cathrine morland

Jane Austen challenge

Day 2. Favourite Austen man - Mr Tinley

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You were expecting Mr Darcy weren’t you? 

well I have a soft soft spot for Mr Tinley he has always been my favourite. It’s probably because of his personality I think he’s the kind of man I’d love to have next to me you know? he is funny, kind, polite and sarcastic and genuine!

It looks to me like he would be such a perfect man to live with (yes, even better than Mr Darcy ! Don’t get me wrong I do love Mr Darcy !). I know it sounds unconventional but Northanger Abbey is probably the most underrated of all Austen’s novels and my favourite actually. OK I admit it , probably at some point I was influenced by the movie. C'mon he’s adorably handsome!

To sum it all up, can someone give me a Mr Tinley of my own, please?