cathrine game


AM I LATE? I think I am  :DDDDD Dunno “Let’s draw sherlock” have new challenge but the info of this is still there. MAN. I’m like .. one or two hours late ::: D That’s me!!

Well anyway I wanted to make “Let’s draw sherlock - fav game- challenge” ONE of my favorite games, this isn’t my fav game more like top 10- fav game. I have huge problems with this picture ‘cause like many of you know Sherlock sadly don’t have boobs… So I didn’t know where the hell I’m gonna put John. So I made some yellow police tape! (I also post Cathrine’s orginal cover art there, totally not mine haha)

I still really like to know what you think?

You guys aren’t understanding the Catherine (Game) holy shit.

ranting because fucking hell these comments on Cry’s video LPs of Catherine.

I mean, “men who cheat are cursed” not really, it’s more like: “men who can’t decide if they want to marry/are leading people on/keeping themselves from marrying/in a relationship with someone they don’t love/not giving a second chance to ex wife/not informing someone of your original gender/just being iffy on marriage are cursed,” but there is no curse. Thomas (Boss) Mutton puts them in the dream to take out the weaklings.

and with Jonathan (Jonny) Ariga, he’s probably misjudged the most, from what I can see. He isn’t fucking Katherine McBride. When Vincent Brooks thinks that McBride is cheating and with an added plus: he is cheating also. Jonathan said for them to split up because of this. As for such reason, Jonathan feels bad and feels like he betrayed Vincent because he tried to break them up. Jonathan is in love with McBride and couldn’t help to try to split them up, but feels guilt that he did tried, but that’s not the reason for him having the dreams. He’s having these dreams for being with someone he doesn’t intend to marry because he’s in love with someone else. Jonathan is my favorite character. Although, his issues aren’t as bad as Archie, Todd, Morgan, Justin, and Daniel. I just felt that he needs to be understood more.