picklestpickle​’s tags in this post made this happen. we collabed and she did the push-ups ver. (。・ω・)人(・ω・。)

catloaf (ereri neighbors) au / Eren asks Levi to look after Colossal and Levi never minds I mean hey, a free foot warmer or so he tells himself. Eren comes back and no he isn’t upset Levi is paying more attention to his cat than to him, really.

doodle from my ereri neighbor au, where levi finds a cat named colossal on his balcony one morning. levi learns it belongs to his neighbor directly above him, and thus meets eren.

colossal ends up becoming attached to levi, especially because levi is a good cook, unlike uni student eren who lives on junk food, so colossal sneaks his way back downstairs a lot. the two find themselves hanging out a lot because of this unintentional catloaf matchmaker.


somewhere in the future in the catloaf (ereri neighbors) au, where levi finds himself hanging out at eren’s apartment more and vice versa.

i accidentally left my kotatsu on the whole day. sigh. at least it inspired this.