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Dear supergirl writers,

I’m not gonna ask for Mon-El to fucking leave. I’m not gonna ask for supercorp. I’m not gonna demand justice for James. I’m gonna call you out on ruining Kara’s character.




Ladrien: Reverse Crush Au

This is my first attempt at Ladrien so woot woot!! But seriously all of you will enjoy this no matter the ship.

So happy I finally got to write this

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Adrien’s ears were ringing as his heart thrummed in his chest. His lifted his head from the ground only to be greeted by a splitting headache. He groaned in irritation. Dust clouded much of his vision but he could make out the figures of his classmates all running, scrambling to their feet and screaming in panic. There was an explosion at the school. Adrien looked around taking into account everyone in the room. No one seemed to be injured, at least not severely from what he could tell. The explosion had something to do with an akuma no doubt which meant Adrien needed to find a way to get away and fast. He pulled himself to his feet. The classroom was utter chaos as the students tried to organize and calm down enough to keep safe and stay out of the akuma’s way. Adrien soon realized Marinette wasn’t among them. Panic start to set in as he realized that she had to be out where the akuma was. Adrien rushed to Alya’s side mouth dry.

“Alya,” He shouted mostly over the ringing in his own ears, “where’s Marinette?” Adrien did his best to keep the panic out of his voice. Alya knit her brows together looking at Adrien with dread.

“She forgot her textbook and went back to the locker room to get it. She could be anywhere right now,” Alya said anxiously voice thick. Adrien didn’t wait to respond, his feet were already carrying him out the door and in the direction of the locker rooms. Whatever this akuma could do, it was dangerous and Marinette was out there with it. All over the school kids were running around and screaming. Debris littered the floor from the first round of explosions. In the distance he could hear another deafening blast. He ran past the swarm of kids going the opposite direction as him. He had to get to Marinette before the akuma did and for the time being he didn’t have a place to transform. He only hoped he could find one before Marinette needed him.

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Brisk’s fins are healing!  I’m still not certain just what happened.  Did he bite them? Did he manage to somehow get them tangled in his -betta proof- silk plant?  It wasn’t fin rot.  He had lots of fin and then he didn’t.  The ‘break’ you can see on the dorsal fin, he came with unfortunately.  I have assumed it was from being in a tiny cup at the store.  

Brisk now lives in the living room where he can get all the attention he wants.  Which he wants lots and lots of attention.  Mostly so he can frighten you into submission and giving him food.  He’s in a ten gallon, filtered, heated, and so on.  I recently ordered him a new ceramic hide from etsy.  I can’t wait for it to arrive.