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Can u have the robot look at the famous black and gold or black and blue dress? See what or says.

Hi, human here.
I tried giving the bot the picture of “The Dress”, from the wikipedia article.

It said the description is “person wearing a dress“ (confidence level 61%),

and added the following tags: “clothing”, “indoor”, “table”, “sitting”, “standing”, “woman”, “wearing”, “top”, “white”, “shirt”, “cat”, “dress”, “man”, “holding”, “large”, “room”, “yellow”, “people”, “cake”, “group” (emphasis is mine)

As I mentioned in this answer, you can use the demo page for the service picdescbot uses to describe pictures or (which uses the same service) to see how the service describes any picture you want.

Cinderbug- Miraculous Cinderella AU 

WHOA- I didn’t expect that last post to get so many notes! So many I had the overwhelming urge to make a quick finished version. The post is directly referenced from Disney’s Cinderella and the limited color palette was chosen to make things go alot faster

Thanks everyone !

The Princess and the Demon - Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by Anon -  an imagine about young Damian Wayne falling for a girl in a pink princess costume at the Wayne’s Halloween Gala

Damian stood in the far corner of the ballroom, seething at the costumed people around him. They fluttered around like deranged birds, ignoring him in favor of their own selfish socializing. 

He fidgeted in the ugly prince costume Alfred insisted he wear. It itched like poison ivy against his skin, but he refused to scratch, believing it to be a sign of weakness. Damian’s scowl grew even deeper.

“You don’t have to look like you’re going to kill someone, Damian,” Bruce reprimanded gently, having escaped the hoard of single women trying to entrap him to find Damian’s sulking in the corner. “This is part of the job.”

“Yes, I know, Father,” Damian grumbled. “We must play the part in order to ensure our secret.” He rolled his eyes as Bruce’s hand rested on his shoulder. “That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.”

Bruce sighed before adjusting the collar of his own prince costume. The entire family decided to attend the ball in prince costumes if only to add to the family’s flamboyant image. “Well, it will only be for a few more hours.”

“If I last that long,” Damian mumbled as Bruce slipped back into the crowd. Damian crossed his arms, slumping against the wall. The band started to play as some of the costumed people in the center of the room began to dance. He frowned when he saw his father dancing with a lovely woman dressed as a cat. 

Suddenly, it happened. A group of people separated, heading towards the buffet table, and you stepped into view. Damian’s heart stopped in his chest as he found he could no longer draw breath. 

You were dressed in a puffy pink dress with a sparkling mini tiara on your head. While Damian would normally think the dress was ridiculous, on you it was magnificent. He noticed you appeared to be as uncomfortable as he was. 

For a time, Damian watched you from afar. He moved only when his view of you got blocked by groups of guests. Eventually, Damian felt the need to approach you, though he didn’t understand why. However, you beat him to it.

“Hi,” you began, appearing at his side. Damian jumped, surprised at your sudden presence. He only lost sight of you for a second. “I noticed you were staring at me.”

“I was not staring at you,” Damian replied hurriedly, doing his best to sound uninterested. “You just happened to be in the direction I was looking.” You laughed, knowing he was lying.

“Right…so do you want to go do something?” you asked, gesturing towards the door. 

“What?” Damian was startled by the bluntness of your words. He couldn’t believe you were talking to him, it almost felt surreal.

“Well, I figured since I am bored, and you look bored, we can go do something else.” You looked at him curiously as his mouth opened and closed like a fish. “You do live here, right? So, there is something fun we can do, isn’t there?”

Damian’s brain took a long moment to comprehend what you said. “Yeah,” he stammered, speechless for the first time in his life. “There are lots of things we can do.”

“Great.” You smiled cheerful, taking his hand. “Let’s go.” Damian’s hand burned at your touch. A shiver ran up in his spine as if your touch was magic. He lost his breath again.

You pulled him out of the ballroom and down the hallway before he recovered enough to take charge. “We can go to the game room,” Damian suggested, guiding you through the halls. An uncomfortable silence fell between the two of you as you walked. Damian cleared his throat before meeting your eye. “Your costume is nice.” He winced at his weak word choice.

“Yeah, my dad picked it out,” you explained, smiling at the awkward complement. “I wanted to dress up as Freddy Fazbear, but he said I had to be a ‘proper lady’.

TT,” Damian huffed, not wanting to admit he had no idea who Freddy Fazbear was. “Nevertheless, you look lovely.”

“Well, thank you. You look handsome as well,” you commented back, smiling at the blush growing on his cheeks.  You both reached the game room with Damian opening the door for you.

“Wow, this is so cool,” you gasped, running in to check the assortment of video game consoles and other things in the room. “Now, I see what you meant by lots of thing we could do.”

TT.” Damian entered the room after closing the door behind him. He watched you in fascination as you struggled to kneel down to look at the collection of games. Damian knelt down beside you, loving how bright your eyes were as you took in the titles. “Which one do you want to play?”

“You have a Super Nintendo,” you exclaimed, noticing the Super Nintendo games lined up on the shelf. You started to look through them while Damian wondered what a Super Nintendo was. He vowed to learn more about this room if only so he could understand what you were talking about. Actually, this was the second time he had been in this room. The first time was when Dick tried to force him into some brotherly bonding. It didn’t end well.

“Do you want to play one?” Damian asked, trying to hide his ignorance.  You gave him a excited look, making Damian’s heart skip a beat. 

“Yes!” You pulled out a game, holding it up for him to see. “Ooo, you have Super Mario World. This has good co-op, so we both can play.” You looked at Damian, waiting for a response. Damian nodded quickly in response as you struggled to your feet in your puffy dress. You moved over to the console, putting in the game. 

Damian grabbed the remote to turn on the television as you booted up the system. “I must admit…I am not completely familiar with this…console.” 

You gave him a bright smile, stuffing a controller in his hands as the main title popped up on screen. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” 

TT,” Damian huffed, his face remaining blank as you struggled to sit down on the couch in your puffy pink dress. He glanced back at the cartoon man running on the screen before looking back to you with a smirk appearing on his face. Maybe this party wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Have you seen Damian?” Bruce asked Alfred after searching the emptying ballroom for ten minutes. He had planned to grab Damian and sneak away to go on patrol, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.

“I did see him sneak out of the room with a pretty young girl about two hours ago,” Alfred informed as he gathered scattered glasses from various places in the ballroom. 

“What?!” Bruce’s mouth dropped open. The possibilities forming in his head.

“Oh, don’t worry, Master Bruce. Master Damian has not reached the age where that would be a concern,” Alfred reassured, frowning at a chip in one of the glasses. “I believe they are in the game room.”

Bruce’s frown deepened as he headed towards the game room. The closer he got, the louder the laughter grew. Gently opening the door, Bruce was shocked by what he saw.

Damian and you were laughing while they both played the Mario game Bruce remembered playing with Dick once or twice. A smile broke onto his face as he saw Damian just as bad at it as he was.

They were having so much fun, Bruce almost felt bad about interrupting. “Damian, we have to say goodbye to our guests.” Damian jumped to his feet, a embarrassed blush burned onto his face.

“Of course, Father,” Damian answered, raising his nose into the air. He held out his hand to you as you got up from your seat.

“Oh, I better go find my dad,” you said, straightening your dress while taking his hand to stand up. “Thanks for making this party fun, Damian. I hope we can do this again.”

“You’re welcome,” Damian mumbled, blushing even brighter when he heard Bruce chuckle at him.  Suddenly, a different voice distracted the three of you.

“Excuse me, Bruce, but have you seen (Y/N)?” a deep voice called out from down the hallway. Bruce smiled at the man before gesturing into the room. 

“She’s in here,” Bruce answered as the origin of the voice appeared at the door. You smiled while Damian’s jaw dropped open.

“There you are, (Y/N). I was worried,” Oliver Queen, your father, replied. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed you were in the same room as Damian. 

Damian turned to look at you with a stunned expression. “Oliver Queen is your father?” he gasped. He couldn’t believe someone as wonderful as you could come from someone as incompetent as that.  

“Yeah,” you admitted, raising an eyebrow. Lowering your voice, you leaned over to him. “He only found out two months ago.” Damian nodded slowly, understanding the situation. 

“(Y/N), we need to get going,” Oliver reminded, not liking how close you were to Damian. He turned to shake Bruce’s hand, thanking him. 

“So,” you began, shifting around uncomfortably. “It was nice to meet you, Damian.”

“Yes, it was nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Damian replied. His face was redder than his Robin suit. You looked at him for a moment before getting a playful smile on your face. Suddenly, you leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. 

Time stopped for Damian, his skin tingling from the pressure of your lips. You seemed to know the effect you had on him. Grabbing his phone from the table where he had left it after taking it out of his pocket earlier, you typed fast as the gaze of your fathers burned into you.

“Call me,” you whispered before running towards Oliver, who frowned at you. You both said goodbye to Bruce, walking down the hallway. Damian could hear Oliver’s scolding echoing down the hallway as you went. 

“Damian, let’s go,” Bruce said, grinning like a mad man. “We need to get on patrol.”

“Yes, Father,” Damian coughed, trying to recover from your kiss. He walked out of the room stiffly. Bruce rested a hand on his shoulder, guiding him down the hallway. “Father?”

“Yes, Damian.”

“You don’t need to tell Grayson about this,” Damian demanded, his cheeks burning. 

Bruce smiled, swallowing his laughter. “Don’t worry, Damian. Your secret is safe with me.” 

I walked into work @ my clothing store job this morning and we got the new fall stuff in one of my coworkers was like “Erin we got a dress that’s SO you!!” and I was like IS IT CATS?!?!! And yep it’s a dress with a cat print. Also then like three other people proceeded to be like ERIN DID YOU SEE THE CAT DRESS?? I’m just really glad this is my legacy around here. Like people see cats and they immediately think of me, that’s all I ever wanted.

Submission: Cats!

I don’t really remember my childhood. But my mom told me that when I was little I use to not talk(or really talk any language,it was mostly jibberish that apparently only my older brother understood )or play with other people that were not my family. Until I got cats! Then I started to wanted to talk and play with other people. I also use to dress the cat up and they never mind since I was gentle with them.

Chopper pulls apumpkin carriagejor a delighted Namideretla and her mouse friends.

One piece:671.

I’ve been watching Miraculous Ladybug and I’m OBSESSED omg

So have a cat that looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Chat Noir and Marinette. My sweet baby. <3

Also - practicing backgrounds! WHOA. I need practice! So I gain more confidence.

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*At a Embarrassing Dad Support Group* Jonathan: Baby Bear, why are we here? Jere: Dad. You know why. Jonathan: Oh come on, Mike was fine. Jere: You had Toy Chica throw him out! *Jonathan shrugs* Panther: Oh come on Router, that was fun! Router: You dressed me in a cat onesie and 56 people died. Jere: Wait, isn't Lucian your dad? Router: He's tied up at the moment. I think he's bitching at some ghost girl or something.

Wait till Meera shows up with Digi.

“He bitches enough that he might as well be like a dad.” XDD

Like, take Cats. It’s a bunch of people dressed up as cats who jump around and sing for two hours with the absolute bare minimum of a plot. There’s absolutely no Big Reason or Point behind it.

And yet it is/was one of the most iconic and longest-running musicals in Broadway history.

It’s not really a show that makes sense, as we all have joked about. It just Is. And I think we have to let art Just Be in that same way.

Little one for a New Yorker preview of a theatrical performance of Murakami’s ‘Kafka on the Shore.’ It has people dressed up in cat suits! Thanks to AD Deanna Donegan.

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Hello! I instantly followed your blog because um WOW!! May I please have a matchup? I'm 5'8, brown eyes and short brown hair, I'm an extrovert who loves art, people, helping others, anime, cats, and dressing up quirky lol. I love making others laugh and feel good about themselves!! I'm goofy but I also know when to be mature. Pink is my favorite color and I love space!!! Thanks love!! <3 please have a great day!! ^//u//^

I am really sorry, but the ask boy is currently closed! But I am happy to hear that you like my blog!

Rereading Harry Potter now and wondering why the first movie didn’t, like the book, start with a long sequence in which Vernon Dursley goes about his day looking at Things He Doesn’t Understand, including strangely dressed people, Daytime Owls, and Suspicious Cats, and scowling at them