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The Kyman family~

Cathy Turner-Cartman: She’s the child of Eric and Heidi. 

Eric and Heidi ended their relationship right after they graduated from their colleges but didn’t know they were pregnant until Heidi got a check up two weeks after the break up. They were still friends and wanted to make sure to keep close for the baby to come.

 Cartman then got with Kyle, since they weren’t ever over each other since their fooling around in high school days. They moved into Eric’s mother’s house until they had enough money to buy an apartment in Denver.

Cartman helped Heidi raise Cathy along with Kyle who at first felt a little insecure about stepping in the child’s life. Heidi was okay with it and Cartman made sure Kyle had enough time with Cathy like he was her other father.

 As Cathy grew, Cartman and Kyle’s relationship turned for the better as they got married once Cathy turned 7. Cartman and Kyle moved back to South Park and got a nice house close to their old neighborhood. 

Cathy permanently lives with Heidi, but spends a lot of time with her Fathers too.

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What's Cartman's favorite hobby?

Eric: I have to force Cathy in dresses. I don’t understand why she hates them so much….

Eric: But yeah, photography is one of my favorite things to do on my days off of work. In my young 20s, I used to get gigs and take pictures of weddings and other social events. I made good money bro.