Mid0nz’s Mr. Blue Skull Contest Winners!

The rule was simple: make me a thing with MBS in it.


John Watson in the Museum Guard’s Bedroom 
by tillieke

I mean look in the mirror! This scene is a sentimental favorite of mine.

Second Prize:

A cuff bracelet made of seed beads of 12 different colours.
by canard-a-trois-pattes

I just fell in love with this piece so catp will receive a very special prize.

Contest Entries:

Please help me congratulate all the AMAZING, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL entries that made my choice so impossibly difficult. I am humbled in awe of this fandom’s incredible talent.

  1. tillieke
  2. canard-a-trois-pattes
  3. hydranjor
  4. melmey-fanfics
  5. notagarroter
  6. leviacas A poem privately shared
  7. @timothea
  8. joanacchi
  9. lockholmes
  10. bbcbluebell
  11. anyawen
  12. brilliant-starlight
  13. ennisnovember
  14. you-keep-me-right-jw
  15. theartofforensics
  16. northray /Plainjane
  17. @blacktailchorus
  18. sherlock-and-john-dolls/itsnotchancemrholmesitschess
  19. livanarose
  20. waitingforgarridebs
  21. rozzychan
  22. theunpopulartruth
  23. missdaviswrites
  24. jmandan1
  25. stellamira1936
  26. @batik96
  27. hogwarts-is-my-mind-palace
  28. @camillo1978
  29. @1p1m4
  30. aprilnutter

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When you get this write 3 things your followers probably don’t know about you then send it to 10 followers.

I was tagged by @justapayneaway 😚 😚 😚

1. My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins, NYCFC, Barça, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Mercedes AMG Petronas. I live for the NHL playoffs!

2. I’ve had a nose stud for years, but for a while now I’ve been thinking of switching it out for a nose ring. I’m going to get one of the really dainty small ones soon.  

3. I once posed for an art project where the artist took portraits of us as we made ourselves cry. I surprised myself by being able to cry on command.

I’m gonna tag some people, but please feel free to ignore this! @irretrishtible @baserunning @catp & @zziallloveotp


 I was tagged by @massivelydeepdreamland & @catp  to write 3 things that my followers probably don’t know about me. Thank you girlies!!! 

 1. Since it’s close to Halloween- I was once almost thrown out of a haunted house for swearing too much. True story.

 2. I’m the youngest of 6 kids. All girls. The age gap between me and my oldest sister is 14 years.

 3. I was born with Congenital Glaucoma. I’ve had about 8 (9 if you count a laser eye surgery) different eye surgeries since I was 12 weeks old.

I’m gonna tag: @theseawalker, @hearteyesharry, @fratnaddy, @rainbowliam, @dolanxstylinson