catholic girl problems

Okay, Tumblr Catholics...

Your time has come.

My friend is trying to float an idea to EWTN for “a show for Catholic teens and young adults in a talk-show format like Jimmy Fallon… And they could have on special guests like Matt Maher or Jason Everett to talk and then play games and do skits and stuff. There could be a Book of the Week component, Saint of the Week, and other silly, dumb skits and Catholic parodies of pop culture stuff.”

She wants to call it “Catholic Girl Problems” or something to that effect.

She’s preparing to send the email, but please us know if you’d be interested in a show like this by reblogging this post. Thanks! :) ~CL

Catholic girl problems.

*calmly and kindly turns down guy that asked me out because he’s totally against religion and thinks Catholicism is “stupid”*

*guy gets angry and tells me I’m hostile and that he’ll talk to me maybe when I “calm down”*

Yeah…thanks but no thanks.

Catholic Girl Problems

Whenever I see an attractive guy at Mass I sort of go into creeper spy mode and watch him for the rest of the service to see if he’s, like, actually participating in the Mass or just being dragged along by his parents. It’s the hardest to focus during Communion because I’m like bereverntbereverntberevrent and then I’m like goforthewinegoforthewinegoforthe-YES! It’s quite distracting.

Does anyone else do this?

Discernment Problems
  • Teacher:I want you to write a brief idea of your hopes for the future.
  • Me:*inside my head* Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. The future??? Why do I have to think about the future???? Should I do religious life? Am I gonna get married? Will I have a job? What about college? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA EAT FOR LUNCH TOMORROW!!!!
  • Me:*on paper* I want to make a difference.