The Bloodstock Chronicles: Catalyst

“I came into this world the year 2198. Born of Project Phoenix. Purified by Nebucorp. Baptized by pain I could no longer feel. They purified me. They made me something beyond inhuman, beyond driven. Like countless others before me. Only, I was labeled as “the perfect weapon”. A bargaining chip, easily sold, traded and upgraded like other reprogrammed automatons before me. But it wasn’t always this way….”

“I remember now. I remember I was born into another world. Before the Motor Law. Before the Technocracy Wars. I had a family. Mother. Father. I remember…life. Though I cannot remember a name, the failure of my “reconditioning” is allowing me to remember that I loved once also. His face. The sensation of flesh. Of being human…”

“Through their countless “resequencing” sessions, my memories have faded, but my soul endures. And each time they killed a piece of me, something else came back stronger. “A breakdown of neural inhibitor connections caused by prolonged metadream exposure”, some would say. But I call them memories. And they are mine. Like a fading dream after a sleep cycle. They burn like fire…”

“Who am I? I cannot remember my real name. I do not yet know who I am, but I do know I am not their flesh candy meat toy. I am human. Or at least some part of me still is. I exist. And I am alive. But the hunter has now become the hunted…”

First Rehearsal

We were really excited to sit in at our first rehearsal! It would mean finally getting our first feel of the play itself. Since having learnt that the production would be nothing like the original Trojan Woman play itself, the progress of the group had been rather slow, since we couldn’t make any of our ideas concrete.

Upon arriving, the energy in the room was cheerfully infectious, energetic, and everyone was really welcoming so we immediately grabbed our seats and felt comfortable.

Stefanos had everyone in the room introduce themselves and the acting students then proceeded to read us their monologues-in-progress. They had been tasked to write a monologue from an interesting perspective, someone was a violin playing her first major concert, another was the ocean and so on.

We also heard about an exercise the actors engaged in before we arrived, which was to handle an imaginary egg. Ideas of an egg and what it represented were also explored, such as rawness, secrecy and birth. Stefano and his assistant director also interestingly pointed out that while most of the actors were concerned with what they could do with the egg, few explored what the egg itself is. Of course he was quick to note that there was nothing wrong with either of the interpretations.

The class then took a break. Our group quickly got together to discuss our initial thoughts from what we have seen. During this time, we came to a consensus that we will need to closely follow the process of brainstorming as well as the progress of rehearsals. This means the group will have to take turns to attend and monitor rehearsals. This discussion also marked the birth of our “Pop-up book” idea, which would complement the use of character bookmarks, be great for our press kit and versatile enough to change according to the demands of the play in progress.

At the end of the session, Beryl also managed to arrange for an interview with Stefanos, so we would be looking forward to that next!

Over all, the first rehearsal had us raring with even more ideas!! Hah, we clearly have a group full of “Entrepreneurs”. We have to be really careful, firmly decide on which ideas to use and work hard in order to make our dreams reality.

Signing off,