As I was paraded around the Capitol in the days before the 74th Annual Hunger Games, I had no problem adapting to the attention. Back home, I was well-known and my mother had a certain penchant for taking photos of me on an extremely regular basis. It helped me to prepare for the Capitol’s scrutiny, but I never got to be a regular kid. Clove hated this suit. She told me I looked too much like a Capitol playboy and that it wasn’t fair because she didn’t want to share me. She was all too excited to use it for target practice in our living quarters the night before the Games. “When you win, don’t you dare forget about me,” she whispered as we fell asleep.

anonymous asked:

Catoo .... this is hard to ask but.... can we have sex?!?!!

I guess that technically we could. But I don’t think it’s probably in anyone’s best interest. I really must stress on everyone how horrifying Clove is when she is angry. Seriously.

But, hey! I’m flattered.