Jelly Blubber (Catostylus mosaicus)

Also known as the Blue Blubber Jellyfish, the jelly blubber is a species of jellyfish that is native to the coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific. They usually remain in the coastal regions but can be found in intertidal estuaries as-well. Like most jellyfish the jelly blubber, despite its threatening name, is a predator and will feed on plankton, fish, and small crustaceans using its stinging nematocysts to dispatch its prey. These stinging tentacles can be very painful but will not cause death in humans.



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Blue Blubber Jellyfish  (Jelly Blubber)

Catostylus mosaicus (Catostylidae), better known as Blue Blubber Jelly, is a species of jellyfish found in coastal waters of eastern and northern Australia.

Blue blubber jellyfish do not have the long trailing tentacles most commonly associated with jellyfish. Instead they have eight oral arms extruding from just beneath their bell forming a circular pattern.

Curious fact: in Asia, this venomous jelly is considered a culinary delicacy (once it’s been correctly dried and processed). A clear example of an organism that being venomous, is not necessarily poisonous.

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Photo credit: ©valguille

Locality: Portsea, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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