cats as spies

Alrighty Ppl Listen Up

See this precious Cinnamon roll Person?

This is Thomas Astruc A.K.A Hawkdaddy A.k.a The creator of this Beautiful show that we all love and adore 

But did you know that he was a storyboard artist for these shows?

(no one will remember this last one but ill put it anyway)

I Just gave you more reasons to love him 

You’re welcome 


I think these sweethearts are gonna bond over their love for the color black and their passion for deceiving people into doing what they want…


Dogs prefer to (literally) digest new knowledge. Cat’s prefer much more elegant art of learning through osmosis.

(which means sleeping on your notes before exam won’t help unless you are a cat. I guess. Now idea of cats sleeping on laptops got much more scary.)