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ngl i was hoping you'd reblog the reunion prompts list, “you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au seemed super bellarke and also super your thing, slight preference for famous clarke but either way is great

under 2k it’s still good it’s still good

Bellamy would like to say he doesn’t care that his ex-girlfriend is famous. It’s not really a big deal, after all. Her fame came long after they’d stopped dating, high-school sweethearts who broke up in the natural way when they went off to different colleges. They kept in touch for a few years, saw each other on breaks and over summer vacations, but then his mother died and his sister went to live with his grandmother, and he started going home to a new state for breaks, and two years after that, Octavia told him Clarke was a singer.

So now he knows that his ex-girlfriend is still beautiful, still bright and just a little too serious and not great at being a celebrity, and if he still knew her for any reason except that she was famous, he’d probably call her up.

But it’s the fame thing, so instead he just keeps track of her as best he can without feeling like a creep. He buys her album, which is amazing, doesn’t actually follow any of her social media, but instead checks her official Twitter, which she absolutely does not run, and keeps track of all her singles and public appearances. Which is, he has on good authority, hilarious, because he’s generally the least musically aware person on the planet, and now he is an expert on exactly one pop-culture figure.

“You should absolutely call her,” his sister tells him. “Like, come on. It’s not like you’re some random creepy fan.”

“Yeah, I’m a specific creepy fan. That makes it so much better.”

“You guys dated,” she points out, not unreasonably. “Not that I want to think about this, but I assume you’ve seen her naked.”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you naked is a great way to start a conversation with a celebrity, O. It just makes them think you’re threatening to release a sex tape. Which I don’t have,” he adds, quickly. “Don’t worry. Just–seriously, it would be weird. I probably don’t even have her number any more.”

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halloweek; day three

nitenai bokura wa hosoi ito de tsunagatte iru

Becoming a vampire isn’t really a big deal. All Bellamy has to do is switch to night shift, set up a subscribe and save order for cow blood on Amazon, and give up garlic bread. It’s pretty straightforward.

His new partner, though. She’s an issue.

based on prompt: ‘Buddy cop story where both officers are trying to hide that they’re vampires from each other.’ for anonymous

written by: Chash / @ponyregrets
edit by: Cat / @catja 
word count: 8517

The problem with being a vampire (or any other supernatural being) is the same problem there is with everything else, from what Bellamy can tell: the farther you are from being a cishet rich white human male, the harder it is. And of those, Bellamy is only a cis human guy, which means that his whole life he’s been dealing with shitty people who have shitty assumptions about him based on his race, class, sexuality, or some combination of the three. His life is basically one continuous intersectionality failure even before he becomes a vampire.

So, yeah. It’s going to be a pain.

“A pain,” Miller repeats.

“Yeah,” he says. “It’s not like I can’t deal with it, but, man. It’s going to suck.”

“If you say pun intended, I’m going to murder you.”

He snorts. “Shit, I wasn’t even trying. I wish that had been intentional. Maybe I’m just going to be a really good vampire. I’m a natural.”

“Fuck, I can’t believe we’re friends.”

“Plenty of people deal with this shit every day,” Bellamy points out. “It’s doable. One in–”

“If you start talking vampire statistics, I swear to god, I will go and find a stake and murder you.”

“Which would be a hate crime. Dick.” He flops back on the bed, putting his arm over his eyes. It’s very livable, being a vampire. Or very unlivable. It’s doable, he knows that much. Millions of people live semi-normal lives every day, as vampires.

“Vampire cops aren’t exactly popular,” Miller points out. Which he knew, obviously, but it was one of those things he hadn’t been wanting to dwell on too much.

“I know. I don’t have to tell anybody.”

“That’s seriously your plan?”

“I’ll tell your dad,” he says. Captain Miller is a good guy, and he likes Bellamy. “I need to put it in the arrest report anyway. So I explain the situation, tell him why I want to keep it on the down-low, ask to get reassigned to night shift. And then I just keep it quiet.”

“Drink blood out of a nalgene?”

He shrugs. “Thermos. Pretend it’s coffee.”

Miller shakes his head. “If my dad thinks you can try it, I guess you can.”

“I’m not letting this ruin my life,” he says, firm. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

At least Miller is a good enough friend to not point out that it already ruined his life. He’s undead now. When your life ends, it’s also ruined, kind of by default.

But he can still make the best of it.

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As you might’ve noticed, we’ve been recruiting members the past week. August is coming to an end and with it our summer vacation days are numbered. We’re excited to announce that we’ve successfully expanded our team and we’re hoping that the new blood running through our blog will bring you new and better content.

Our Writing Team is coming back in September, so look forward to new prompt fills every Sunday! The Flash Fic is also back, we’ll announce the theme for September towards the second week of the month. Our Graphics Team has stepped down for the moment, but worry not, we’ve found a way to fill in that gap. We’re bringing back two old features - Fic Spotlight and Author Interviews. Dusted off and re-vamped, they’ll bring you closer to your favourite authors and you’ll have the chance to see an outside perspective to your favourite fics. We’ll give you more information about them once they launch next month! 

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To everyone else that applied, thank you So Much. It was an extremely difficult decision to make. You are all so vital to this community and we want to encourage you to keep on doing what you’re doing.

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princess mechanic (or bravenlarke) + code name verity please! except fluffy


Raven didn’t have much trouble disliking Clarke’s fiance, sight unseen. She imagined someone like Clarke, an aristocrat, some rich, stuck-up academic with no understanding of the world. Clarke’s the first titled person she’s ever met, to her knowledge, and everything about their relationship feels like a fluke. Bellamy–and what a pretentious name, too–couldn’t possibly be like Clarke.

And when Raven meets him, he isn’t.

“He’s a pilot, like you,” Clarke explains, by way of convincing her. “You’ll like him.”

Raven couldn’t say she wouldn’t, but she was planning not to. But she loves Clarke, and Clarke loves Bellamy, so she’s going to be nice. Even if he can’t deserve her.

The boy waiting for them is a few years older than they are, with messy, jet-black hair and skin too dark for his bloodline to go too far back in England. He’s bouncing on his feet, apparently nervous, and when he sees Clarke, Raven doesn’t know how to dislike him anymore, because his smile is wide and open and so unreservedly happy that she knows they’re on the same side.

Still, when he bends down to kiss her, brief and chaste and completely unobjectionable, Raven’s stomach still lurches.

“Hey,” he says, just to Clarke, and then he turns his attention to her. “You must be Raven.”

“And you’re Bellamy,” she says. His handshake is firm and solid, and his hands feel like he’s been working with them for a long time, for all Clarke said she met him at Oxford.

“Nice to meet you.” She doesn’t think it’s just her imagination, the way he’s sizing her up too. The way he isn’t sure what to make of her either.

She’s sure Clarke notices too, but Clarke doesn’t mention it. She slides one arm through Bellamy’s arm and the other through Raven’s and says, bright, “Okay, none of us has anything to do for the rest of the afternoon. Cinema?”

To Raven’s surprise, Bellamy catches her eye, quirks his mouth in fond amusement and rolls his eyes. It’s a gesture that shouldn’t make her like him, sharing a joke at Clarke’s expense. But that’s not what it feels like.

It feels like he’s glad he’s got someone else who gets it. Someone who loves Clarke as much as he does.

Raven smiles back. She can’t help it. “Yeah, sounds fun.”

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