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hey so i finally made a parasona!!! his name is maxim and he’s a medium to that asshole galaxy cat u see there, and basically he can do cat things and stuff??? like see in the dark n climb shit stuff like that

his (currently unnamed) spirit uses they/them btw

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  • Bandage: What is a scene from the game that really connected with you?
  • Monster Candy: Who's your favorite character?
  • Spider Donut: Who's your favorite ship?
  • Spider Cider: What battle made you the most aggravated?
  • Butterscotch Pie: What friendship do you find the cutest?
  • Snowman Piece: If you were Frisk/Chara, would you have held onto the Snowman piece the entire time or used it?
  • Nice Cream: What's your favorite line and who said it?
  • Bisicle: What's your favorite land, and what was your least favorite?
  • Unisicle: While playing the game, was YOUR character a boy, girl, or no gender?
  • Cinnamon Bunny: If you were Alphys, what would your robot have been named and what would have been your shtick? (EX. Mettaton, he was a show host)
  • Astronaut Food: When you got to the part of the Undertale Musical, did you sing along with Mettaton?
  • Crab Apple: Did you battle more monsters for money when you realized you could buy Spider treats and not move on until you bought both?
  • Sea Tea: If you were Toby Fox, why did you put Onion San in the game?
  • Abandoned Quiche: Do you have any Undertale OC's? What are their names? Tell us about them.
  • Temmie Flakes: Did you ever even find Temmie village????? What did you think of it?
  • Dog Salad: How long did you pet the lesser dog? When you found the snowdogs did you have regrets?
  • Instant Noodles: How long did it take you to beat the music note puzzle?
  • Hot Dog...?: How many Hot Dogs did Sans put on your head before you moved on?
  • Hot Cat: Ketchup, or no ketchup?
  • Junk Food: Have you played more than one run of the games? What routes have you taken?
  • Hush Puppy: Have you seen any playthroughs? Who did you watch play?
  • Starfait: What would you have whispered to an Echo flower?
  • Glamburger: If you were Frisk/Chara, would you have had the courage to pose for the show? Think of the ratings!!!
  • Legendary Hero: When you started the game, did you know you didn't have to kill anyone?
  • Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face: How many hours have you put into gameplay so far?
  • Potato Chisps: Who's your favorite Undertale fan-artist?
  • Rock Candy: Did you look up how to beat any of the puzzles?
  • Last Dream: What's your favorite Undertale AU?
Exo reaction to you crying because you're stressed with work

Ok so like I had to re-write this five times because my internet is being a bih for some reason. Sorry it took so long to whoever requested!

Suho: He would be mature about it. He would cook your favorite meal and ask you what was causing you to cry. He would probably cuddle up to you if you wanted.

Xiumin: This marshmallow would do anything he could to cheer you up. He would put on cat videos and get you junk food. He would wait for you to calm down before asking what was wrong.

Lay: This unicorn here would almost cry seeing you cry. He would freak out and you would laugh at him. He would cuddle you for sure, asking what was wrong. Run a bath for you with bubbles and all that.

Chen: Jongdae would go into a small rage. He would call your office and yell at them for overworking his baby. He would cook you something and make funny faces for you.

Kai: He would be angry like Chen. He would call your work and tell them that you would not be going tomorrow. The next day was filled with relaxing things, like a beach trip or to the park.

D.O: He is a quiet person, but this would get him aggravated. He would cook you something(bc he a real chef) and tell you he would take care of it. The next morning your boss called and said you weren’t coming in that day.

Sehun: He may seem cold, but seeing his baby cry would make him so fluff. He would tell you jokes and let you play with Vivi(he is attached to that dog be lucky). No sad gf’s in his house.

Baekhyun: Baek would be sad that you were upset. He would tell you cheesy jokes and watch cliché movies with you all day. I see him tickling you as well.

Chanyeol: He would drop his stuff and hug you as soon as he saw you were crying. He would call Kyungsoo for a good soup recipe. He would give you a massage to help de-stress.

(Ot12 members)

Kris: He would be mad, but he wouldn’t get out of hand. He would ask what your favorite restaurant was and take you there, even if it was McDonald’s.

Luhan: He is a mix to me. He would either be mad or sad. If he was mad, he wouldn’t show it. He would call your work in secret. If he was sad he would cuddle with you and just lay there singing to you to calm you down.

Tao: Zitao is a mix of emotions. He would be mostly sad and dissapointed. He would care for you until you felt better, then tell you that you could just quit because ‘he made enough money for you to stay home all day’


My name is, Aiden Merchant. I’m a 13 year old trans guy, He/Him/His but also okay with They. Any who, my sexuality is Pansexual and I love. Dogs, Cats, Anime, ya'know all that junk! (๑>◡