This means war

             Bellamy trudged through the forest catologing every new scent as he went. This was the territory him and his pack wanted. The sun had barely risen, causing a faint light to move through the trees, the forest floor was damp from the night’s rain causing the crushed pine leaves to make the air smell minty. It was cold but they were all built like heaters so he walked out in his shirt and jeans, his combat boots easily moving through the undergrowth. Two members of his pack followed him, he had only betas, considering they had been turned and not born into the pack. A fiery redhead moved on his right, he was vicious when it came to his people. He knew that first hand, watching the other rip out another wolf’s throat for harming one of his pack mates. Andy. On his left was a pale brunette he moved with fawn like grace through the forest, his eyes trained on the pine trees towering above their heads. He was taller than Bellamy and his eyes were a piercing blue, he was nimble and the fastest in their pack. Leo

They were quite away from their own territory at this point, he had arranged a meeting with another pack. Wanting to discuss the territory that had been vacated by a pack that had moved upstate. He wanted it. Of course the other pack did too, so they decided to meet in the middle. They weren’t in each others territory because wolves could be quite defensive when it came to their home. He licked his lips and stopped in his tracks when he spotted the familiar silver hair of the Alpha. His eyes bled red and his lips curled into a slight snarl, but Leo’s hand on his shoulder calmed him down. The familiar scent of pack sending his senses straight and his features to go back to a more neutral look. “Glad you could make it.” He stated, once the pack showed themselves he noticed that the Alpha had brought three of his pack. He crossed his arms over his chest in a defensive position, he had trained his wolf not to go completely insane when he saw another Alpha but the itch in his chest was still there. Wanting to rip out the man’s throat and watch his silver hair stain red. “Shall we begin.”