O my beloved St. Joseph,

Adopt me as Thy child,

Take care of my salvation,

Watch over me day and night,

Preserve me from the occasion of sin,

Obtain for me purity of soul and body.

Through Thy intersession with Jesus

Grant me a spirit of sacrifice,

Of humility and self-denial,

A burning love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,

And a sweet tender love for Mary, my Mother.

St. Joseph, be with me living,

Be with me dying

And obtain for me a favorable judgement from

Jesus, my merciful Savior


This Catholic priest is trying to change the church by actually loving and accepting his gay parrishoners

When journalist and videographer Eric Kruszewski first learned about LEAD, an LGBT church outreach program started at St. Matthew Catholic church, he knew he needed to see its work in action. The resulting video series tells stories that range from a lesbian former nun’s decision to leave the Church to a mother of gay and straight children learning how to be an ally.

Gifs: Eric Kruszewski



February 5th 1597: 26 martyrs of Japan execution

On this day in 1597, 26 Japanese Catholcs were executed by crucifixtion in Nagasaki. European Christians sent a number of missionaries to Japan throughout the sixteenth century, converting as many as 300,000 Japanese people by the end of the century. However, the Japanese government saw Catholics, an example of foreign influence, as a threat to the nation. Toyotomi Hideyoshi - the highest-ranked official of the emperor - sought to consolidate his power by expelling priests from the country, which began with the arrest of six missionaries and eighteen Japanese Christians in Kyoto and Osaka. They were forced to make the 800km walk to Nagaski, and were joined by two more Catholics along the way. When the 26 arrived at Nishizaka Hill, Nagasaki, they were executed. This marked the beginning of two centuries of Christian persecution in Japan; by 1630, Catholicism had been driven underground. The martyrs were beatified in 1627 and canonised by the Pope in 1862. Japan’s Christian ban was lifted by the Meiji government in 1873, and thousands of Christians came out of hiding. The site of the execution is now a Japanese National Sanctuary and a pilgrim spot for Catholics; Pope John Paul II visited the site in 1981. The story of the martyrdom of early Japanese converts to Christianity has been explored in Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence, which has since been adapted for screen by Martin Scorcese.

Pray for those who cannot pray

There are times in our faith journey, that we can’t bring ourselves to pray.

Some of us suffer from depression and other chronic illnesses that leave us silent in spirit. 

Some of us are just experience times of spiritual dryness or doubts.

Some of us are too busy, too distracted, it could be anything.

So if you see this and you can pray a simple prayer, please do it for those who need it and can’t do it for themselves.


Pastor who will preach to Trump before inauguration called gays “filthy,” Mormonism and Islam heresies

  • Trump will start Inauguration Day being preached to by Rev. Robert Jeffres, who has derided numerous groups of people including Catholics, Muslims, Mormons and LGBT citizens.
  • Jeffress will preach at a private church service Friday morning at St. John’s Episcopal Church, directly across the street from the White House — an Inauguration Day ritual.
  • Jeffress’ past statements include calling Islam an “evil religion” that “promotes pedophilia.” He called Mormonism a heresy “from the pit of hell,” said the Catholic Church represents “the genius of Satan” and that gay people are “filthy” and “prone to disease.” Read more