In collaboration with @farfetch, LACMA enlisted 19 designers to create exclusive one-off designs inspired by works from our permanent collection for the Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition.

The designers shared the art inspiration behind their individual pieces and their thoughts on this exciting initiative:


‘In typical Libertine fashion — a world where more is always more — we literally couldn’t decide on one solitary image so we searched the LACMA archives and selected an assortment from the very year that LACMA opened, in 1965.’


‘As young kids growing up in Tehran, Iran, my sister and I often had the privilege of visiting many grand mosques and palaces. To pay homage to our upbringing and to the long-standing Islamic art tradition, we selected the mosaic tile from the Madina Collection to be the centrepiece of this collaboration with LACMA. In an effort to integrate the traditional Islamic art into modern luxury products, we incorporated repetition of the original motif into a geometric pattern, added complimentary colours, and transferred the design onto the finest canvas and leather.’

Cathy Waterman

As a child I discovered a sense of wonder from the sheer beauty and mystery of [LACMA’s] art — as a designer, the collection still inspires me. A room filled with Ancient Assyrian bas relief carvings of alabaster caught my imagination — I studied ancient history at UCLA, with a special interest in the Ancient Near East, so there was already a magnet there. The tree of life panels that caught me grew to great gardens filled with the wealth of this ancient land. I used 22k gold to represent the riches of the kingdom, and rubies and sapphires for the plenitude of its bounty.’


‘I was first drawn to Gloria Stuart’s painting because it depicts Watts Towers, a landmark that has inspired me for many years. Her refined naïve style and execution of detail capture the intuitive engineering of the towers. When I visited [them] for the first time in 2004 I saw [builder] Simon Rodia’s time and journey in this monument of grand scale. Around then I started to work on using scraps that I had collected to make patchwork textiles. In the spirit of Rodia’s work, all the fallout from production of the dosa collection for Wear LACMA was recycled.’

This post is part of a series related to the Fall 2015 Wear LACMA collaboration. (text via Farfetch)

One Chance Premiere (TIFF) | September 9, 2013

Taylor mixes earthy and glam at the One Chance premiere with this sold out leaf bangle adorned with tiny diamonds. Unsurprisingly, it is from one of Taylor’s go-to jewelry designers Cathy Waterman.

Cathy Waterman Diamond ‘Laurel Leaf’ Bangle - Sold Out

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