catholic thought

Judas is a skinny boy with slouched shoulders, blades edged and peaked and trembling in the dark, with his mind wrenched in pieces and a bloody mess of contracting muscles where his heart should be. His laughter is hollow and flat, like a wounded animal that was shot but refused to to die just yet. There’s a tree right beside him and a rope snakes down; the weight around his throat is nothing compared to the one pressing down on his shoulders.


there are thirty silver stars on the nights sky that tell the story

innocent and pure

the boy bends over and hurls his grief in the sand


Judas bleeds silver and vomits blood,

or perhaps it’s the other way around but he doesn’t remember anymore


here’s what the books never tell you:






he was in love


his body still sways in the wind when they find him

thirty shards of broken stars at his feet

- this is the revolution I lost | r.m

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I think the new Ishida pic is of little shironeki the one that haise saw. Or some variation of that.

oooh I had considered that for a second too!

the only thing is though, the jawline looks quite defined and mature- probably a little bit too much to be Chibishiro

In the end, it will probably be revealed to be Kaneki with the black paint splashes across the eyes like Kaneki’s black tears (honestly, 90% of the time Ishida has a mystery character in his icon it ends up being Ken haha) but I would love if it was Hide too!

So funny story...

Today while I was at church I was talking to a friend when out of nowhere my priest, Fr. Gabriel, comes running over cassock flying everywhere shouting “Sara! I need to talk to you!” So I’m thinking oh no what did I do to upset him this time. And as he comes running he pulls a freaking squirt gun out of his pocket-less cassock and points it directly at me. While all this is going on parishioners are staring, children are screaming, I’m bracing myself for the water that’s about to blast me and my friend has this look of total confusion. Then as I’m standing there with my hands up because a priest is pointing a water gun at me Fr. Gabriel says ever so sternly “did you leave this in my office?!” I paused for a second and asked “why would i do that?” And he hands it to me and there’s a note attached. It read “So your hands won’t get tired from sprinkling the congregation with holy water. Step one: fill with holy water. Step two: spray the congregation” I didn’t leave it in his office and he insisted that I was guilty. But I’m honestly only guilty of one thing. Not thinking of that idea first.

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Is it bad that I’m quite happy for Credence’s inner monologue to go from “help me help me help me” to exactly the same thing but for *entirely* different reasons as soon as he’s safe and warm and happy in the case and oh dear lord Newt’s got his shirt off again why is this man so damn pretty help me? Because… part of me thinks I’m being mean, and the other part is just sat here grinning because apparently tormenting Credence is a Good Thing as long as it involves unclothed magizoologists.

If it is bad then we are both bad my friend because people being tormented by their attraction to whoever I feel like making them attracted to is one of my favorite things in the entirety of ever. Especially if they are both suffering and upset about their attraction at the same time.

Newt is over there in eternal torment because of Credence’s cheekbones and hair and general state of Bloody Gorgeousness while Credence is just like.

This is fine. It’s nothing. I’m just confusing my friendship for him obviously. It’s a friend thing. There’s no reason for impure thoughts so it’s obviously NOT A PROBLEM ok it’s fine this is fine oh god oh no why is he taking his shirt off he doesn’t need to- did this man never learn what modesty is why is he- oh no. oh no oh no help. he has so many muscles and freckles and scars and what do they feel like oh- oh no nononono help help help. is it a friend thing to want to touch him everywhere im pretty sure that isn’t a friend thing. help it’s not a friend thing IT’S NOT A FRIEND THING HELP

It’s very telling that white supremacists are afraid of “brown hordes” invading and taking over where they live, claiming that they will not respect the local culture and actively try to suppress it while oppressing the locals…because that’s exactly what white Americans and Europeans did to the places they conquered. 

Americans moving into Texas were absolutely offended that the majority there was Catholic, they thought Spanish was an inferior language, and they seceded because they wanted to own slaves and it was forbidden under Mexican law. 

Americans moving west into indigenous territories literally relocated entire families rather than live alongside people they viewed as dirty savages. They punished them for speaking their own language, for engaging in their own cultural practices, and stole their children in an attempt to kill their connections as a community.

Americans moving into Hawai’i faked goodwill in order to corner a lucrative market, and then staged a coup to overthrow the queen and claim the islands as their own solely to protect their own interests. Teaching of the native language and customs was suppressed. 

Europeans moving into Africa and the Middle East took extra care to stoke ethnic and religious tension among the locals to keep them from uniting against them. Europeans imported the Christian blood libel to Syria and Egypt to fuel antisemitic violence against the Jews living there; the local people were literally segregated into second class social tiers, good enough to serve whites drinks but not good enough to be allowed into the social clubs built in their own cities and towns; if their art and everyday objects weren’t destroyed in an attempt to “civlise” them, or to demonise them as savages, then it was stolen as curiosities for European amusement. 

White supremacists idolise the hell out of Japan yet forget that the shogunate was rightfully suspicious of the intentions of the Europeans who came claiming to want to trade–and expelled all the foreign missionaries, leaving only a few representatives of the Dutch West Indies company allowed to commerce there. 

TLDR; white supremacists are afraid of people coming to live in Europe and the states because they are projecting hard.     

Personal Mardi Gras thoughts

1.  Catholic Ash Wednesday comes from Genesis 3:19–that moment when God expelled Adam and Eve from the paradise of Eden as the price of their rebellion and lack of faith: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.” God is telling them, “Think about what you did. Repent. Seek Me out. For you have replaced My love with your selfishness; you have replaced My grace with your sin; you have replaced My gift of immortality with death, which means that some day, you must surrender your body to sickness and corruption, and the grave will claim you as you become ashes once again.”

2.   Catholic Ash Wednesday is a preparation of 40 days for renewing our baptismal commitment to Jesus, at Easter. The ashes are a sign of repentance and turning back to the Gospel, because death will come, and after death, we will be judged before the throne of Jesus Christ, “For the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). But of course, we will joyously remember at Easter that the precious Blood of Jesus has regained “paradise lost.” The death brought down upon us by the first Adam is reversed by the second Adam. For as St. Paul reminds us in the same verse of 6:23: “But (by) the grace of God, (we have) life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord!”

3.   For me, personally, Ash Wednesday and Lent are an annual reminder that I do not have control. The Lord God is in control. I, however, sometimes live with the illusion that I can control my life, my health, my friends, my mental state, my financial situation, my sense of peace and comfort. I can try to control these things, but sometimes all my efforts end in “ashes.” In the end, “vanity of vanities, and all is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Lent is my time to throw my earthly sense of power and control into the “bonfire of vanities” which is penance and sacrifice. If I rise and have victory, it is only in the Blood of Jesus and His Calvary–“Through Him, with Him, and in Him.”

Mormonism is an adult religion and a child-like religion. It is a critical thinking religion. Mormonism is Heavenly Father’s divinity in the hearts of those that simply want to love something greater than themselves. It is the promise that God made to those that seek Him: they most inevitably will find Him.  

One thing Jesus asks of me: that I lean upon Him; that in Him and in Him alone I put complete trust; that I surrender myself to Him unreservedly. I need to give up my own desires in the work of my perfection. Even when all goes wrong, and I feel as if I was a ship without a compass, I must give myself completely to Him. I must not attempt to control God’s action, I must not count the stages in the journey He would have me make. I must not desire a clear perception of my advance upon the road, not know precisely where I am upon the way of holiness. I ask Him to make a Saint of me, yet I must leave to Him the choice of that saintliness itself, and still more the choice of the means which lead to it.
—  Mother Teresa

My friend texted me a few days ago telling me a story about what happened in her religion class at school, (she goes to a catholic school) and I thought it was beautiful so here you go.

In class, they were discussing revenge, and whether or not different forms are positive or negative. The teacher asked for examples, so you got your basic Katniss, Diss Tracks, and Taylor Swift songs. And that’s where it all went downhill…

One girl mentioned Supernatural, boy, was the teacher in for a ride.

“The Winchesters hunt down the demon that killed their mother,” said the girl casually and so the teacher asked if the class thought it was a good sort of revenge. The whole class went wild telling her about how they opened the devil’s gate, how they freed Lucifer or made the angels fall from grace. With every added event her facial expression became more and more nervous.

By the end, she was so freaked out all she could say was “So the revenge has a bad outcome…”

I am so proud of that class. 

I feel the need to say this, because as I discover things I like to share it so that it may hopefully help others.
I’ve learned that life is centered on your perspective. And if you center on God, you learn that life is wonderful, exactly as He made it to be.

One way to center your life on God is by being thankful for everything. Give thanks even for the little things.

Lord, I thank You for my breath each day.
Lord, I thank You for your shelter.
Lord, I thank You for my body.
Lord, I thank You for the people around me.
Lord, I thank You for the sun and the flowers.
Lord, I thank You for giving me so many opportunities.
Lord, I thank You for everything.

In this way, I recognize how much I’ve been blessed. I’ve struggled with depression since early childhood, but the little ways to get better have to do with action and perspective. By thanking God, I see the way He meant for my life to be, and I do not despair. So much of this world is veiling God’s love. Don’t let it do that; be thankful.

As someone who grew up in a heavily religious environment where being gay was considered a sin, bisexuality didn’t exist, and the television would be turned off whenever Ellen came on I often struggled with having to chose between Heaven and being with a man or Eternal Damnation and being with the person I wanted. 

Watching and listening to the music video for Troye Sivan’s ‘HEAVEN’ is so powerful because it highlights every single self-hating, self-doubting, black and white thought I ever had. 

Don’t lose a piece of yourself.