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Every time I talk to my PI I am struck by how fucking lucky I am to work for someone who genuinely cares about mentorship and positive reinforcement and always takes time to tell me what I’m doing well and how I’m on track. Like, that’s not the norm in science, and I know so many people who have been screwed over or abandoned by their PIs and it’s worth appreciating a good boss. 

Saphael Headcanons

So I can’t stop thinking of Raphael meeting the Lewis Family! 

Like bubbie Helen asking “So I’m guessing you’re not Jewish” and Raphael answering “I’m Catholic Ma’am” and she stares at him but then they start to have a friendly conversation, Raphael talks about his family and at the end of the dinner Raphael promise bubbie Helen to take her to bingo night.

Elaine Lewis is delighted, she really likes Raphael, she thinks it’s a good influence on Simon.

Raphael is lowkey trying to impress everyone, so he starts talking about his job, apart from being Simon’s “Manager.”

Simon was really nervous, but at the end, he thinks his family likes more Raphael than him

after the dinner, Rebecca hugs Simon and whisper in his ear “well at least one of us found a cute young man to bring home.”

Elaine makes Simon and Raphael promise to come back more often, at this point Simon thinks that his mom wants to adopt Raphael

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what do you mean by "religion serves as a sort of cultural shorthand" i wanna understand

Religion serves a purpose in society as a sort of cultural short hand in that knowing someone is the same religion as you tells you a lot about them

If you’re Catholic and meet a totally unknown person who is also Catholic, that means you likely have similar ideas on many important subjects such as truth, justice, morality, and honesty.

Therefore, it serves as a sort of shorthand, someone can say “I am X Religion’ and if you are also X Religion, you instantly understand a lot of the most important things they believe (in theory). It’s almost like a sort of tribal identifier, like ‘this person is in my corner’ or at the very least in your corner more than other strangers might be.

Religion falling out of vogue and this form of cultural shorthand going by the wayside is likely part of why we have so many bizarre, incredibly specific political labels these days, it’s trying to replicate the same utility.

Okay, Catholic Tumblr...

Hypothetically, someone goes into the confessional and confesses that they have committed murder. While they are given absolution, the Priest makes the stern suggestion that the person confess their crimes to police. My question is, if Christ forgives us for even the most horrendous of things so long as we come to the sacrament of penance with true sorrow over our sins, why would the murderer still be asked to subject himself/herself to possible punishment by the governing body of man? I’m not asking to advocate people getting away with crimes just because they go into a confessional, but I was wondering if there’s a specific doctrine I can be pointed to that explains why someone who is forgiven by the Ultimate and Final authority is still subject to earthly justice.

Of course, I thought of the victims, and their need for justice, but I’m just wondering if there’s something more to it, as well.

ID #59896

Name: Helena

Age: 20

Country: Brazil

Hey there!

I’m Helena, I just started to study Graphic Design this year and I’m loving it. I’m interested in learning about other cultures and other people, I love traveling so much, so please show me your amazing country, maybe I can put it on my travel list!
I like drawing and reading. I started a lot of journals but I suck at keeping them. I’m really into photography.
I’m catholic, I love my religion, I would never force a conversation about that with you, but I would love to talk about if you want to.

I must say that this is a new thing for me and I would really love to talk with you online foi a while first, but I’m looking forward to do it by mail - ‘cause I think it’s really cool.. Also my English is not THAT GOOD so please tell me if I write something wrong haha

Can’t wait to hear from you! :D

Preferences:  Your country/age/gender don’t really matter, as long as you are a good person and a good friend!

No but 5real, if you meet a Catholic who bitches about Vatican II, fucking run. Unless they’re buying drinks, then get a few more expensive cocktails out of them before splitting, don’t worry, they’ll pay for the bill as penance

I just want to say that one of the most beautiful things about Catholicism is believing in the resurrection of the dead, in the life of the soul after death.

You see, today is the birthday of one of my brothers. He was a year old when he passed away from a brain tumor, and I would not be born for another 8 months. While I have never met my brother face to face, I know he awaits me in heaven, that he prays to God for my sake, that he walks beside me unseen and offers what comfort he can. I have perceived his presence in my life countless times, and I talk to him, ask him to pray to God for me, and someday I will be able hug him and talk to him with any barriers between us. I love a person I have never met and believe that he loves me too…

If that isn’t crazy and wondrous and the most Catholic thing ever I don’t know what is

Maya Catholics Meet Together To Celebrate Their Uniqueness

Maya Catholics attend Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Cookeville, Tennessee, July 8. The Mass was part of a national Maya conference held to help young Native people better understand their identity as Mayas by celebrating traditional music, culture and spirituality.

They are proud members of the Maya Catholic diaspora now living all across the United States, and they came together at a conference in Cookeville, Tennessee by the hundreds July 7-8 to celebrate their Native culture and Catholic spirituality. “The Maya community rarely comes together and meets and celebrates our uniqueness.” said Juanatano Cano, a native Q’anjobal speaker.

A highlight for many 2017 conference participants was attending Mass celebrated in native Mayan languages, including Q’anjobal, Akateco and Chuj. A priest and a deacon from Guatemala traveled to Tennessee for the conference to celebrate Mass and lead breakout sessions.

The conference for Mayas focused on strengthening Maya families and preserving their unique cultures, with a particular focus on Maya youth. Gaspar Andres, a recent high school graduate, traveled to the conference from South Carolina with his parents. “I want to learn more about the culture and where my parents came from.” he said.

Andres, whose first language is Akateco, learned English in school. “The way kids grow up, they don’t want to learn the language and culture and sometimes the parents don’t explain it really good,” he said. For young adults like him, attending the annual Maya conference can be a powerful reinforcement.

The most relevant need of the Maya is to transmit the faith toward our children.” said Francisco Hernandez, a parishioner at St. Thomas Aquinas and the local conference chair. “Our children must never forget their roots, our origin and values. We, and our children, need to feel proud for being Maya.”

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Student-teacher relationships?

  • Measures by @clutchhedonist, 13k, E, No archive warnings.
    When Snoke lets graduate student Hux conduct rehearsals for the school orchestra, freshman bassist is not amused. Things change.

  • Adoro te devote by @lingua-mortua, 22.5k, E, Underage.
    Kylo is twenty years old, a second-year seminary student passionately devoted to the idea of a life in the priesthood. Beneath his bookish exterior, he has an alarming fixation on the concepts of self-discipline and martyrdom. When he’s rewarded for his hard work with the responsibility of teaching a class at a Catholic prep school, he meets Hux, a tearaway rich kid who will challenge Kylo’s faith and shatter his self-control.

  • Vitas Brevis, Ars Longa by @celloing, 45k, WIP, M, No archive warnings.
    Brendol Hux is a doctoral candidate for the School of Business, with a full load of classes to teach alongside his research. Kylo Ren is a ridiculous student in his “Business And the Arts” seminar. Hux hates whimsical artists and Kylo’s attitude. Kylo hates school and this bullshit class. But maybe they’ll learn a thing or two from each other, if they can pull their heads out of the sand first.

  • Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry by @zombiebrainsoup, 31k, E, Underage.
    Forgive me. I feel it again, the call to Temptation. Show me again the path of the Righteous. Show me, Holy Father, the path of the Light. Help me, Holy Father. I am being torn apart. If Father Ben is having a Crisis of Conscience, how can he be expected to shepherd his flock to Salvation?
    But as of late, he’s been more and more disillusioned by the institution of organized Religion. Surely the Lord wouldn’t mind if Ben continued to serve Him in his own way?

  • Starsick And Sprinting From A Black Hole by pxncey, 43.5k, WIP, M, Graphic Depictions of Violence
    When strange things start happening around Hux, it leads in directions he can’t begin to imagine. (Southern Gothic/1950s AU)
“Was there ever a time when you felt like you were doing what 
God put you on this earth to do?”
“When we were lovers.” 

Steve/Bucky Original Sinners AU:
Bucky and Steve meet in Catholic School, quickly forming a friendship rife with all things unholy. After school, they go for years with no contact after Bucky joins the military and Steve the seminary - until a desperate favor forces Steve to confront the one man he ever loved. And Bucky, well…he is convinced that celibacy is bullshit.