catholic teens

I am Catholic.

That is all.

Wait. You know what? No, that’s not all.

I will practice my religion regardless of anyone’s problems with it. I do not care what conquerors did centuries ago. I do not care that you disagree. I do not care that Christianity as a whole rejects us like that cousin you avoid at Christmas.

I am Catholic. The only thing that will stop me from being Catholic is if God himself tells me so.

Schools: do not EVER teach a history lesson, and then have the reason for the horrors of 1609 be “because the king was Catholic”.
That’s not right.

Don’t claim that “Catholics worship Mary”. We don’t, we respect her.

Don’t EVER say “ there is a difference between being Christian and being Catholic ”. There is none.

Don’t tell me that because I don’t follow every practice of my religion that I’m “not devout”. I pledged myself to my religion when I was fifteen.

Catholic people are Christian.

Do not speak about my faith as if you know what you are talking about when you don’t have the decency to say the right things.

My high school memories are still traumatising to me. I still can’t work them out, 13 years later.

*innocently changing in a locker room after a swimming class*

*Her* “Sharon, why aren’t you wearing a bra, yet?”

*everyone stares*

*Me* “I don’t know. I…I…don’t know.” I felt ashamed. I blushed. Everyone was looking at me. Because of her. But I knew, deep down, it was my fault.

*Then, later on, she threw a ruler at me. One day in Geography class. Casually.  In front of everyone. She was so smug. She acted like it was nothing. Like I was nothing. So I decided it wasn’t, deep down, my fault, after all, picked up the ruler, got up and started hitting her with it.* 

I only avoided suspension because technically she started it, I got very good grades and my mother was friendly with the school priest.

(In fairness, she hit me fucking back. She was vicious. I had just seen enough action movies to know aiming at the eyes, going for the takedown and repeatedly punching was the best idea.) 

Despite their direct line to the being who knows everything and makes all the rules, we’re not so sure the Catholic church is an authority on hipsters. Of all the ill-defined symbols of hipsterism, why go with untied sneakers? That’s more like a mild symbol of diet teen rebellion in the 1950s. If this wasn’t exactly what happened, we’d probably joke, “It’s like something the world’s squarest church would use to appeal to their vague notion of young people.” If they really wanted a hipster, why not have Jesus listening to The Lumineers on vinyl or holding a Bible made out of recycled bike tires? Did this church do any research at all? Those are probably the top autocompletes when you type in “Hipster Jesus would totally …”

This also doesn’t really fit any message of Christ. Sure, Jesus was a hipster in the sense that he had a beard and was crucified before it was cool, but (as of press time) hipsters are all about non-trendy fashion, esoteric music, and squeezing into size 4 women’s jeans. Those are all things Jesus didn’t seem very interested in. All the church managed to do with this ad was to insult the intelligence of its audience, muddy its own god’s message, and fundamentally misunderstand everything about the subject being discussed. It’s insane to imagine an organized religion acting in such a way.

8 Attempts To Stay Hip By Brands (Who Aren’t Fooling Anyone)

So today I wore my “Bjerger King” t shirt to my confirmation class (it’s like a religious thing for catholic teens) and this guy comes up to me and says “tsm fan?” And I was I like YEAH! and so we had a nice short conversation and he said that he liked my shirt and in my mind I was like “I like this shirt too!!!!!”
and yeah. That’s my whole story lmao.

Okay, Tumblr Catholics...

Your time has come.

My friend is trying to float an idea to EWTN for “a show for Catholic teens and young adults in a talk-show format like Jimmy Fallon… And they could have on special guests like Matt Maher or Jason Everett to talk and then play games and do skits and stuff. There could be a Book of the Week component, Saint of the Week, and other silly, dumb skits and Catholic parodies of pop culture stuff.”

She wants to call it “Catholic Girl Problems” or something to that effect.

She’s preparing to send the email, but please us know if you’d be interested in a show like this by reblogging this post. Thanks! :) ~CL

Annoying things some disrespectful catholic teenagers do and my reactions to their misdeeds.

Talking loudly during important parts of the Mass

Deny the parts of the Catholic religion that they don’t like and still consider themselves as one of us

Get afraid of being alone with a priest because of the child molestation cases even though that it was 1 in 60,000 priests that were convicted and that child molestation is much more common among family members.

These are things I find extremely aggravating in the less traditional, more modernist Catholic teenagers. If you are any of these three, and you want to complain, well…

The reason I made this was to make sure I’m not soft. I’ve been letting things slide among my peers that used to not allow and that has to change. I will not let useless hunks of meat sit in the pews and sully the name of our people any longer. Also, I can barely remember the statistics so the “1 in 60K” thing may be a little off.

Prayer request from Anon

My [female family member] runs [a Catholic teen social media account], I can’t publicly say that while giving away our parish for her safety. She gets rape threats and death threats on a regular basis and she’s only 16.

Please pray for their peace and safety!