ready

> I open the Frisky Bits for Tubbs

> He eats it immediately

> It costs so much but I do it for Tubbs

> I can feel my sardines plummeting as I feed Tubbs

> I purchase Sashimi

> I want to feed Tubbs

> He yowls a mighty yowl as he fills his belly with my Sashimi

> My mom walks in

> Tubbs looks her straight in the eyes and says “here’s seventy silver sardines”

> He leaves through the fence

> Tubbs is love, Tubbs is life

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Heh, you know that gif of the cat that has a butterfly on its paw and the cat is holding out its paw looking like he has no idea what to do? Now imagine Levi😂


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Could I request Seven reacting to his s/o loving cats like he does, like smothering them with love? Thank you!

//of course! it’s a short fic though, rather than a headcanon. hope you don’t mind. it’s my first fic (kinda) so i’m not sure how it turned out but!! we’ll find out soon i suppose//

          When you and Seven were going out to your first house-date, he expected you to maybe wear a nice dress or a cardigan. To say the least, when you opened the door of your apartment, he was surprised to see you in themed attire; cats poking out of the stripes on your shirt, and pointy ears standing upright on your boots. Not surprised in a bad way, however. He had a multitude of cats on his bow tie. If you guys were ever going to be judged, at least you would be judged together.
          “We’re twinning!” he exclaimed. 
          You smiled, then complementing, “Well, you sure can clean up much better with cats around your collar than I can.” 
          A light pink blush dusted his cheeks and he grinned sheepishly. He was nervous, but to move things along, you grasped his hand and pulled him inside. There was nothing good playing at the theaters, so you decided you’d just watch one of your own favorite movies, The Lion King.
          You went into the kitchen to make some popcorn and some drinks, a creme soda for yourself and Seven’s trade mark favorite, Ph. D Pepper. You had also managed to find a bag of Honey Buddha Chips while you were at the store, just for him.
          When you walked back to kitchen, Seven was giggling and talking in a high-pitched voice. You weren’t expecting anything less, seeing as your cats were the cutest beings in the world. Jumin insisted that his Elizabeth was far beyond your Bengals. In general, they were playful animals, fitting for him.                   “MC!” he shrieked, looking up from his focus on your cat. He was holding one paw in each hand and dancing with your pet. He saw the snacks in your arms. “You’re much more beautiful than I thought you were!”                                       “In what way?” you furrowed your eyebrows, somewhat taken aback, setting the food on to the coffee table.                                                                           “I mean, I liked you before, but you have actual, live cats too, along with your clothes and shoes!”
          “I’ll take that as a compliment, I suppose,” you replied, laughing at his cheerful dork-iness.
          Your cats snuggled into him as he relaxed into the cushions and you slid the disc into the player. Raising the volume and turning off the lights, you went to go sit next to Seven. However, your seat seemed to be taken by your Bengals. You picked one up to make room for yourself, then placing him back down into your lap. Seven gathered the courage to slip his arm around your side and pull you into him, still having your other cat in his opposing elbow.
           He kissed the top of your head and squeezed you tight.
          “I really love you, MC. I know it’s only been a little while, but you’re more than I could ever ask for,” he said sweetly. 
You nestled your side into his, resting your head in the crook of his neck.
          “I love you, too. I couldn’t ask for anyone else.” 
          Seven craned his neck down, strewing staccato kisses along the bridge of your nose. You chortled at his adorable actions, and he pecked all around your face. He placed his lips gently on your own, moving them softly.
          He pulled back, but you continued to cuddle into his soft skin, being enveloped by his welcoming warmth. You sighed happily, draping your arm over his stomach, holding to him tightly. You’d never want to let him go.

A/N: This is a relaxed for fun and feels kind of sort of entry for Pezberry Week day six: Alternate Universe, co-headcanoned with pupofstuff. Referencing the pic above, bold is pupofstuff and italics is me. (Just know we texted this back and forth last week, it’s lazy and meandering, and it also contains a healthy dose of Quani. :D)


The picture of the cats holding paws through cages are pezberry cats.

You just killed my heart.

They came in separately. Santana’s owners had dropped her off because they were moving and couldn’t have pets in their new place. And Rachel had been rescued from an abusive home.

It’s Santana who’s reaching up, trying to get to the scared little kitty she can hear trying to comfort herself by purring.

It takes a while for Rachel to reach her tiny paw, but at some point Rachel slowly starts to push her paw forward and touch little by little.

Santana gamely keeps reaching up, balancing on the cage door. She waits for the little kitty to shuffle forward, purposefully keeping her claws tucked away.

When they are put into a playroom to stretch their legs, they curl up with each other, and Santana will hiss whenever someone tries to separate them.

And she will always groom Rachel thoroughly, purring loudly to help her fall asleep.

And Rachel seems so tiny compared to Santana, and always curls up so much tighter, and when people come by and look at them, Santana will yowl and pace in her cage whenever Rachel gets taken to the room where people meet and hold the animals.

And Rachel will mew pitifully when it’s Santana’s turn, ears down with her face smushed into the cage door in the direction where the room is. Santana always tries to claw her way back into the room, barely paying attention to the humans.

Eventually the staffers figure it out, and then keep them in the same cages, and with a notice that they are only available for adoption together.

Oh, of course, especially after Santana kept on jumping into Rachel’s cage when they were supposed to go back into their own cages.

Lesbian cats are making me emotional.

I was thinking that, if they both got pregnant, they’d have their litters together and co-parent like apparently is very common in cats. But since they’d both be fixed, that wouldn’t happen.

Ugh pezberry kitties!

It’s Dani who adopts them. She’s just gotten a new apartment, and her friends dragged her to the shelter to see if any animals spoke to her. Initially looking at the dogs after looking at the rodents, as she’s more of a dog person, something draws her to the cat section, where she notices the two cats curled up together in the cage nearest the door, the bigger one washing the little one’s head. When Dani kneels down in front of them, Santana calmly watches her, Rachel watching from the safety of Santana’s tail and paws. Santana’s ears flick, and though she gives a soft warning sound when Dani slowly presents the back of her hand to the cage, she doesn’t stop Rachel from just as slowly, hesitantly, sticking her nose through the cage door to sniff her.

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