cats for bls

Birthday Wishes

Enough chocolate supplies for this year.

Arc held the animal in his arms. “And look at this cute Nasod cat!!

A BL Manga?! Whaaaaaaaaatt–?!”, she was speechless and looked at it while holding the manga.

No.”, he said with a serious voice and freed himself from the hug. “Piss off already. I don’t need affection from worthless beings.

The both of them were quiet. Anger management? The hell? They were just jealous of their strength! That was the fact!

Excuse me? I move a lot. Even though my Nasod Dynamo do most of my work.”, why did people think that? He was a genius after all.

I’m not crying!! What makes you think that?!”, well, you were crying right now. Maybe just out of happiness because you remembered something from the past? “And I eat..!”, sure. Sure.

Huh? Why should I hide things under my jacket?”, the Tracer tried to move away but the chocolates accidentally fell down on the ground. “I don’t know what you’re talking about..”, he whistled.

The person patted Time’s head. He was kind of surprised. Why that act? Why would someone do that? “.. ….”, and he kept quiet.

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