cathy jung


“I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been difficult. Sometimes I would cry alone in the car. Waiting before working is the hardest. Sometimes I get stressed out suddenly. I would actually be more energized when I’m filming and working. I get strength from actor sunbaes as well as the IOI and DIA members. It hurts more when I am doing nothing. I am very thankful. After getting voted as visual No.1 in ‘Produce 101,’ many people think that I am pretty. I accepted the title, but I feel shy about it. I am just very thankful. When I was a trainee, I lost weight by not eating and went from 64 kg to 49 kg (~ 141 to 108 lbs). I didn’t want to get kicked out of the agency so I wanted to lose more. Even after that, I lost more weight by eating only salad and fruit. But these days, I eat. People do not pass out easily. I am healthy because I eat a lot of meat, I think. For a while, I was never sick with the cold. Honestly, I do get hurt by those. I can’t not see the negative comments. The ones that speak badly about my parents hurt the most…As I work in this industry, I sometimes feel depressed and sad, but there’s more joy. I hope people do not dislike me too much. Thank you for smiling. It will always be okay. I suddenly gained a lot of fans this year. I do not want to let them down and continue to show them good things and say thank you. I want to improve my skills and not show them anything bad. I want to heal my exhausted mental health. I want to recover my brightness by self-reflection and to concentrate on me. I haven’t seen my family for a long time. I want to meet good people and have a good time with them. I will use the little bit of time left in the year and use it for myself in a productive way.” - Chaeyeon, DIA


A short video showing Cathie Jung’s uncorseted waist, her lacing-up process, and one of her exquisite corset outfits.