Quise salirme un poco de mi estilo normal de semi chibi xd y como no tenia sueño salio esta sombra bien chingona ;^)


Well I had a little insomnia and did not know what to do with my life so start drawing … end with a …. sombrea bien chingona! 

ahahah ……I’m sleepy, I can die now.

[ english is not my native language, sorry!! ]

Mexican culture appropriation

Hi, I don’t usually use this account to complain about anything but, with all this cultural appropriation madness. I felt that I have to express myself. First of all, I wanna apologize for my english, I know it sucks, I hope you can understand me.

I recently saw a post that says that “if you are not mexican, you can’t makeup yourself as a Catrina or as a sugar skull”. This post really annoyed me, cause, as a mexican, I’m totally glad that other cultures thing that our traditions are beautiful and intresting, I don’t understand why It is supposed to be forbidden if you are white, black, or whatever the fuck you are, to paint yourself as something you find interesting from other culture.

Now, I know i can’t speak for every culture, but I can speak from mine,Mexicans are known worldwide for being shared and open with their culture, we actually feel proud every time foreign people shows interest in our culture, we are the kind of country that actually loves when people from another countries shows interest in our traditions.

It’t really peases me of that now, a bunch of people says that its forbidden for foreign to show their admiration from our country, i personally fell glad that the world is seeing the beauty in other countries, in other cultures, and not just in european or american (usa) cultures.

As a MEXICAN i can tell you that, if you are white, black, asian, latin, or whatever the fuck you are, you can totally dress as a catrina or paint yourself like a sugar skull. If you understand the meanings behind all that i think It’s totally fine to use it.

I can’t find it offensive at all, i don’t understand, the word is so big, and there’s something called “globalization”






I hope you understand my point, Im not saying that Im defending the Mexican culture appropriation, im just saying that maybe people on tumblr are overreacting, with all this happening, I think people is forgotten that we all are humans, and even with the borders, countries, cultures and continents WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS THAT LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE.

Here´s some info about “Legend Quest” that was part of the movies, but didn’t make it to the show.
  • Leo´s full name is “Leo San Juan”
  • Leo and his grandma had a bakery named “Panadería San Juan
  • Teodora’s family had a helper for cleaning, cooking and things like that, her name was Xóchitl. (An indigenous girl who becomes friends with Leo and she’s also a ghost)
  • Leo’s grandma´s original name was Toñita, and she was best friends with Teodora when they were kids. (An evil witch called “La Nahuala” planned to take their souls, so she actually killed all of Teodora´s wealthy family by poisoning them and managed to kill Teodora and Xóchitl.)
  • Leo had an older brother named Nando.
  • In the bakery they had a joyful helper called Dionisia, along with her nervous chihuahua.
  • Alebrije was kind of a stoner in the films.
  • Teodora had a small dog called “Chichi”.

  • Also? Remember those little devil-like creatures that were fighting Moribunda and Finando? their names are Tiro and Pujo, and they were puppets from “La Isla de los Muñecos” in Xochimilco, and came to life when “La Llorona” cried over them.