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I would like to hear why you put Steve in Slytherin sometime. But Mako and Stacker and Pepper and Natasha and I SEE IT and chuck is SO gryff

I mean, 95% of my characterization of Steve is MCU?  And 5% is how much I enjoy him telling Tony Stark to go fuck himself with his wrongness in Civil War?  So take this for what it’s worth, but like.  The Steve we see in TFA?   In the first handful of scenes with his adorable, narrow ass consist of:

1. Him baldface lying to an intake officer about the details that he doesn’t think matter (name, place of origin), but not the things that actually do (his long-ass list of ailments)

2. Him being I KNOW I KNOW LET’S MOVE THE FUCK ON about the fact that he basically grew up an ORPHAN IN GROSSLY SAD CIRCUMSTANCES

3. Him getting the shit kicked out of him when he decides that he cannot fucking let assholes asshole

4. Him being pissy when Bucky shows up to save him. 

5. Him being even more pissy when it turns out Bucky is deploying and not just deploying, but going into the 107th that Steve’s dad was in

6. Him being totally non-pissy and super blase about the fact that his super-cute and super-attractive date that Bucky got is not into him, Steve, at ALL, because remember that convo he has in the car with Peggy about it not really mattering because he’s waiting for the right partner, and this girl ain’t it?

7. When the dude in the meidcal center tells him to hold on, Steve looking up at the sign, remembering that you ain’t supposed to lie, and then trying to bounce before Erskine shows up/the MP’s show up?  

Like, I just, I love the entire intro is Steve Rogers ignoring rules and requests that don’t align with what he wants or how the world should be.  And it just so happens that what Steve Rogers wants is not, like, race war murder of the Muggleborn – but rather, to give everything that he can to the cause of defeating asshole evil in the world because asshole evil and fuck rules?  Fuck his skinny body and fuck everything else that gets in his way.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH, AND I LOVE THE FACT THAT HE ONLY GETS OFF THE DOG AND PONY SHOW BECAUSE HE DECIDES FUCK THIS AGENT CARTER IS RIGHT 

and disobeys



fucking order from a superior officer so that he can fly behind enemy lines and mount a solo suicide rescue mission. LIke, just think about how much self-confidence Steve Rogers has, how much absolute sureness, and you know.  How much ambition that takes.  Steve Rogers, Slytherin in the world where he is not just (i) not American, but (ii) British.

Not exactly warmups, I guess, but they’re still sketches! :D Catpella’s adorable little Jedi, Karreja, and my smuggler, Cess. The former is getting some Life Advice from the latter. Mostly life advise warning against being a twi'lek stereotype. As far as Cess is concerned, that red twi'lek they were talking to who was table-dancing (I think her name was Arbas? :/ I’m afraid I can’t remember) was corrupting her little Jedi friend! Even if she was just being Sith.

your fave is problematic: catpella

  • can’t eat cheese, the food of love
  • too good at SWTOR OCs, which makes me suspicious
  • introduced me to Yuletide, which was a beautiful disaster for everyone but most of all for my headcanon Art3mis
  • can anything good come out of Florida??? doubtful

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ღ, ␛ for someone you haven't answered for in awhile

Let’s go with Lethen/Project L

ღ - a LOVE/SEXUALITY headcanon
Lethen is panromantic and asexual; beyond that, he’s a walking consent issue with regard to any kind of sexual relationship.  This is mostly due to his mind being serum-vacuumed on the whims of imperial intelligence whenever he discovers something inconvenient.  While most of ImpInt handles him rather surgically/clinically, Lethen’s main handler, Minder 9, will use his desperation for affection to her advantage.  She often pets his hair, kisses his cheek, or laces her fingers through his while giving him orders or just before erasing his memories of newly-formed friendships and loyalties. 

␛ - an ANGER headcanon
Leth has been described as a sentient lightning rod by friends and enemies alike - he’s so full of force lightning he electrifies the air around him, is difficult to touch without being painfully shocked, and makes all manner of animals shriek and run away when he approaches.  But his force lightning is almost entirely generated by fear, not anger.  Leth lives in a constant state of confusion and terror, so much so he has no idea that there’s anything odd about it.

The first time Leth really acted in anger was when his then-master noticed that Leth was forming a teacher/student bond with Lord Quirin Corvus.  His master ordered Leth to kill Corvus to teach him a lesson about loyalty.  It was also the first time Lethen ever disobeyed an order.  The following confrontation eradicated his master’s study and set the surrounding area on fire from all the stray lightning strikes.  His master did not survive the encounter.  

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Theres Anya, Yannin, Zanika, Caradell, Moiri, and Raeane. The last two are the twins.

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Upon his arrival, Zanika, Moiri, and her twin sister Raeane went to the Hall of Spirits to Dream. from Mystwiki So…

Good to know we can trust Ubisoft on this :3 Twin sisters, and affiliated with different elements. Interesting. Especially if we knew a little more about the Protectors’ organization as a grouplet of six people who… mostly lead an isolated life?

(I like the girls, but I can only remember Anya because of her involvement with Yeesha and Caradell because she’s top grumpy and my favourite… Yannin with a little effort and then I blank out… Zanika, Moiri and Raeane, gotcha.)