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I Guess I Should Introduce Myself?

I’ve seen a lot of followers come in (suddenly and randomly) and I’ve seen a lot of new studyblrs pop up thanks to the new year, so I’d like to do an introduction/looking for studyblrs post!

So hiya, I’m Allyson!

Personal Facts:

= 19 | August 9th, 1996 | Leo
= INFJ | Enneagram 1 | Type A
= Single | Demi-Hetero
= Anxious Giggly Perfectionist

Studyblr Facts:

= Attending a small, private catholic university
= Major: Graphic Design
= Second year, second semester (class of 2018)
= I want to help other artists and students!
= Experienced in HTML5 and CSS3 and Web Design
= Interested in infographics and interface design (video game menus, etc)
= Please feel free to ask anything! I’m excited to help!
= Loving the community so far! <3

According to Tumblr, studyblrs that are getting most of my love:

= @academla
= @etudiance
= @studygoalsaf
= @elkstudies
= @ultimate-studyblr
= @coffeesforstudiers
= @studythetics
= @dulynotedx
= @nikkisnotes (added Nikki ‘cause she’s awesome)

Of course, I’m always looking for more studyblrs to follow so if you like or reblog I’ll check you out! :D

you can also find this on my about me page!