Novice Hame Cosplay is done!!

OMG, who knew that making a CatNun could be so challenging?!

I did a quick test run with the mask, so don’t mind my cheesy outfit and lack of make up on my face or full adhesion of mask. I’m not completely happy with the mask just because it ended up smaller than I liked, but it’s actually got flocking on it to make it fuzzy and cute little fishing line whiskers, so there’s that. And yes, I even have cat fangs. ;)

I also included the pics of the nun outfit after I finished her rosaries (?) and belt pouches. I’m very pleased with this.

Can’t wait for Montreal ComicCon now! Keep your eyes peeled Saturday for this outfit and at masquerade with a Face of Boe!!


I know it took me forever to upload another post, but I’ve had this idea in my mind for a while, I had to gather the hair and I wasn’t feeling the other wrecks. Anyways this was harder than a thought, glueing the “fur” was impossible, and the photo doesn’t do its justice. But I hope you guys like it, and I might improve it later.


Eu sei que demorei uma vida pra postar de novo, mas tive essa ideia na minha cabeça por tanto tempo, tive que juntar o cabelo e não estava com vontade de fazer outra destruição. Esse foi mais dificil do que eu pensava que seria e colar o “pelo” é impossível, e a foto não faz jus. Mas espero que vocês gostem, e talvez eu melhore depois.