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Wind, gales, and Tornados

The outer bands have been causing quite a stir with sudden wind gusts, heavy rains then eerie silence. Tornados warnings left and right, here and there near by. Sleeping will be difficult tonight. I’ve been binge watching the Weather Channel keeping track of everything.

This tuxedo kitty, I’ve seen around and this kitty along with other random kitties and my late kitty would hang around my porch and backyard. I opened my door during a tornado warning ( don’t do that btw) to see the wind force and this kitty was just sitting outside wanting food. Since i would leave cat food outside (prior to storm and pet loss) it seemed all the cats had owners. This tuxedo kitty was completely alone. I managed to get ‘im inside. This kitty is so skittish, but is the sweetest thing. I would have been devasted if I found this one lifeless in the after math.

Then theres this chicken, who built her nest by my house. Completely exposed to the elements. I managed to cage her and bring her in. I honestly don’t think her babies will not make it through this storm. Mama ain’t happy though.

The wind is picking up over time as it goes on, stay safe Florida.

God bless.


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Shawn Mendes

Side Chick  “Oh sorry, are we interrupting something?”

Morning Rush  “Mr. Unicorn is in the toilet!”

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 1 “Call me princess one more time, Mendes, I swear!“

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 2

Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 3

Mess "Well you have a gosh damn funny way of showing it!“

Heartbreak Story "Please don’t say that, lovely”

War of Hearts “Keep it that way or don’t bother showing up tomorrow”

These Kinds of Things “I slept with Y/N? The actress, model, and SUPERSTAR!“

Fools Rush In "Did you sister have a kid?“

Four Years Late “Promise?“ “I swear”

Four Years Late Pt. 2 "I know you didn’t forget me, don’t play dumb.”

Treat You Better "Shawn. Shawn Mendes. Y/N’s best friend since kindergarten, someone huge to compete with…it’s very nice to meet you”

Stay Together “Why not spend it with my favorite girl–I mean old friend”

Dysfunctionally Functioning “Julie! Daddy is telling you to put those scissors down!“

Perfect "I don’t know why you read those, I told you not to Y/N…”

Kiss, Kiss, Bish "Get intimate, she’ll quit it”

A Lover is a Fighter “Haven’t seen you in a while” “You say that like it’s a bad thing”

Miss Independent “Can you tell the LIVE viewers what awards, as in plural a.k.a MORE THAN ONE, you’re up for this year”

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Calum Hood

Laying Low “This is way too close for comfort”

Clingy Red Carpet Calum "Calum, kiss her on the cheek"’

Sweet Creature "That was helpful you dumb fuck”

Remember Us "Hey there, princess”

Toxic “That’s your girlfriend isn’t it?” "Yeah, isn’t she hot?“

Honey, I’m Home "A kid in the big kid grades said that his daddy and mommy read something that said you guys hate each other”

Honey, I’m Home Pt. 2  "I don’t believe you are legally a Hood, not at the moment.“

Remember Us Pt. 2

Happier "I have history with one of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t like their music.“

Remember Us Pt. 3 "Is that Calum?“

Happier Pt. 2 "Oh…the tear stains?“

Burn "I think you should tell the world what happened between you and Calum”

Banished “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!“

Untitled "Walk out that door and…I’ll never forgive you!”

Jealous of the Rain "Yes, yes I am! I’m very jealous…”

A Team “Don’t talk about her like that”

Serendipity “You’re not a terrible person, why are you even sorry?”

You, Just You “Well I don’t, as I’m the one that fucks him–”

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Harry Styles

Doll “I am a grown ass woman Styles, I can handle my self! Sike!”

Questions “She obviously doesn’t like your dumbass questions”