cats can sleep anywhere

things I learnt about the matsus from the recent episode

• F6 attacks with copious amounts of gay flirting.
• Ichimatsu got a job at a cat café and his brothers didn’t come in and ruin it for him.
• Ichimatsu buys treats for his cats and hides them.
• Osomatsu found these cat treats, ate them, and decided to share them with his brothers because he found them tasty.
• Karamatsu sleeps like a fucking log.
• Karamatsu sleeps in a semi-fetal position ( knees bent towards his chest, on his side )
• Ichimatsu wants to be fashionable and cool.
• Osomatsu can’t tell the difference between his own brothers if they are dressed exactly the same.
• He can suspect all he wants but either he’s really fucking stupid or just messing with them.
• The last statement is probably true.
• Ichimatsu, when happy/proud of himself, cheers himself on with versions of himself dressed as cats.
• Ichimatsu can sleep anywhere (he fell asleep on a counter along with a cat )
• Ichimatsu is a self proclaimed Karamatsu Boy™.
• Karamatsu’s impression of Ichimatsu consists of a really bad imitation of his voice and going “nya”
• Osomatsu has a price and it’s really fucking low.
• Ichimatsu is a bottom. [ “do what you want to me”; Karamatsu on top of him instead of the other way around ]
• Ichimatsu is easily embarrassed.
• Ichimatsu lives in constant hell.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Kenma is super flexible, and can sleep anywhere. He is your typical actually-a-cat person. Kuroo, however, is the least flexible and bendy person in the whole of Nekoma. While the rest of the team can at least do basic gymnastics to practise more complex manoeuvres for games, their captain struggles to do a forward roll. His shame is infinite.

They have annual flexibility show-downs, with Kenma the winner for two years running, and Kuroo is the poor  guy who gets kicked out in the first round

Five More Minutes.

Poe Dameron x Reader

Request: You should totally do another Poe x reader one shot where the reader can basically sleep anywhere -like a cat- and every time Poe sees her, he picks her up and takes her to a real bed (either his or hers) because he is totally smitten of her? Please ;)

Summary: I really fell in love with this request honestly. Set pre, during and post TFA. The reader is a medic, and yeah this was super fun!

Wordcount: 800

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