cats as santa

It isn’t Christmas anymore but @ladycinnamonroll, you still get a present because I’m your backup Secret Santa!!  I hope you like it!! <3 

It’s dawn and Marinette and Chat Noir’s cat nap ran longer than they expected, so these dorks will get quite the surprise when they wake up!  ^_~  @mlsecretsanta


Santa Claws

Partly within the Los Angeles city limits, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California is home to a small population of mountain lions. National Park Service researchers have monitored more than 50 mountain lions in the park since 2002. Roaming freely, these big cats face unique challenges living so closely to urban areas. Photo by National Park Service.

Tents and Cuddly Cats

Here’s the @mlsecretsanta for @raysdrawlings! Like usual, I couldn’t write anything short, so expect more parts to it in the week to come ;D HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Summary: When Marinette and her friends go on a camping trip together, Alya hatches a plan to get her and Adrien to share the same tent. The idea of sleeping beside her crush has Marinette beyond anxious, but even her nerves can’t predict the secrets intent on unravelling in the late hours of the night.  

Part 1

“Are we almost there?” Nino griped, huffing and puffing as he followed Alya up over a hill. He resituated his bag on his shoulders for the millionth time, sighing when his girlfriend glared back at him.

“Just a little further,” she replied—the same response she’d been giving for the last twenty minutes.

Nino groaned.

Smiling, Marinette giggled before shyly turning her head over her shoulder to look at Adrien. He was the last of their group and holding up the rear—mostly because he kept getting distracted and wandering off into the woods before having to run to catch up. Nino joked that it was like watching a cat let out of the house for the first time, which Adrien had rolled his eyes at. But Marinette couldn’t completely disagree. It was cute, actually, seeing him get distracted by small things like cool looking boulders and oddly shaped trees.

Were they being honest, both Alya and Marinette were surprised Adrien had even been allowed to go. Or so they had been until Nino and Adrien had revealed the truth of the situation. As far as Adrien’s father knew, he was simply spending a long weekend at Nino’s house, a situation that had nearly fallen through on its own. Turned out no one at the Agreste house even knew Adrien was out in the “wilderness,” that he’d lied (by omission or not irrelevant) shocking Marinette.

She never would have expected it of him, only to then hear him defend his actions by saying that “what his father didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.” Granted, she didn’t fault him for trying to escape the clutches of his constrained lifestyle, but that didn’t make his attitude any less surprising.

No matter, though. He was there with them—with her—and that was all that mattered.

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Walking into December.

ML Christmas Special
  • Santa Claus: Remember Adrien, the most important thing about Christmas is staying with your family.
  • Ladybug: STAY AWAY FROM HIM YOU ?#@*&%! AKUMA!!!!!!!!!!