catpat92's made up crap

  • Fischer: Lisbon?
  • Lisbon: Yeah
  • Fischer: May I ask a question?
  • Lisbon: Of course
  • Fischer: Hmm, it's about Jane
  • Lisbon: Ermm, okay.
  • Fischer: How do you get him to behave?
  • Lisbon: I threaten to shoot him, throw objects at his head, drive off without him, shout at him, tell him off like a kid. Things like that.
  • Fischer: I've tried all that and he just carries on whilst smiling.
  • Lisbon: Well, I punched him once, maybe that will work for you.
  • Fischer: No thanks, don't want to be reprimanded for that.
  • Lisbon: No idea then.
  • Fischer: Come on, surely you know. It's like you give him one look and he instantly behaves.
  • *10 minutes later
  • Fischer: Jane!!! You honestly can't do that!
  • Jane: I can and I just did.
  • Fischer: Apologise to him!
  • Jane: Nah, he deserved it. Narcissistic, perverted old swine.
  • Fischer: Apologise or I'll seriously shoot you.
  • Jane: Meh, He needed to be knocked down a peg. He was ...
  • Lisbon: JANE!!!
  • Jane: Yes, my dear.
  • Lisbon: Apologise to Senator Brians, right this instance.
  • Jane: But Lisbon!
  • Lisbon gives him the eye: Jane...
  • Jane: Okay fine. I'll even bring you a bearclaw back with me, Grumpy
  • Lisbon: You better.
  • Jane walks off and winks at Lisbon
  • Fischer: See, I was trying for a hour to get him to apologise before you stepped in and you're even getting a pastry in return. You seriously have some magic touch over him. Let me in on your secret.
  • Lisbon shrugs: I honestly don't know. Anyway, I've got to fill in this paperwork and submit to Abbott before I leave, see you around.
  • Fischer: Yeah, see ya.
  • Fischer whispers: Yep, she's got some magic touch. I wonder how much hair I would have had left if the FBI didn't employ her

When I watched this scene, I couldn’t help myself thinking that this potentially could be a scene, where Lisbon was rushed into theatre for an emergency caesaren. This is where she wakes up and panics about the baby. Jane comforts her saying “shh, he’s safe, let’s calm down before the nurse brings him in to see you.” and kisses the top of her head.

My lordy, imagine how taken back we would be if this happened.


Jane tells Lisbon that he cannot stay at the CBI, because it brings up so many bad memories. Also, he needs a break from being around murder, pain, suffering and the sense of loss. That he is leaving immediately so he can start rebuilding his life and feel whole again. Lisbon is sad but lets him go and retreats to her office to fill in her paperwork. We see her try to keep composed, but a single tear escapes and drops onto the form in front of her.

Then, the camera pans around towards the door, where we see Jane about to pass Lisbon’s office. He looks in, sees tears running down Lisbon’s face and he hestiates. Then, he walks in and stands next to her. Lisbon looks up, sees Jane and goes to wipe the tears off her face even though Jane has seen them. Jane crouches next to her chair, grabs her hand and places it on her lap. He then puts his hands on her cheeks and wipes away her tears, saying “You know what, my dear. I actually don’t want to leave. I don’t think I’ll ever feel at home as I do around you and the team.”

Lisbon replies “But, you said you don’t want to be around pain and suffering anymore”.

Jane responds “I realised that is exactly what i’ll be surrounded by if I’m not around you anymore.”

Lisbon gasped “What?”

Jane, “You heard me, you are my home. Come on, up we go” as he pulls Lisbon out of her chair and turns the radio on.

Lisbon whines “Jane”

Jane replies “come on Lisbon, dance with me” as he pulls her into his embrace, “no funny business, I swear”

Lisbon relaxes against Jane’s shoulder as these words played out into her office.

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I’ll be forever thankful baby
You’re the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You’re the one who saw me through through it all

Jane whispers into Lisbon’s ear, “You know what, this song says it all” as they continue to sway to the end of the song.

Inspired by this picture:

Jane and Lisbon go to the family planning clinic, to question the doctor or midwife. They mistake them for a couple, Jane plays along doing all the “darling, you wanted to check out all the doctors, before the little one arrives” and Lisbon’s like “ What! I’m not pregnant” and is spending a long time explaining to the doctor and the midwives that she not planning for a baby yet. LOL!

So I've been thinking, how great would it be if these scenes were to happen?
  • It’s late at night. Lisbon is working in her office, Jane walks in with tears falling down his face. Lisbon looks up and sees him, jumps up and dashes around her desk. ”Jane?” she asked when she stands in front of him. He falls down to his knees and hugs her, laying his head against her belly. “Jane?” she whispered. “What’s wrong?, what can I do to make you feel better?”.  “Just hold me, Lisbon, that’s all I want” he replies as he snuggles back into Lisbon’s body inhaling her scent. Lisbon rubs one hand on his back whilst using the other one to run through his curls.
  • Red John has just been defeated, Jane automatically pulls Lisbon into a hug. Even though Lisbon is quite embarrassed but doesn’t push him away. Also doesn’t stop him even she’s convinced that he’s sniffing her hair.
  • The crime scene, where Red John was defeated, has just been finished by the police techs. The team starts to walk back to their cars, Jane hangs back then grabs Lisbon’s wrist. He pulls her back and just before she is able to question him. He slammed his lips on hers and wrapped his arms around her. Lisbon gives in and wraps hers around his neck and plays with his curls.