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  • You: I hate vampires
  • Me: Well I'm off to drink blood. Not human blood. I mean, pigs blood. Well not pigs blood, juice. Pigs juice! Not juice, uh, the juice of the... blood orange. Not the blood orange, per se, the orange. Juice of the orange! I'm off to drink orange juice. In my ancient castle. Not castle, uh, house! In my ancient house. Well, not ancient so much as... Middle Ages. Not Middle Ages, more mid-century modern in my mid-century modern house in Transylva-CATION. Transylvacation in Massachusetts. Yes, that's where it is. Don't be embarrassed if you haven't heard of it. You all should visit, but not during the daytime.

anonymous asked:

hey if you don't mind helping me with first year chem: how do you predict the products of a reaction and know what type it is (single replacement etc) when given the reactants of a chemical equation?

The easiest way is to write out and swap ions. This doesn’t work for all reactions, but since you’re taking first year chem I think that’s the only method you’ll have to use rather than memorizing all sorts of mechanisms.

First you convert the reactants into their respective ions. It also helps to know the really common polyatomic ions.

Ex: The reactants HCl and NaOH become (H+) (Cl-) and (Na+) (OH-)

Then you switch the arrangement of each cation with each anion; basically H+ goes with OH- and Na+ goes with Cl-, so the products would be H2O and NaCl.

Or if reactants have coefficients in front of them like: V2O5 + 5CaS, you leave the coefficients out, switch the ions as usual, then you balance the equation.

(V5+) (O2-) + (Ca2)+ (S2-) becomes V2S5 + CaO

Then you balance it according to the reactants: V2O5 + 5CaS -> V2S5 + 5CaO


Single replacement:
AB + C -> AC + B
Zn + CuCl2 -> (Zn2+) + (Cu2+) + (Cl-) -> ZnCl2 + Cu
Mg + 2HCl -> (Mg2+) + (H+) + (Cl-) -> MgCl2 + H2 (elemental H always exists as a polyatomic element in reactions)

Double replacement:
AB + CD -> AD + BC
(see the examples above)
Some Acid/Base reactions technically go under this category (i.e: NaOH and HCl). But the really obvious acid/base rxns always produce water and a salt. (NaCl and H2O in this case)

Synthesis reactions:
A + B -> AB
2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O
3H2 + N2 -> 2NH3

Or A + B + C -> ABC

Combustion (this one is pretty easy to recognize):
They involve hydrocarbons with oxygen; carbon dioxide + water is always produced.
CnHn + O2 -> CO2 + H2O

AB -> A + B
2NH3 -> 3H2 + N2

Redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions:
Involve the transfer of electrons. They’re easy to spot if you see electrons in the half reactions. Idk if you have to recognize these ones when they’re written as a full reaction.

I only really had to predict single and double replacement reactions in my 100-level chem classes; I didn’t have to do that for decomposition or synthesis reactions (only recognize them).

Drug Metabolism - kidneys

Drugs and their metabolites are handled in the kidneys via:

  • Glomerular filtration 
  • Reabsorption 
  • Tubule secretions 

Glomerular Filtration

  • Molecules under 20kDa in size are filtered out under positive hidrostatic pressure through pores of 7-8nm in the glomerular membrane 
  • Glomerular filtrate contains about 20% of the plasma volume delivered to glom.
  • Plasma proteins and protein-bound drugs are not filtered
  • Therefore efficiency is influenced by plasma protein binding  


  • Not all glomerular filtrate is lost - some reabsorbed
  • specific tubular uptake processes for carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, etc
  • as the tubule to plasma concentration gradient increases only the most polar molecules remain in the urine
  • pH partition between the urine and plasma determines the rate of excretion/absorption 

Tubular Secretion

  • Renal tubule has secretory transporters both on apical and basolateral membrane (organic anion and cation transporters (OATs 1-4 & OCTS 1-3))
  • Some drugs (eg glucuronic acid and sulphate conjugates) may undergo active carrier mediated elimination 
  • secretion rapidly lowers the plasma concentration of unbound drug
  • causing rapid dissociation of any drug-protein complexes

My friend M is taking a Tumblr-cation but meanwhile she saw Rogue One and had THE MOST AMAZING THOUGHTS, which she sent me and said I was allowed to share with Tumblr:

Also while the movie as it stands is Completely Right, I’d be lying if I wasn’t interested in [stories where they interact with other characters]- everyone else seems to be honing in on “what would these guys be as heroes for the New Kids”, because it’s fashionable to deride Luke in particular and pedestal Han and Leia, so it works better with Rey-Finn-Poe, but like:

What if the smuggler, princess and farmboy had got to have these guys? And like all the different lines of connection that nobody expects?

Because like of course Jyn KNOWS Han Solo, she was a criminal, and Leia and Cassian were both hardcore bred in the bone Rebellion, and Luke and Bodhi are both wide-eyed Sincere pilots.

But I present for your consideration:

- Cassian and Han sharing “ … No wait WHAT THE FUCK?” Expressions as Luke and Jyn both charge off to do something daring, courageous, heroic and SO SO STUPID.

- Bodhi seeing Leia in the aftermath of trying to DEAL WITH that stupid smuggler, and making her [some kind of standard, civilized-world drink].

- Cassian seeing thru (what must Watsonianly be) Luke’s total denial and “No No I’m Totes Fine, No Trauma Here, No Problems Left Behind From Seeing My Parental Figures As Charred Corpses Or Watching My Displacement Uncle Get Cut Down By Vader I Am A Totally Together, With It And Stable Pilot, I’m Fine, How Are You?” Because buddy, has he been there it’s not like he is in any way shape or form unaware when we meet him that he is in fact already damaged goods and kid, kid no, kid you need to deal with that it’s okay to be really fucked up your aunt and uncle were blastered and left as char on their own doorstep, seriously. (And how many fewer stupid things Luke might’ve done later.)

- Jyn and Leia bonding over the boys’ club and the difficulty of fucking getting things done here and also for the love of god they love you guys but sometimes killing people is not the answer okay?

And that’s not even touching how the Force Husbands interacting with Luke period is gold. Like. There is no way in that universe Luke went to Dagobah alone. He came out of hyperspace only to have them (probably flown by Bodhi) come out of hyperspace right behind him, okay, and Yoda gets four visitors all at once.

Not to mention Chirrut’s utter gobsmacked envy re Luke getting to actually travel with Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his utter DESPAIR that Luke only vaguely knew who that was or why it was important.

(And like then there IS Jyn looking at Han and going “you don’t know it yet but you’re already not even close to who you were before you took up with these people and you are TOTALLY coming back” when he leaves; and there is Cassian and Leia and the entire arc of the history of the Rebellion stretching out behind them and him knowing what it is that yes her whole planet got blown up and that’s a big deal but also her dad is gone, her mom is gone, and the Empire did it and they did it to get to her. And Luke and Bodhi gleeing together delightedly and with their odd kind of innocence about comparative virtues of ships and their capacities and tricks and so on.) 

Jyn and Luke and the sharing of suddenly having this total dedication to the Rebellion but being fundamentally outisders who sort of …jumped the local hierarchy and see things differently and sometimes that means they swallow their feet to the knees, and sometimes it means they’ve actually seen something the others don’t.

Anyway. THINGS.

I keep a quote book
  • “Is bronchitis contagious?” -Asked to teacher in Drivers Ed class
  • “I’m a sweet psychopath.” -English teacher
  • “I don’t have a book to read so I’m doing math”
  • “This is why we can’t have nice things!” -German teacher
  • “There’s a breadstick where my signal is”
  • “Gotta have my shorts hiked up for Jesus”
  • “Does it relate to the charge of cations or anions? The answer is no.” -Chemistry teacher
  • “Okay here’s what matters: Nothing.” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • “In math we’re going to take a field trip to hell. It’s kind of fiery. You might need sunglasses.”
  • “I gyrate my hips when I’m nervous.”
  • “I have pants in my shorts!”
  • “No, you can’t just say ‘Jesus take the wheel’.” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • “Quiet please! Nick I’ll hurt you!” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • Student A: “You went from Iowa to Mississippi?”
    Student B: “Shut your mouth.”
  • “I definitely do not get paid enough for what I do” -Home Ec teacher
  • “His wife just gave labor”
  • “She went into birth”
  • “You need to enunciate your writing words”
  • “I didn’t teached PE I taught PE. I guess I should have teached English too…” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • “That’s what’s wrong with the world associating peace with being a stoner!” -Drivers Ed teacher
  • Student: “Aaron wrote his name on the test.”
    Drivers Ed teacher: “Aaron’s going to get punched.”
  • “I eat sporks”