hi y’all i hit 8k a few days ago, and i just want to say how much i love this blog and how much i appreciate all the friends i’ve made here in just
one year ! is amazing to have the opportunity to meet all of you.
Everyone has been incredibly noble and sweet, i have no words to express how important this is to me. Thank You for made this road a bit funnier and happy. i hope that y'all know that i’m here if you need to talk or something. we are proper friends now. THANKYOU ♡
- also, i hit 7.5k on @skaam so my fav skam blogs are down there as well  ♡

Here are some of my favorites blogs, no in particular order, not “bold’s” because i love them all ♡

@smittenwithlouis @alarriemadridista @lads-laddylads @nsfwtomlinson
@whitebirdlou @newmanagement @half-lightl @investigaterainbows
@suburbanfangirl @actionlou @wandiftaoki @somos-larry @catp
@onmykneesforlarry @bluemetgreen @ainelen7 @1dwhom @tommosmiddlefinger @skyfelldown-akingbesideyou @nouisobs
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if we are mutuals and you’re not here, is not because i don’t love you, i have like 300 mutuals and is impossible to add everyone, but my blog roll is
HERE (: 


so it’s interesting to me that we were all brought here by love. and yet, sometimes our fandom is just the opposite of that. judgmental, hurtful, mean, rude, etc. it has been nice to come back tonight and see all of these lovely messages of love on my dash. 

there’s a reason i’ve never done a follow forever or when i’ve gotten anons asking for a list of other blogs to follow, i’ve said no. i’ve been left out of things before, lots of times in fact, and it always sucks. i’d never want to be the cause of that for someone else. i’m going to try very, very hard here with my list of love.

the stay salty ladies. @alarrylarrie @louandhazaf @theonewiththebluemic @justafatbirdonaboat @fratboylouie @unintentionalarry amanda, nic, lu, katie, julia, ashlee. you guys are so great and i’m so lucky to have made friends with such lovely people. like nic said, the round robin of positivity is amazing. when one of us is down, another one is up, and we help each other through. and not just fandom stuff. you guys have made a huge difference for me, encouraging me to start writing and keep it up, but also other stuff. you know what i’m talking about. i’ve loved getting to know you guys and your families.

the fic chat. all of y’all… i feel like i totally failed you guys with the chat, but we’ve done alright, maybe? i think the best part of the fic club is the friendships that have been made there. i….. don’t want to tag everyone, because that’s really a lot of people to tag lol i’m going to tag a few of you though and hope that everyone sees this post! @loubeesarmy @beccasafan @happilylouie @vintage1der @justapayneaway @mydnytkiss  @harrysdandelion @melmanpur @moonblessd@choncetaking @millionlittletings @captiveharts @lifestyleofpj 

to the rose and dagger chat @nottooldforthisship @loveisalaserquest17 @melmanpur @allwaswell16 @doctorrainbows @tomlinshawpie @letsjustsee @softhie @assisreal @eachothershappyending @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee i feel like i’ve forgotten someone… anyway, some of you i already talked to somewhat regularly, and i’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of you. i love that our no drama chat has turned into chat of cheese and cats and axes and idek what else. 

some other people @gettingaphdinlarry i don’t know you well, but i like what i know. you’re an awesome beta and super smart. 

@phd-mama getting to know you a little at a time. love your writing, but also that you are an hp freak like me. 

@nottooldforthisship i know i tagged you already, but i love ya. you’re awesome. what you do for the fandom with fic recs is amazing, but also what you do with supporting and encouraging writers is a big thing. i love it.

  @someonethatsfunny i don’t know you well, but i like you. you’re always super sweet when we chat <3 

@softlouiswarmharry you are always so nice about my fics. messaging me when you’ve read them and i just love getting feedback from you. 

@xabjectlessonsx phoenix you’re super super lovely, talented in many facets, and you love dolly parton and cher. enough said. i can’t wait to get my tattoo and send you pics! 

@mllesouthernbelle you called me your fairy larry god mom. i love it. love you!

@muchbetterjulia where are you even? i’m wondering about your hair. let me know. 

@annie-pie we tend to agree on so many random things and i love that i can message you and scream about things that will not be named. 

@waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee kk with our similar blacklists i feel connected to you lol sometimes i look at my dash and know that yours is the same, all little boxes that say “blacklisted because” 

@catp i connect with so many random things that you post. haven’t known you long, but still. LOVE.

@lucystarkid i love you! love your writing and all of the love you put into this fandom!

gdi @twopoppies i forgot you! i love you gina! you’re so talented and so sweet <3

last, but not least, i’m going to come back around and send more love to nic @louandhazaf because i love you extra.

okay that was actually really tiring because i’m sitting here completely paranoid that i’m forgetting someone. 



Musee des Blindés Part 16

1 & 2) Bergepanther. German armored recovery vehicle based off of the proven Panther tank chassis. This Bergepanther is unusual in being based on an Ausf G hull. It is missing its exhausts, spade, and various other fittings. It appears to be armed with a 2cm autocannon.

Bergepanther . Vehículo blindado de recuperación alemán basado en el chasis del tanque Panther. este Bergepanther es inusual en el sentido de que esta basado en el casco de un Ausf G. Tiene perdido su escape, pala y otras varias guarniciones. Aparenta estar armado con un cañón automatico de 2cm.

3 to 5) Hotchkiss SPG. German SPG based off of the French Hotchkiss H-39 chassis. Officially called Hotchkiss 105mm le.FH 18 (Sf.) auf Geschutzwagen 39H(f). The development of the German SPGs led to many adaptations on obsolete tank chassis, usually resulting in an overloaded chassis and very low power to weight ratio. Only 48 of these machines were produced between 1943 and 1944. At least five survive.

Hotchkiss SPG. Cañón autopropulsado alemán basado en el chasis del Hotchkiss H-39 francés. Llamado oficialmente Hotchkiss 105mm le.FH 18 (Sf.) auf Geschutzwagen 39H(f). El desarrollo de CATP alemanes dirigió a varias adaptaciones sobre chasis de tanques obsoletos, usualmente resultando en un chasis sobrecargado y una relación potencia-peso muy baja. Solo 48 maquinas de estas fueron producidas entre 1943 y 1944. Al menos cinco sobreviven hoy en día.

6 & 7) Hetzer. German light tank destroyer of WWII based on a modified Czech Pzkpfw 38(t) chassis. The project was inspired by the Romanian “Maresal” tank destroyer. The Hetzer succeeded the open-top Marder III. The Hetzer was in production from April 1944; about 2584 were built until the end of the war, making them one of the most abundant German AFVs of the war. This is actually a postwar Swiss G-13.

Hetzer. Destructor de tanques alemán ligero de la SGM basado en el chasis modificado de un Panzer 38(t) checo. El proyecto estuvo inspirado por el destructor de tanques rumano “Maresal”. El Hetzer sucedió al Marder III de techo abierto. Estuvo en producción desde Abril de 1944; alrededor de 2584 fueron construidos hasta el final de la guerra, convirtiéndolo en uno de los vehículos de combate alemanes mas abundantes de la SGM. En realidad este es un G-13 suizo de la posguerra. 

8 to 10) T-34-85. The upgunned version of the ubiquitous T-34. One of the most produced tanks in history, this one was made in Czechoslovakia in the postwar period.

T-34-85 . La version de cañón de mayor calibre del ubicuo T-34. Uno de los tanques mas producidos en la historia, este fue fabricado en Czechoslovakia en el periodo de la posguerra.

Submitted by cavalier-renegade, traducido por mi.

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