cathy woods

Couples who killed (Charlene and Gerald Gallego | Fred and Rose West | Ray and Faye Copeland | Karla Homolka, Paul Bernardo | Myra Hindley, Ian Brady | Raymond Fernandez, Martha Beck | Gwendolyn Graham, Cathy Wood | David and Catherine Birnie | Charles Starkweather, Caril Fugate)

Cathy Wood (left) and Gwendolyn “Gwen” Graham (right) were two nurses working at Alpine Manor nursing home in Michigan during the 1980’s. Despite Wood having a husband and child, the friendly company she enjoyed with Graham eventually spiralled into a heated sexual relationship. This led her to seek a divorce and her husband was granted full custody of their daughter. Shortly afterwards, both Cathy and Gwen pursued a killing spree at work. They strategically sought out victims from the elderly patients entrusted into their care, all aged between 65-97, and whose initials would spell out the word ’M-U-R-D-E-R.’ By the time their reign of terror at Alpine Manor came to an end, the two women had conquered five of the letters. From each victim, the pair took something from their belongings in their rooms as a token of the killing, including a red ‘get well soon’ balloon, a bracelet, and a miniature doll’s house. However, the relationship between Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham suddenly soured after it was discovered that Graham had began having an affair with another female nurse, which Wood responded to by flying into a jealous rage and confessing to their crimes in 1989. She told police of how she would keep watch outside the patients’ rooms whilst Gwen smothered the defenceless women, after which they would sneak away to an unoccupied room in the nursing home and perform sexual acts on eachother. As a result of their crimes, Gwendolyn Graham received life imprisonment and Cathy Wood was sentenced to 20-40 years incarceration. To this day, Graham still proclaims her innocence by asserting that none of the deceased were actually murdered.