Training Scores|| Amity & Cato

All of her training led up to this day. All of the running she did, the weight training, the sword swinging and even the survival skills all led up to her finding out just how much she was worth to these people, thus far in the game. Amity didn’t care for the scores. They only told you what was obvious: Careers were better than everyone else. This hardly predicted who would do well in the arena, but it gave sponsors an idea of who they would send supplies to. For her, these scores meant a lot. For her evaluations, she had chosen to stick with sword fighting, despite Cato saying she should go for something less obvious. Why would she do that? If she was decent with a sword, she’d stick with it.

Her team was gathered in the District 5 flat, curled up on the couch. Amity was not even near Cato. Ever since the outburst in the bathroom, she didn’t know what to think. Was he going insane? She was afraid to find out. Watching the screen, she saw Caesar Flickerman go through different tributes, in no particular order.

Ah, Amity Brill. The redhead from District 5…with a score of…8!

Eight. Eight was not going to keep her alive. Eight wouldn’t make her look better to the Careers. She was as good as dead.

The Capitol|| Amity & Cato

A few times a year, President Snow threw lavish galas for the Capitol elite and the Games victors to attend, mostly to show off his power, and to show them his extravagant wealth and ability to ‘relate’ to them. These events were star studded, always featured an open bar, and everyone who was anyone was in attendance. It was a non-negotiable invitation to victors. They were required to attend in order to keep up appearances of their loyalty to the Capitol, no matter how they actually felt about it. Amity wanted to tear the invitation up and throw it into the fire. Every gala, she ended up nursing a few glasses of wine, or too many other cocktails, right by the open bar. She hated the people there. But maybe this time it would be different, considering Cato was coming with her. Oh, how she appreciated his companionship. Plus, someone from District 2 would probably love the attention from the cameras, right?

She had invited him to her flat in the Capitol the night before for obvious reasons, since it had been awhile since they last saw each other and rekindling was much needed. Now that it was the night of the event, she had a lot of preparing to do. She looked over the garment bag that held her dress, sighing a bit. She was going to be taking a lot of risk with this dress. “I don’t know if I can do it.” She finally said. “Maybe I should wear something else.”