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Disabled woman confronts Theresa May over benefit cuts: 'I can't live on £100 a month'
Theresa May has been confronted by a voter protesting about cuts to her disability benefits, in her toughest moment on the campaign trail.

Cathy told Ms May of the harsh effect of losing her Disability Living Allowance, which was replaced by the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

“Do you know what I want? I want my Disability Living Allowance to come back,” she told the Prime Minister. “Not have PIPs and get nothing.”

“I can’t live on £100 a month. They just took it all away from me.”

There’s a lot around the framing trying to make Cathy’s statements sound hostile but they’re extremely reasonable and what is happening to her and others like her is a human rights violation. And even the UN has warned that this is part of a systematic attack on disabled people, and advocacy groups for people with learning disabilities say these harms are widespread. 

And I know as a disabled person in the US we often experience similar things and it sucks and it kills people and puts people at risk of injury, abuse, and other serious harm as well.

Austerity policies kill disabled people, not by accident but by design.

You’ve heard of hacktivism and slacktivism. Now get ready for...

-Quacktivism: Dismantling violent systems of oppression and saving lives, but with ducks! Who’s resisting their cultural indoctrination? You are! Yes, you are!
-Ack!tivism: A system of non-violent resistance based off of the teachings of the newspaper cartoon character Cathy. You may cheat your diet plan, but never justice.
-Plaquetivism: The belief that a healthy society will inevitably follow from healthy teeth. They… have nice teeth.
-Sadsacktivism: Activism, but it’s really hard. The most relatable form of activism.
-Amnesiactivism: They are absolutely outraged about something, and will get back to you when they remember what it was and what they went to the living room to do.

Selah's Female Name List

I decided I’d share my personal list of names I use for the Sims. If you’re like me, you get stumped when it comes to names that’s why I made this list. It’s pretty long, so there is a read more line so that it doesn’t kill your dash. This is the female list, but you can use these however you like. I’ll post the male one later. So enough rambling. Of course, these name lists aren’t just for Sims, anything really.

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