cats doing strange things


Groaning. Grumbling. Again and again. Cat had to check on her. Just to know what she was up to. Just because. She knew Kara was that kind of person that just wanted to get things right. She wanted to be able to do things, to do them the right way. Knowing Kara, whatever the hell had her grumbling and whispering was something pretty odd. Cat knew this.

So when Cat slipped to the doorway upstairs to their bedroom and found Kara floating above the bed, acting like a child, Cat wondered if she should announce her presence, or just watch and figure this out. Cat chose the latter, because damn, watching Kara be Supergirl was fun, especially when she was doing strange things at their home.

For a minute Cat watched, leaned back against the wall across from the door to their room, and smiled as she watched Kara. Aha. Now it all made sense. She’d seen that move before. On her iPad. Wondered if Carter had copied it down because it was funny. It had been Kara. Doing another one of those silly human stunts. Oh god, Kara danvers. Cat couldn’t quite believe Kara was hers.

Cat watched as Kara tried the move again, messing up the bed in the process, the sheets tangling beneath her weightless feet, and then failed, hovering above the bed again in annoyance. Cat watched her try a few more times, always failing, and couldn’t contain her laughter anymore at the situation. Kara, her Kara, Supergirl Kara, honest to god trying to see if she could flip into bed and cover herself up in one singular move, much like the video.

Cat recalled the time she’d walked in and seen Kara skating across the living room floor in her tights, trying another thing she’d seen on YouTube. As good as it had been, floating powers didn’t help, and it looked more like air boarding than anything else. Poor kid. She really did want to try out all these things. But damn if it didn’t look so funny coming from Supergirl.

“You know honey, flying doesn’t really help with that.”

“Cat!” Kara announced, surprised, from her place standing on the bed.

“You need to stop floating mid air if you wanna stick that landing.”

“I… I didn’t know you were there…”

“You didn’t know when you were air skating across my hallways too. It’s fine. I’m just happy nothing broke. So, is this what you’ve been doing all day long?”


“Kara, I like your floating.”

Kara loo3d at her from behind long lashes, smiling a bit.

“Try and have them do that in a video. You’re amazing as you are, no flipping needed.” Cat said to a Kara who was floating in front of her now, smiling shyly.

“They can’t float…”

“Exactly. And besides, I get Supergirl kisses. They don’t.”

“Too bad for them.” Kara whispered, her voice dark and sexy now, and kissed Cat gently, pulling Cat to the bed.

“Okay, enough flipping and stunt pulling. Show me what real powers are.”

the signs as cats
  • Aries: the cat that scratches everyone who tries to pick them up, but is super loving when you leave them be
  • Taurus: sleepy kitty who always finds the one sunny spot in the house
  • Gemini: the cat that you can never find and is always getting into the most random shit
  • Cancer: the cat that is constantly wrapping around your legs and you're terrified of tripping over/stepping on them
  • Leo: they run EVERYWHERE. always darting in and out of places like a bullet. good luck catching them
  • Virgo: super sweet kitty that turns on you the second they want to be let go
  • Libra: the cat that uses the entire house as a scratching post
  • Scorpio: they stare at you. constantly. they're always watching. their stare looks right through your soul
  • Sagittarius: the cat that ends up in the strangest places: on top of doors, hanging from chandeliers, tiptoeing over curtain rods, you name it they've been there
  • Capricorn: the cat that brings you dead critters with a smug look on their face
  • Aquarius: the wacky cat that's always doing the strange things, like swatting at thin air and pouncing on nothing
  • Pisces: the cat that yowls when you stop petting it, and purrs super loud when you start again