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2000 One Shots [1/?]

Fandom: Pitch Perfect (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Chloe Beale/Beca Mitchell, Stacie Conrad/Aubrey Posen
Characters: Beca Mitchell, Chloe Beale, Stacie Conrad, Aubrey Posen, Dr. Mitchell (Pitch Perfect), Cassidy Conrad, Selena Gomez, Sparky the pig, Tank (dog), Buttercup (cat), Emily Junk, Fat Amy, Cynthia-Rose Adams, Beale Fam Bam
Additional Tags: Post, Long-Distance Relationship, and, Long-Distance Friendship, text convos, Domesticated Bechloe, Fluff and Smut, a lot of fluff, eventually Bechloe Family
Summary: A compilation of pure fluff, fuzzy emotions and Bechloe oneshots that will give you instant diabetes, following Beca and Chloe’s life as they start a new life together in Georgia. Continuations from 2000 Miles, with deleted scenes and adorable prompts to write, involving our power couple doing a whole lot of ridiculously cute activities together. (Ratings & time per chap vary)

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Today, I fucked up... by coming home early

So, me and my GF share a room, and we have two cats. I get off work a bit early, and as I walk in the house, I hear some commotion and my GF yelling something that sounds like “No!”.

Slightly concerned, as no other cars or anything were around, I run back there just as she is tossing the cat out the door for chewing on my cords. This happens just as I was rounding the frame, so the cat lands squarely on my junk, and tries to use my belly button as a grappling point. It didn’t work, but I did get some nice rips in my shirt along with some deep scratches that bled quite profusely.

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;; OMFG I LOVE ME SOME VINTAGE CARS. Honestly, like, I never really fell in love with newer designs and models but them old ones? UNFF. The age of fabulous design and wild ideas? YES PLZ. It may be in part due to hubby (who is a Ferrari technician), but I’ve developed a weird love of DB4/5, Mazda Carol, Porsche 911 ‘64/’65 (the early models) and early Mini Coopers.

I mean, I also enjoy motorcycles to a certain extent- not nearly specifically as the cars. I like the cafe racer body styles - Agusta, Triumph & Ducati some names I remember liking models from. The latter two have lovely vintage style builds tho ~uvu

Thus the witchcraft trunk saga is brought to an end, as everything has been revealed. 

What will the cat do now that it’s free again? There is no way to know. We can only move forward, ready to react when the consequences of its escape become apparent. 

This request came before I asked for Halloween, and it’s the last one I have. @imaginethisoverwatch, here you are, darling.


• She’d fear that someone had hurt them, and Zarya would go in high alert.

• However, when she saw the commercial about the animal shelter, she quickly realized what had happened.

• Smiling, Zarya would scoop up her S/O and hold them, changing the channel to something much happier.

• She doesn’t enjoy seeing her S/O upset.


• Honestly, their times of the month had a chance of syncing up, so Hana would understand completely.

• She’d know what was going on the moment she saw them crying at the commercial about the abused cats and dogs.

• Thus, the junk food and stupid videos would be brought in.

• Hana wants her S/O to laugh, not cry.


• Though he doesn’t entirely know everything there is to know about this time, he is more than willing to help.

• It doesn’t take long for him to find his crying S/O, and he’s already carrying pillows and candy to calm them down.

• He’d cuddle them and turn to some TV he knows they love, wanting them to be happy again.

• Lúcio does have a natural way of making his S/O smile, no matter how sad they may be.


Since it’s officially my birthday now, I can finally open the box my parents sent me!

Here’s what the contents are:

-Cake (disguised as cat food)

-Various junk food

-3 undershirts (great for cold places like Ireland)

-a watercolor illustration of a lizard by my father

What a great present!!

My cat likes junk food

She loves Whiskas.
Just like humans, she likes the shit with the least nutritional value and the most sugar in it.
She used to eat the good cat good with 98% meat in it but since my aunt got her whiskas as a gift she refuses to eat anything.

Well, tough- cause I just read the ingredients of one of these tins and she is NOT going to get Whiskas anymore.
Feeding the cat sugar and less than 4%fucking meat wth. And of course cats would fucking buy whiskas- cause it makes them addicted to it.

Same goes for Beneful for dogs.
Just pure fucking junk. I hate this.