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Chelsea dearest ( asked: 

1. If you could have a career for just one day what would it be? A vet or caretaker at an aquarium, where I could work with dolphins and beluga whales :) 

2. What’s the loveliest picture you’ve ever taken? I don’t have it, but it was a picture of my puppy sleeping on our couch

3. If you were a superhero what would your superpower be? Teleportation. Without a doubt, that is the most useful thing to me, I could travel for free, save time, be lazy, etc

4. Imagine you’re on your dream holiday. Where are you and what are you doing? Hmm I am in Costa Rica, and I am volunteering at a wildlife reserve. And also walking on the beach, collecting seashells, drinking out of a coconut and sleeping in a hammock

5. Who was a big influence on who you are today and why? My older brother, because I always tried to be exactly like him when I was growing up, and now a lot of my life revolves around his interests. I wish I would have spent more time earlier doing things for me :/  

6. If you could take back something you said once, what would it be? I would take back all the snappy/rude/impulsive remarks I have made to my father when I was annoyed or triggered. 

7. List 10 things you would like to achieve or do in your lifetime. In no particular order: Stay in an underwater hotel, Have a baby girl, Attend a masquerade, Graduate university, Make a quilt, Plant an apple tree, Paint a mural, Build a tree house, Donate blood, Ride first-class in an airplane. 

8. Do you have a pet? Have you had a pet? Tell me about them. I have had a turtle, 2 gerbils, 2 budgies, and lots of fish. Right now, I have a really hairy guinea pig, who we just call Pig, and 2 husky-shepherd mix dogs named Uma and Lada. I don’t mind them, but we don’t really have a special “pet bond” haha. 

9. What’s one thing you like about yourself? Physical or non-physical. I like my teeth, because they’re not perfect, but people often say they are nice. :)

10. Do you believe in a higher power? Yes, I believe in Jesus, it’s the greatest comfort I have 

11. Is there someone out there who understands you better than you understand yourself? No. I don’t have anyone who really understands why I do things, or who I am. That’s what I want most in the whole wide world :/ 

I am really bad at coming up with questions though, so you can answer the same ones if you want? :)

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aterstalla asked:

what is your favorite book? song? season? fruit? vegetable? dessert?

Oh gosh I’m so bad at making decisions…I’m not going to be able to choose one for any of these hahaha.

I love reading in general, but I especially like Harry Potter, 13 Reasons Why, and Looking for Alaska. I also listen to such a wide variety of music but some of my favorites are Avril Lavigne, Death Cab for Cutie, All Time Low, Dead Man’s Bones, 30H!3,etc. :) 

My favorite season would have to be either summer or winter…I like summer because it’s warm and you don’t have to wear clothes but um I like winter because of the clothes you see my conflict here? anyway it’s also a plus there’s no homework and school in the summer

Beets are delicious. :) But they have to be warm with butter and a pinch of salt…that sounds weird but they’re actually so good. And ooh dessert I like gelato and cupcakes! (especially red velvet) 

thanks for the questions :)