cats claws

lepetitselkie  asked:

My father has been getting on my ass about my cats. They're both clawed and despite many toys, 2 cat trees and 6 cardboard scratchers their claws tend to be rough on furniture and my skin. My father says I'm wasting money by putting soft paws nail caps on them & that they should be declawed. He even said that soft paws are damaging! Am I doing the right thing?

Hell yes you’re doing the right thing. Declawing is mutilation (because it’s literally amputating a joint on each toe) and cats are often in pain their entire lives. Soft paw nail caps are expensive and a pain and the cats might think they’re annoying, but they’re by far the better choice. Props to you for standing up to him about it. 

As much as it pains me, I must admit the animation probably isn’t terribly accurate. I happened to choose a topic that has surprisingly few resources available that clearly show the sequence and tendon attachments. I did find two dissection videos but they both skimmed over what I really wanted to see. Sigh.

At any rate, as a schematic it’ll do. Cat claws!