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Here it is, here’s my ACA Open Enrollment Plug:


If you support real religious freedom (i.e. your religious choices are between you and your god, you have a right to privacy)

if you have endometreosis or any other complex reproductive-system-related condition

if you want to keep seeing your gyno, and want to be able to access all the services your gyno provides


They don’t have the guts to say this anywhere you’d notice it while you’re perusing the plan benefits– I actually did try quite hard to go through all the fine print but I missed it. And clearly, New York State expects you to miss it. Because when I signed up, after a couple of months, they sent me this letter, which clearly indicates that they didn’t expect me to already have realized this: 

“Fidelis, the health plan you joined, does not pay for family planning services.” (That last is bold and underlined.)

The back side of the letter tells me to go to Planned Parenthood. Here’s the whole text:

(Photo is of a list of places in several counties where you can get family planning services. Note that one of the counties in the list contains no family planning clinics and lists no options.)

I have a primary care physician who does my gyno care. This tells me, in effect, that I’m going to have to find another gyno to do that, because my insurance company won’t reimburse my PCP for a visit where she mentions birth control. 

Now, what my personal medical needs are, are immaterial to this discussion, but I am making this post because I know a lot of people are trying to choose plans right now. And it is NOT OBVIOUS that Fidelis is a Catholic company– they changed their name from Catholic Health Plan of NYS for that reason, I think.

So– BE AWARE, because they’re sure as hell not going to make it obvious.

I don’t know if this is legal in any other states, or if Fidelis exists in any other states, but LOOK FOR THIS KIND OF THING when you sign up!! Explicitly CHECK TO MAKE SURE. 

I am going to switch away from Fidelis not because I can’t stand to go to Planned Parenthood, but because I don’t want to support a company in any way that feels it can dictate my health choices because of its religious beliefs. 

Stefano Maderno (1576-1636)
“The Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia” (1600)
Located in the Church of St. Cecilia, Rome, Italy

Tradition has it that the statue represents the position in which St Cecilia’s body was found.

Today I learned that the Vatican ran a spy ring during WWII and Pope Pius XII was a co-conspirator in multiple plots to overthrow Adolf Hitler.

Because that’s not strange enough on its own, it’s worth pointing out that Pope Pius XII was posthumously accused of having supported the Nazis, in no small part due to the efforts of propaganda designed by the Soviets to undercut the authority of the Catholic Church.  And why would the Soviets bother with that sort of thing?  Because they were afraid St. Pope John Paul II would undercut their own authority in Poland (which he did).

The 20th century was weird, man.


                                                  The Power Of Art

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2. Kinver Church, England

3. Saint-Étienne’s Church, France

4. St. Matthew’s Church, England

5.Mezquita De Cordoba. Spain

6.Killaloe Church, Ireland

7. Leon Cathedral, Spain

8. Saint Gudula, Brussels

9. St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica,USA

10. Sevile Cathedral, Spain