cats doing strange things

tagged by @lilacsanpeonies for this 30 question meme

1) nickname: tay tay (yes,,, actual people call me that) and cleopatra (my coworkers cleverly figured that one out -_-)

2) Gender: femalé (i guueuss)

3) Star sign: scorpio

4) Height: 5′7 

5) Time: 12:48

6) Birthday: Oct 29

7) Favorite band: Queen. hands down.

8) Favorite Solo Artists: David Bowie (that or britney spears,,,, her music is shit but i love it and listen to her constantly lol)

9) Song Stuck in My Head: Most recently?? 99 Luftaballoons

10) Last Movie I Watched: Just last night i watched The Big Short 

11) Last Show I Watched: Last night again, New Girl.

12) When did I create my blog: ughhh 8th grade??? i think

13) What do I post: mainly cats, strange cursed photos, art, memes

14) Last thing i googled: big short watch online (netflix was bugging)

15) Do you have other blogs: i have literally about 9 other blogs. 2 are public, 3 are just so my likes don’t get clogged up (if u want them message me), and about 4 are just names i wanted to see if they were available 

16) Do you get asks: only if i post a selfie lol

17) Why did you choose your url: i wanted to be a writer when i grew up,,,, 

18) Following: 500???? maybe

19) Followers: on this one?- probably only like 350 lol (i don’t tag worth shit lol)

20) Favorite colors: blueee, and pink 

21) Average hours of sleep: now? like 6

22) Lucky number: 5, 4

23) Instruments: cello, guitar, piano (poorly), and I used to sing a looooot 

24) What am i wearing: ofc um, underwear

25) How many blankets I sleep with: many (i have specific ones for specific temps)

26) Dream job: delivery girl (ngl) 

27) Favorite food: mmm pie??? idk

28) Nationality: american

29) Favorite song right now: ………….. chop suey by richard cheese… look it up

30) did i miss something?  im not gonna do ur fucking job for u

whoever wants to do it can pretend like i tagged them idc

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the signs as cats
  • Aries: the cat that scratches everyone who tries to pick them up, but is super loving when you leave them be
  • Taurus: sleepy kitty who always finds the one sunny spot in the house
  • Gemini: the cat that you can never find and is always getting into the most random shit
  • Cancer: the cat that is constantly wrapping around your legs and you're terrified of tripping over/stepping on them
  • Leo: they run EVERYWHERE. always darting in and out of places like a bullet. good luck catching them
  • Virgo: super sweet kitty that turns on you the second they want to be let go
  • Libra: the cat that uses the entire house as a scratching post
  • Scorpio: they stare at you. constantly. they're always watching. their stare looks right through your soul
  • Sagittarius: the cat that ends up in the strangest places: on top of doors, hanging from chandeliers, tiptoeing over curtain rods, you name it they've been there
  • Capricorn: the cat that brings you dead critters with a smug look on their face
  • Aquarius: the wacky cat that's always doing the strange things, like swatting at thin air and pouncing on nothing
  • Pisces: the cat that yowls when you stop petting it, and purrs super loud when you start again