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Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 3)

Summary: Chat Noir drops in for a visit and things go as well as expected. 

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Coincides with Day 1 of Marichat May (Milk). Hope you all enjoy this mess of a chapter— C: (Thanks so much for giving me the courage to post, btw.)

Chapter 3: The Night After Chat Noir Found Out

What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, a lot of things.  

He was Chat Noir, after all. Why he ever thought this was a good idea was beyond him.

His plan was to knock on her window, give her his two-finger salute, let her squeal a little because he knew she was a total fangirl deep inside, and maybe flex a little just because he could.

Then he would spend a bit of time with her before easing into the fact that he found out she was Ladybug and that he was actually Adrien Agreste, her classmate.

All this while acting like the cool cat he always was and not the blundering, embarrassing boy he had been that morning.

Simple, to the point, and completely fool-proof, right?

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Shortly after walking in and finding this:

I walk into my bedroom and find my Fire tablet open to the first page of the Warrior Cats book. I wondered if she used her familiar powers to broker a deal wherein I feel obligated to read her a story…..

When your phone puts “furry” instead of “fury”

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I woke up to find the front door opened. Which is strange considering I thought I locked it? But now I can’t remember if I unlocked it at some point to let the cat out. I thought I locked it the last time i let him out but who the fuck knows? 

And like the door is pretty broken and it’s really windy today but there also might be a murderer in my house. SO COOL. 

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Stories I’d want to see in the Renew Your Vows continuity:
  • A flashback to Aunt May and Aunt Anna ‘meeting’ Annie May
  • Peter teaching Annie about web-swinging

  • Black Cat’s reaction to MJ becoming Spinneret

  • Black Cat being the cool mischievous aunt to Annie (and Peter and MJ being unsettled by this)

  • Ben Reilly…who isn’t evil? (Unlikely but I can dream)

  • The Spider Family hanging with the Fantastic Four (even more unlikely)

  • Mary Jane’s Dad

  • Joe Robertson becoming part of the inner circle of the Spider Family

  • MJ hanging out with Carol Danvers in civvies or costumes

  • Daredevil in a relationship with a not dead Karen Page
  • A Doc Ock who looks and acts like Doc Ock and is devoid of anything creepy…apart from referencing his almost marriage to Aunt May cos Conway wrote that so you kinda gotta

Happy late birthday to @dolltrash-etc i hope you had a super awesome birthday week ! i love love love your story and i love love we got to know each other this year  ! congratulations ! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و 

also this is from her super amazing fic Green Tea Kit-kats ! which is amazing and super cute