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Zero met with Mav early the next morning, pulling the man from his sleep and taking him to the abandoned work tent. He’d set up a map that Mav could see, using stones and sticks and pebbles as he explained to the former agent what he wanted to build and what he wanted to do with it. The man agreed, saying he’d help how he could and then once again explained turian bootcamp to the boy. That was what would replace the Courtyard after he built a safer and more enclosed building for the children.

“I want you to help train them.” Zero said.

“Excuse me? Ya can’t be serious kid. I’m not fit to train nobody.”

“Not in fighting, I know you can’t.” He explained. “You’re going to teach them how to rely on each other to survive, instead of turning on each other. I think you’re the perfect example. You need help to do everything.”

The former agent kept his head turned toward Zero, mandibles slanted and loose. “…Ya don’t have to call me helpless, kid.” He said. “I get what you’re going for though.” 

And just like that, Zero and Mav and a few others began to rebuild the Courtyard better than it had ever been under the Lord’s rule.

The mildly pathetic end of Cato the Younger

So Cato really did not like Julius Caesar.

He spent a lot of time being petty to Caesar, particularly when he convinced the Senate to take away his command of Gaul and then refused all of his attempts to compromise, accidentally making him start a civil war.

Nice job Cato.

Even after Caesar had all but won the war, Cato refused to concede defeat and kept trying to fight him.

After Cato suffered a humiliating defeat, finally ending the war, he decided to stab himself with his own sword rather than let Caesar kill him.

He kinda botched the job, and before he could actually die a doctor turned up and started trying to put his guts back in him, but Cato just pushed him away and pulled them out again.

You have to admire his dedication.

When Caesar heard of Cato’s death, his reaction amounted to “eh, I woulda let him live.”

anonymous asked:

HI! Just wanted to ask if you ever thought about an au where Cato won in the end? Because by then Clove is dead and Katniss and Peeta are dead and it's a terrible terrible place for Cato mentally but like, how do you think the Capitol would react to him and would they try to murder him in his sleep or something okay I'm sorry for bringing this up but he would hate the Capitol like anything would he have been allowed to survive?

Yeah, there’s a reason I’ve never written that AU and it’s because I think there’s very good odds that Cato could get put down. I can never get very far – he always tries to kill someone in the Capitol before even going home, and then it just goes into a bad bad place. He can make the speeches and he’d say what he has to say but it’s … hollow, and he stares out at their faces and he just sees mutts with empty eyes, and his shoulder hurts and he thinks of her knife in his shoulder and her eyes staring at the sky and her blood on his hands (behind the roaring in his ears Caesar says “Cato? Cato, are you all right? Ha ha I’m not that boring am I? I know, you must be let down after all that excitement”)

He would definitely hate the Capitol. They promised that he and Clove could go home together, they promised, and then they took that away. And he promised to serve them until his last heartbeat, he promised he’d kill her in the Arena if he had to, but that was before, they promised and they lied and they took her from them, he hates them he hates them he hates them –

(and maybe if his mentor was Brutus he would be able to smack him back into line but his mentor is Lyme, and she can’t, she hates them too, but she has to or they’ll find out and so she tries, but it’s fear not genuine conviction)

Lyme would do her very level best to try to put him back together but every single time Cato goes to the Capitol there’s a risk that he’ll snap and kill someone. And depending on who it is, and how visible – well, the district can protect a Victor to a point, but only so far. 


From design to costume: decorations on Meg’s Masquerade jacket

This justaucorps like jacket has strong 18th century vibes. With the little veiled tophat it gives further vibes to a riding or hunting outfit of the past. The jacket is closed over a corseted “vest”, and has a small apron drape in front. The sleeves has rich pleated back cuffs and lace engageants, and to contrast the pink, white and black there’s ornamental gold decoration throughout. The gold is usually echoed in the boots and Meg’s blonde wig (though not always).

Here’s a closeup of the design plus some interpretations of it in stage costumes from around the world:

  1. Cat Lane, World Tour,
  2. Heather McFadden, Broadway,
  3. Paloma Garcia Lee, US Tour,
  4. Emma Casey, Essen,
  5. Maria Bjørnson’s design (closeup),
  6. Janet Devenish, West End,
  7. Jennifer Wagstaffe, Copenhagen,
  8. Valeria Migalina, Moscow,
  9. Nicole Cato, West End.
Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 11

Part 10

  The next week was weird. You didn’t see or talk to Calum which you thought was going to be the new normal. You weren’t liking it very much. “Have you at least talked to him?” Amelia asked as you walked into the courtyard, stopping before you ran into someone.

 “Sorry,” Calum said looking down at you. Before you could say anything he rushed off, Michael running after him with a notepad in his hand.

 “That was actually the first time I’ve seen him,” You said continuing to walk.

 “You two look miserable,” Amelia continued. “You should talk to him. Maybe see what he’s up to.”

 “If he wanted to let me know what was going on he would,” You said as your approached the table Cato and Adam were sitting at.

“You told him to leave you alone,” Amelia pointed out.

 “Calum is not one for following rules,” You sighed.

 “Trouble in paradise?” Adam asked smiling at you.

 “Don’t look so happy,” Cato said hitting his shoulder. Adam sat up and hit Cato in his shoulder making him wince.

 “What? I can’t help that I don’t like the guy,” Adam said as Chris walked up.

 “Are we talking about Calum?” She asked.

 “How did you know?” Cato asked.

 “Because it’s something we’re always walking about around her,” Chris said giving you the stink eye.

 “I say good riddance,” Adam said watching Ashton and Luke run across the courtyard, moving the way that Calum and Michael had gone.

 “I just talked to the lad,” Cato whispered to you. “Didn’t say much, which was excepted, but he did say nothing was the same without you.”

 “Are you working with Amelia?” You asked turning toward him.

 “You know I am,” He said smiling and thinking at you. “I just want you to be happy.”

 “I am happy,” You said smiling. “I just have to finish this semester and then apply for a college in San Fransisco.”

 “You can’t leave,” Amelia sighed. “We would miss you too much.”

 “Speak for yourself,” Chris mumbled causing Amelia to shoot her a look.

 “I told you to apply with me,” You said standing up.

 “I wouldn’t be able to afford that,” Amelia said standing up with you, along with Cato. “But I’ll look into it because I’ve always wanted to go there.”

 “I will as well,” Cato said nodding as you started to walk away. Chris and Adam got up and followed but stayed behind.

 “Really?” You asked smiling at the ground and looking up at him.

 “Yes. It seems like it would be a fun story in the end,” Cato said nodding.

 “Then we should start planning,” You said nodding.

 “We haven’t even gotten accepted into anything yet,” Amelia laughed.

 “Hey, it’s never to early to be prepared,” Cato said grabbing Amelia’s hand starting to pull them toward their next class. “But we should plan later because we have a class.”

 “I’ll see you later,” She said grabbing your elbow before she walked off with Cato.

 “Hey (Y/N),” Adam said running up and grabbing your attention.

 “What can I help you with Adam?” You asked.

 “I was thinking, to help you get over everything with Calum, we could go to a dinner or something tomorrow night,” Adam said smiling and looking everywhere but you.

 “I don’t know Adam,” You said taking a step back.

 “Come on. We’re the only ones that haven’t gotten to hand out as much as Amelia and Cato,” Adam said making you chuckle. “It doesn’t even have to be a date. Just a hang out.”

 “Alright,” You said nodding. “It could be fun.”

 “Hell yeah it is,” Adam said hugging you. When he let you go he kissed your head before walking away, Chris following him. Standing there for a moment you were confused as to why he did that. When you turned around it was clear. Calum was standing there and he did not look too happy.

 “Calum,” You said standing up straight.

 “I see you’ve changed your taste in guys,” Calum said balling his hands into fists. “Whatever you wanna do (Y/N).”

 “No,” You started but didn’t get to finish. Calum rushed off toward the Arts building. He walked toward the stairs, kicking the trash can across the courtyard, before walking up to the entrance.

 “They’re not going to have many more trash cans if you keep doing that,” Ashton said walking up behind him.

 “I fucking hate that guy,” Calum grunted.

 “Come on Cal, let’s just finish the song,” Michael said walking past him and into the building.

 “Wait,” Luke said once they entered the room with their instruments. “I need to know what the fuck is going on with you and your neighbor before we continue.”

 “Nothing’s going on,” Calum said turning to Luke.

 “There’s defiently something going on with the two of you,” Michel added. “Everyone at the party was asking me who it was you walked in with, even Van, and I couldn’t answer them because I didn’t know you were even going with someone.”

 “We’re a band. I thought we told each other everything,” Ashton said walking across the room and sitting down. Calum sighed and ran his fingers through in frustration before standing up straight and looking at everyone.

 “Alright fine,” He sighed, “I may have some feelings for (Y/N).”

 “Cal, you haven’t even thought about anyone liked that since Van,” Michael said hugging him.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Calum said pushing away from Michael.

 “For you it is. Sure you’ve had relations with girls but you haven’t been close to anyone,” Ashton said.

 “Oh I’ve been close to girls,” Calum said smiling.

 “Shut it,” Luke said throwing a guitar pick at Calum’s chest. “I get everything now. You wrote this song about her and you fucked everything up at the last party.”

 “How do you know that?” Calum asked throwing the guitar pick back at Luke.

 “Well, for starters, the opening line is ‘I don’t like you’ and you didn’t talk to her once while she was at the party,” Luke said catching the sheets of music they had scribbled all over. Calum looked at the floor as the boys discussed what was going on.

 “I think you’re afraid,” Michael said walking over and grabbing Calum’s shoulder.

 “Would you shut up?” Luke asked.

 “Look,” Calum said standing up. “We agreed that we wouldn’t date anyone when we formed his band. At least until we started our career. That’s what I’m doing.”

 “But you’ve never acted like this before,” Michael whispered. Calum looked at Michael and shook his head as he grabbed his Bass and started to play what they had written already. Calum had liked girls before but he had never done anything like this, for anyone.

thank you to everyone who’s reading. it means a lot. hope you liked it. 

Growth of Ahsoka Tano through: Lightsaber battles

Movie: Almost immediately knocked down by Ventress

Season 1: Barely escapes Grievous, but does much better against Ventress the second time, especially after pairing with Master Luminara Unduli

Season 2: Ahsoka vs. Cato Parasitti ends in quick defeat for the inexperienced bounty hunter; holds off Geonosian worm possessed Barriss.

Season 3: Ahsoka duels Anakin and Obi-Wan to a draw (mostly because they didn’t want to hurt her)

Season 4: Gives Pre Visla a run for his money

Season 5: Does much better against Grievous while keeping him from the Younglings; Gets defeated by Barriss after being on the run and loosing her second lightsaber



Cato spent half the morning before his hearing trying to figure out if he should wear his Cabal uniform or the clothes he’d been given on the Talonstriker. The boy still saw himself as Cabal but only in the sense that he was biotic and that was where biotic turians went. In the end, Cato pulled on the comfortable grey uniform of the Hierarchy, staring at himself in the mirror and fixing his collar high against his throat. They’d never gotten to the medigel last night. The boy didn’t care but he didn’t understand the significance of the mark on his neck, if he did, he might feel different. 

Now, a few hours after the wavering on clothes, Cato stood with Dius and the Captain. He hadn’t slept, he hadn’t eaten but he was neither exhausted nor hungry. He just… was. And it was time to meet with the Council and Cabal representatives.