cats cradle chapel hill

chapel hill gothic

-there are college kids everywhere. from the bearded english majors in bad college bands to the pale white southern frat bros, you are surrounded. you hate them and in all likelihood they hate you. theirs is an entirely different chapel hill

-I-40 stretches onward in every direction. To the east, there is the strange, almost unknown lands of Raleigh. to the west, what is there? there is nothing. nothing until Asheville, the dark mirror.

-it’s 9 pm and the yuppies roam Franklin street. Fear Them.

-every day, you see another small business swallowed into the ground. in its place, a frat bro clothing store descends. this is near-instantaneous.

-crusty bohos and crunchy hippies congregate in carrboro. stay away. get too close, and the former will use your skin for flannel and the latter your bones for hula hoops.

-cats cradle, pulsing incessantly.