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calli’s fic picks - 11/30/16 - Happy Arrow100!

I wasn’t here with this list last week. In my defense: a) Arrow was not on last Wednesday and b) I was traveling to my parents for the holiday. Poor excuses, sure, but that just means I have even MORE fics to share with you today. Which is fitting since today is Arrow’s 100th episode and I could not be more proud. 

On Every Earth by @supersillyanddorky06 - A little 5x08 speculation that examines how Oliver and Felicity belong together, no matter what Earth it is, no matter if it’s a dreamworld, no matter the circumstances. There is a pull between them. 

Chatty Cathy by @nodecaff4me - Delightful little smutty outtake from 4x06 that shows what happens after Felicity calls Oliver “chatty cathy” in front of the whole team. Oh… it’s on. A great one if you like dirty talk, which I do. 

on the edge (of the devil’s backbone) by @entersomethingcleverhere - I’m sure I’ve included this one before but the last few updates have been STUNNING and emotional and speaking of being on the edge… I’m dying to find out what happens in the conclusion!

The way you make me feel (I call it love) by @smkkbert - I’m a sucker for escort/client AUs, no kidding. The gradual escalation of this relationship is what really makes it charming. The way Felicity acts with him, gets more bold with him and how he receives that is just delightful. 

The Darkest Hour by ckksac - I’ve been reading this one from the start and it’s such a delightful and alternative look at everything we saw in the first season. Felicity’s perspective in this is perfection. 

Trust Me by smoakenarrow - What did I say about escort/client AUs? They’re not a favorite but I sure do seem to be reading a lot of them right now. This one is really interesting, with a hint of power play that makes things extra edgy. Here be smut, in case that wasn’t clear. 

When Did I Become A Cliche? by @abadspellr - I profiled this one before and I don’t care because the latest update did major things to the butterflies in my stomach. Just… perfect. S2 Divergent AU where we get so much tropey goodness. 

Caught in the Rapture by @bindy417 - Might have mentioned this one before too, also don’t care. I love Al Sah-him fics where he takes her as a bride (often against her will) and this has become the gold standard for me. This one helped keep me sane over the holidays. 

Let’s Be Awesome Together by GrittyReboot - Okay so this is an older one that @imadethisblogtofollowyou brought to my attention and urged me to read. I did, while at my folks’ house and OH MY. ROOMMATE AU. Do not pass go, go read this fic immediately. It’s 14 chapters and complete and utterly delightful.

Pieces of Always: November 2031 by @so-caffeinated & @dust2dust34 - Does it get any sweeter than Olicity offspring trying (and largely failing) to make Thanksgiving dinner for their busy crime fighting parents? NOPE. Read the thing and smile, like I did. 

Start of Something New by @bri617aroundtheworld - This one started off as a dog-sitting/movie star AU and kinda morphed into something completely special and lovely somewhere along the way. They were friends and then the feelings came and just… so good. It’s completed now so you have no excuse. Go read it. 

Tummy Aches and Heart Aches by @realityisoverrated-fic - I know you all have heard me gush about the Infinite Love series before but GUYS. As much as I love Smoaking Billionaires (and I love it a lot), the family feels in this one almost outmatch them. Read this one for Tommy being an amazing dad. 

Slip of the Tongue by Bleezy - This might not be for the faint of heart since there’s mention of Oliver/Susan and more than just a mention of Felicity/Billy BUT it goes in a delightful direction and the focus on Felicity’s state of mind (rapidly fraying as it is) is what makes this special. 

Indecent Proposal by @ruwithmeguys - Y’ALL. If you ignore all my other recs PLEASE read this one. This is an amazing AU that looks what might have happened had Slade targeted Felicity more specifically during season 2. The subject matter is difficult, but the way she weaves this story makes me want to give up writing forever because OH MY WORD. I’m dying for an update. Literally dying. 

Reentry by @dmichellewrites - a really honest and unflinching look at what might happen if Felicity’s biostimulant chip were to fail after she and Oliver get married. This is a great one for anyone who wished the show had gone more in depth with Felicity’s disability last season (so, basically, all of us). 

Defend Not The Man, But The Mind by @alexiablackbriar13 - I’m still getting caught up on this one but I’m in deep love already. She handles supernatural AUs so well… this is one where Oliver has been made non-human via torturous human experimentation and gene splicing and all kinds of ooky stuff. There’s some themes here that might make you nervous but give it a shot because it’s really rather remarkable. 

Couch to 5K by @hari-redtoes - THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Redtoes is posting a new Olicity fic and I’m already dying at how lovely and cute it is so far. It’s an AU where Felicity just broke up with Cooper and she’s moping so Curtis challenges her to get off her couch and get moving again. GUYS. READ THE THING.

it’s time to shed this masquerade by ivorykeys09 - a fantastic little 5+1 fic where Felicity wears Oliver’s clothes and sometimes its smutty and sometimes its funny and sometimes its a bit angsty but so far, it’s all great. Still in process but worth the investment. 

Freckles by @dust2dust34 - A fluffy, sweet and nearly smutty look at Olicity after they ultimately reconcile (y’all know it’s coming, just be patient). Oliver notices how Felicity has changed since they’ve been apart. It’s so wistful and lovely that it brings a lump to my throat. 

Wrong by @storyteller0311 - I think we all need this fic today. A bit of 5x08 spec with Oliver noticing what is wrong with the dreamworld he’s in and realizing what is, in fact, right. I don’t expect it to go down just like this but I can’t deny I love this concept and I’ll happily read any fic that goes this route. 

Believe it or not, I actually pared this list down! Happy reading and enjoy the episode tonight. Remember: this is closing a door on the past so Oliver can move forward and part of moving forward will be reuniting with Felicity. This is just the start!