Hey guys, I haven’t posted any art for a whole month and I’m sorry D: But I greet you with some new magical feline creations… hope that makes up for it! Apologies if my attempts at gif-making slows down your computer. 

If you’re itching to see more of these fantastic glittery beasts, come down to the opening reception for Q Pop’s Unicats and Caticorns show at the Q2 Gallery! It’s this Friday from 7-10 pm at: 312 E 2nd St. #121, LA, CA 90012 in Little Tokyo. It’s my first time submitting to a Q Pop show and there are some pretty fantastic artists in the list :)


Ootd featuring Petey! The cutest little creature I got to look after!

I’m going to do my best to include where things are from in posts from now on!
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Sandals: Crocs
Necklace: Punky Pins
Dog: My friend Miranda



Opening Reception 7PM - 10PM Friday February 13th at the Q2 Gallery; Little Tokyo 

Address: 312 E 2nd St; Little Tokyo Mall Ste# 121, Los Angeles, California 90012 (Inside the mall near Anime Jungle!) Flyer artwork by Phillip Light


Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know about this rad show I’m in! Unicats & Caticorns! 

Come on down to Q2 this Friday evening for this fantastic show’s opening reception! There’s a lot of amazing artists in the show and I hope to see you there! 

Here is my finished piece for the show! It’s a shadowbox papercraft featuring a majestic Caticorn and it will be available for purchase at the show :D

  • Title: Lord Wigglesworth P. Cosmos III
  • Size: 10"x10" 
  • Media: Papercraft, watercolor, glitter, gouache, and pencil
  • Signed
  • $300 

Help spread the word, and I hope to SEE YOU THERE! :D

My piece for Q Pop’s Unicats and Caticorns Show!  This is an original watercolor (with some sparkles!) done on 140lb cold press paper.  The show opens February 13th in the new Q2 Gallery in Little Tokyo, LA and runs until March 8th.

It will probably be the cutest show ever and there’s so many other amazing artists that are apart of it!!