famous romans at house parties

crassus: it’s his house, invited everyone to try and become popular, provided mildly decent alcohol but only two bottles

pompey: epic wins for a lot of the drinking games played, but will end up ugly crying in someone’s lap bc of reasons

caesar: planning an incredible hostile takeover of the playlist but still doing his best to win all drinking games without embarrassing pompey or crassus

brutus: planning another incredible hostile takeover of the playlist once caesar has passed out after one too many

ovid: on the designated dance floor, doing his level best to touch a tit

cato: teetotaler, designated driver, not having fun

cicero: brought his own bottle of wine, texting his absent boyfriend all the shit that’s going down, really enthusiastic about defending the amount of times summertime sadness is on the playlist

virgil: the quiet kid in school that suddenly becomes the most interesting person in the world


AU –  Clato meeting at the Combat Academy 

“I’ve been watching you for a while, throwing knives. And I must say you’re quite good for your age.”

“I guess you’re quite good yourself. Cato, right? It’s funny to see how you intimidate the masters with your sword skills. They fear you might stab them once you’re completely in your element. I just kind of noticed that.”

“Well, perhaps we should just become partners then, letting some heads roll.”

“Hmh. Sounds good.”

i love the idea that my courier is just profoundly unkillable for no real reason to the point where its like a running gag. shot in the head? hes fine. locked in a room with 4 of bennys hitmen with nothing to fight but a holdout straight razor? hes fine.  walks into caesar’s camp with his dog and 1 friend and decides to start shit?  hes fine. hes totally good.


For: Anon

Imagine: Cato chooses to be with Glimmer instead of you but he realizes that he needs you.

A/N: So this is going to be an AU imagine where both Cato and Glimmer lived through the games rather than Peeta and Katniss, and they were both from District 2.

“Y/N, listen, we need to talk about something,” Your boyfriend Cato says. It’s been a week since Cato came back from winning the games and he’s been very distant ever since he got back.

“Yeah? What’s wrong Cato?” You ask sitting next to him.

“So you know how hard things have been for me for the past week, the last few months were very…different,” You nod, even more confused than ever before, “Y/N, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what?” You rub your clammy palms on your jeans; your heart is pounding through your chest.

“Us, this relationship, I- Y/N-I don’t know how to break this to you but…” He trails off.

“You like someone else don’t you?” You ask, praying that he’ll burst into laughter and say you’re completely wrong.

“Um, yeah, I-I do,” He sputters, “Y/N, listen to me, it’s not your fault, none of it is, I feel like such an asshole for hurting you Y/N, but it would hurt both of us more if I keep this going.”

You sigh, running your hands through your hair, trying so hard not to cry, “Who is she?”

“Y/N, that’s not wh-”

“Who is she Cato?” You say a little more aggressively, at this point you just wanted to get away from him, but you couldn’t leave without knowing who your boyfriend of three years was leaving you for.

“G-Glimmer,” You felt your heart shatter, even while you’d been watching him through the screen during the games you could see something blooming between them, you would have never expected for them to both come out of the games alive. Once they did, your fear just continued to grow, and no it had finally come true, “Y/N all the blood just drained from your face, are you okay?”

“Goodbye Cato,” You state simply, picking up your things from his living room and walk out.

Cato’s POV

“We’re done Cato! We’re done!” Glimmer yells, she thought I was looking at another girl again. Once again, she didn’t believe me, and this time was one too many times.

“You know what Glimmer, you’re right. I should have never left Y/N for you!” The words slip out before I can stop myself, and before I knew what was happening; her hand met my cheek, leaving behind a sharp sting.

“Well good luck trying to get her back,” She spits, her voice dripping with sarcasm and hatred.

I leave Glimmer and walk over to Y/N’s house, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just wanted to see her.

I ring her doorbell, and I hear laughter from the other end, about a minute later she opens the door, the joy on her face instantly fades away, “Cato? W-what are you doing here?”

“I-I came to talk to you,” I say rubbing the back of my neck uncomfortably.

“Cato, it’s been nearly a year since you’ve spoken to me, what’s with the sudden change of heart?” She no longer looks hurt, she seems a little taken aback but she’s not definitely reciprocating the pain that I’m feeling.

“Y/N? What’s going on? Who is?” I hear a man’s voice calling from inside her house.

“It’s fine, I’ll be back in a few minutes,” She steps outside and shuts the door behind her.

“W-who was that?”

“Mason,” She pauses for a moment and bites her lip, a nervous habit of hers, “My boyfriend.”


“Cato, seriously what do you want? Where’s Glimmer?” She asks exasperated.

“I-I just…fuck, I just came to apologize Y/N, I fucked up, I shouldn’t have dropped you like that. I treated you like shit and you didn’t deserve that, I’m sorry,” I say.

“Let me guess, you and Glimmer broke up,” She knows me too well, “Well I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for the two of you.”

“Uh, yeah, I’m sorry Y/N, Over the past few months I’ve realized how much I actually-”

“You actually what? You love me? You need me? Miss me? I’m sorry you suddenly feel this way Cato, but I’ve moved on, it was hard enough, but I did it. So please Cato, just-just go,” She sighs and turns back towards the door, “Goodbye Cato.”

“I’m sorry,” I say one last time before walking away. I should have never left her; I was such an idiot…

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Deciding to ally with Cato had to have been the worst decision you could’ve made in the Games.

“‘Morning, lovely,” Cato greeted as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. You let him sleep while you kept watch for any of the tributes that were left.

“It’s evening, if the arena sky is anything to go by,” you pointed out as Cato began to sit up.

“You know that means nothing,” Cato stated, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your cheek and neck.

You felt your cheeks heat up with a blush. Cato was always the most affectionate when he’s tired, and you honestly loved the attention. You reached up to run your fingers through his hair as he cuddled you, though you noticed a hand started to wander down to your backside.

“Cato!” you scolded, grabbing his hand. “We’ve been through this. The Districts are watching!”

“I don’t care,” Cato stated, pushing against you in protest.

You giggled and shoved back, managing to get Cato on his back. You smirked, taking the opportunity to pin him, your hands holding his hands to the ground above his head, and your legs pinning his legs down.

“You’re a Career. I’m not. It was way too easy to pin you,” you teased.

Cato smirked, now seeming more awake. “How do you know you’re not right where I want you?” he asked. Suddenly, Cato lifted one of his legs, sending you off-balance. He easily flipped the two of you, now the one pinning you to the ground. “This is why you need me.”

“And why do you need me?” you asked.

“For this,” Cato replied, before bending down to kiss you. You closed your eyes, and the arena seemed to melt away.

That is, until Cato’s hand again started wandering. You giggled as you swatted it away. “I told you to stop that!” you scolded.


somehow the package had gotten stuck in a tree. a freaking tree. and could any of them climb? 


you sighed. putting your things down. then you began to climb. they all watched you in complete shock. then Marvel laughed, “holy shit.”

“she’s amazing.” Glimmer whispered.

Clove looked at Cato and laughed, nudging him, “stop staring at her ass.”

Cato grinned, “i will when you will.”

so they all stared. all of them completely head over heals for you.


For: Anon

Imagine: Being saved during the games by Cato

You wake up in a tree and look down, scanning your surroundings. No one’s around, phew, you jump out of the tree, trying to land as quietly as possible. The arena was a large forest, with the cornucopia located directly in the middle. You however, were far south from the cornucopia, you were in an area of dense forest, a place where most of the tributes, would not think to enter.

You walk around with your machete, cutting the large vines and branches that were in your way, your stomach grumbles, you haven’t eaten properly for the past two days, you had focused more on finding a hiding spot than you did on searching for food.

You go deeper and deeper into the forest when you hear a strange noise, it sounds as if a small object had fallen. You whip you head around until you see a small container with a parachute attached to it. You look around, there is no one else here, this must be for you.

You pick up the gift that was sent to you by your sponsors and open it; it is filled with a few dozen bread rolls. You mentally thank your mentor and get ready to eat.

Just before you can take the first bite, you hear a few twigs break. You instantly get up and turn around, before you can do anything, you are pinned against a tree by a boy who is twice your size. His eyes are bloodthirsty and he holds his knife against your throat, you know that this is going to be a slow and painful death.

“Hey!” You hear someone shout. This one shout is enough to distract the boy in front of you; you quickly push his arm away and knee him in the groin. He groans, and the voice comes out from the brush, and attacks the boy. You barely have enough time to catch a glimpse of his face, but you can instantly tell that it’s the boy from District 2, Cato.

You have to admit, he’s incredibly attractive, especially when he’s fighting. The other boy lies dead on the ground and a cannon goes off. You squeeze your eyes shut for a moment, then Cato picks up your parachute. You instantly realize what this is all about, he wanted your food, he killed the other guy, and now he’d kill you as well. You brace yourself for a fight, but he does the unexpected. He takes your hand.

“Let’s go! I’ll help you find somewhere to hide out if you promise to share some of this with me,” He smiles somewhat cheekily. You nod, unable to form words.

He drags you off deeper into the forest until the two of you find a small cave. You settle in and begin eating, “Why did you save me Cato?”

“You’re not half bad princess,” He winks, “I’d like to have you as an ally.”

“Oh,” Is all you manage to say.

“So?” He raises his eyebrows, and once again, you nod.

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For: @eanthanaturana

Imagine: Cato coming home from the Games and you tell him that you’re pregnant.

*For the sake of this imagine I’m gonna say Cato was 18 when he entered the games rather than 16*

“Cato! Cato! Cato!” The crowd chants his name in front of District Two’s Justice Building as he comes of the train. Your boyfriend was back, he had won the games, and by the time the next games came around neither of you would be eligible for them; you could finally be together without having to worry about anything separating you. You felt tears prick your eyes as you finally saw his face in person after having to watch him fight against death through a TV screen for weeks. 

Cato’s POV

I’ve brought my district another years worth of pride, I did it,’ I thought to myself as I heard the crowd chant my name. The sound of one cry stands out amongst the chants, I look around and my eyes finally lock with hers, Y/N, she looks as if she’s struggling to hold her composure, I feel my body swell with joy. I throw aside the speech that my mentor carefully wrote for me and run off the stage. The crowd parts as I make my way towards her. 


You run towards him as soon as you see him, throwing yourself into his strong arms, you mutter his name, your tears stain his nice new Capitol shirt, but at the moment, neither of you care. He whispers something unintelligible into your hair before placing a kiss on the top of your head. 

Upon completing a few formalities, the two of you make your way to Victor’s Village, and settle down in Cato’s new home. You spend the next few hours talking about the events of the past weeks. 

Cato is leaning against the couch and you’re resting your head comfortably on his shoulder, you finally decide to break the news to him, “Cato?”

He hums in response, “I-I have a surprise for you.”

He straightens up a bit, “What kind of surprise.”

“Well, while you were gone, I discovered something,” You say, nervously fiddling with the hem of your shirt. 

“Which was?”

“I-I’m pregnant,” You place your hand on the small bump that your stomach has started showing already and glance up at him. 

“You what? P-pregnant? Us-baby?” He sputters with wide-eyes, unable to form a proper sentence, “How?!”

He punch his arm gently, “You know how you idiot!”

“Yeah but-but really?” You nod and a huge grin spread across his face as he jumps of the couch. He lift you up bridal style and sings, “I’m gonna be a dad! I’m gonna be a dad!”

You giggle and beg him to put you down, he obliges, “So I assume that you’re happy?”

“No, I’m really angry about this Y/N,” He fakes a glare, returning to his sarcastic-self, “Of course I’m happy you idiot! This has got to be the best way to return home Y/N! I love you.”

“I love you too Cato.”

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