catos end

The mildly pathetic end of Cato the Younger

So Cato really did not like Julius Caesar.

He spent a lot of time being petty to Caesar, particularly when he convinced the Senate to take away his command of Gaul and then refused all of his attempts to compromise, accidentally making him start a civil war.

Nice job Cato.

Even after Caesar had all but won the war, Cato refused to concede defeat and kept trying to fight him.

After Cato suffered a humiliating defeat, finally ending the war, he decided to stab himself with his own sword rather than let Caesar kill him.

He kinda botched the job, and before he could actually die a doctor turned up and started trying to put his guts back in him, but Cato just pushed him away and pulled them out again.

You have to admire his dedication.

When Caesar heard of Cato’s death, his reaction amounted to “eh, I woulda let him live.”

Growth of Ahsoka Tano through: Lightsaber battles

Movie: Almost immediately knocked down by Ventress

Season 1: Barely escapes Grievous, but does much better against Ventress the second time, especially after pairing with Master Luminara Unduli

Season 2: Ahsoka vs. Cato Parasitti ends in quick defeat for the inexperienced bounty hunter; holds off Geonosian worm possessed Barriss.

Season 3: Ahsoka duels Anakin and Obi-Wan to a draw (mostly because they didn’t want to hurt her)

Season 4: Gives Pre Visla a run for his money

Season 5: Does much better against Grievous while keeping him from the Younglings; Gets defeated by Barriss after being on the run and loosing her second lightsaber



Cato spent half the morning before his hearing trying to figure out if he should wear his Cabal uniform or the clothes he’d been given on the Talonstriker. The boy still saw himself as Cabal but only in the sense that he was biotic and that was where biotic turians went. In the end, Cato pulled on the comfortable grey uniform of the Hierarchy, staring at himself in the mirror and fixing his collar high against his throat. They’d never gotten to the medigel last night. The boy didn’t care but he didn’t understand the significance of the mark on his neck, if he did, he might feel different. 

Now, a few hours after the wavering on clothes, Cato stood with Dius and the Captain. He hadn’t slept, he hadn’t eaten but he was neither exhausted nor hungry. He just… was. And it was time to meet with the Council and Cabal representatives.